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What was the Chipz Night Club RP collective?

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The Chipz Night Club RP collective was a group of players that spent their time roleplaying with Chipz in VRChat when he hosted a night club. The group didn't have any actual title, this one is designated for the technicality of keeping track of personalities in this wiki so it may be renamed in the future.

The Chipz Night Club was active during StealthRG's Season 4 from May to June of 2018. In July less focus was given on the Night Club and is has only been revisited once or twice since.

The group is defunct and now replaced by the next season.

Further information: Ascension Academy RP

The Trinity

The duo closest to Chipz that he trust most to be by his side in a possible upcoming conflict against Joey Bagels. Together they ran Club Rogue.



  • Chipz - Co-Owner
  • SciFri - Co-Owner/Host
  • VII - Host
  • Miss Minerva DH - Manager
  • GG - Greeter
  • Rebel - Contractor - Entertainment Manager
  • Prophet - Employee - Security
  • Zenekon - Employee - Security/Bouncer
  • Big Space - Employee - Security


Dancers and Entertainment

The Super Scuffed Squad

The Super Scuffed Squad was a hastily-formed motley crew of people who supported Chipz against Joey Bagels during the first meeting at the start of The Crossover.

The original members invited to the meeting by Chipz were Mishtal, SciFri, Shrimp, Oblivious, Prophet, Miss Minerva DH, Tsuban, and Buza.


  • Nanoade showed up and tried to join the Super Scuffed Squad, but was drunk and Chipz told her no.
  • The leaders of The Trinity call themselves The Snacc Pack.
  • Due to the lack of a proper bathroom, it jokingly became standard to use the upstairs pool, with the excuse that it had an automated cleaning system to justify it.
  • The 'deck' of the Airship docked at the Club became the standard 'private area', hosting a large number of fights, drama, and lewd.
  • The Club was sold to Chipz and crew after the previous owners, who also happened to have mafia or gang relations, moved out.
  • A new Club is currently under construction, due to various issues with the Rogue location- including the above mentioned lack of a bathroom.