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"You will always be my Spark." ― Chipz to Lanfear

"Life is crazy and you'll have your moment. And when you do, I hope you're ready." ― StealthRG

Chipz is the main-character portrayed by StealthRG. This article documents his "present day" RP from 2019 and onwards. For other iterations and timelines of the character see: Chipz (Disambig).

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Who is Chipz?

Chipz (Born formerly as a Human in the year 2100) is a vampire well known for his beginnings as a wandering musician and for his, now sold, nightclub Club Rogue, where he hosted many parties, nearly every night. He generally tried to just provide a good time for as many people as possible through his club. Good music, good drinks, good dancers and good times. Little is known of Chipz's childhood or early life. It's assumed that he has had an interest in music from a young age, as many musicians do, but beyond that, we know little. He has three biological sisters, all unnamed, who he seemingly raised after his parents died when he was 7. Roughly 300 years before Season 1, Chipz was bitten by Tess and became a vampire. In the year 2120, Chipz started going to the Ascension Academy by as of yet, unknown reasons (presumably to accept that he was turned into a Vampire and enhance his powers). It is believed that he was sent there by Tess.

Biography & History 

Chipz has been around for a long time, over 300+ years at this point, so there are many gaps in his history. Times unknown that have yet to be fleshed out or explored.

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War Tensions (Season 4)

After losing his family, Chipz fell into a brief depression, however, his fortunes turned suddenly when by chance he met a catgirl named Lanfear, and he very quickly fell for her. They went on several dates, eventually leading to him showing her his club, Club Rogue finally being his own. However, Lanfear's boyfriend, another Mafioso named Joey Bagels, quickly lead to complications in their relationship. Chipz and Joey stumbled upon one

Chipz in his Mafioso garb.

another briefly once, however, their first formal meeting occurred in the Meeting Bunker, where both sides convened over the issue. Word had made its way back to Joey about how close Lanfear and Chipz were growing, and he wanted to settle things then and there, however, Chipz denied any relationship at all, stating they were just friends. SciFri and VII, his right and left hands at the club respectively, were there to back him up, and eventually the meeting ending with nothing resolved, and tensions growing. Business at the Club continued as normal, with dancers being brought in under a deal with ThatOneRebel, and the manager Miss Minerva DH, fondly known as Momager, handling the internal affairs of the club including paperwork and the payroll, etc. Slowly the operation began to grow, as security like Prophet and Space were added, and more dancers joined the crew. Lanfear and Chipz' own relationship also grew, with many more dates occurring, finally culminating in a first kiss. Joey and Zentreya caught them on a rooftop watching fireworks, though they thankfully missed the kiss somehow, which lead to Chipz inviting Joey to the Club for the first time. Chipz gave the rival Mafioso a tour, with many very sharp jabs back and forth over the type of people who frequented the club aimed at one another. Chipz

Chipz and Lanfear on one of their dates.

seemed to extremely dislike Joey over the fact that he kept up a Harem, something that by past experience Chipz believed would only lead to pain for the people he wrapped up in it. Joey was certain Chipz was gunning for his girl, so needless to say, tensions were high. From here on out, the threat of a Mob War over Lanfear was a constant axe over both side's necks.

Joey sent various members of his own circle to the Club to gather information, however he quickly lost control of the situation as more and more of his own became club frequents, socializing and becoming close to others of Chipz group, with Satchi and Ashunera dating, and even his own alternate love interest Zentreya forming a strong friendship with Chipz, who encouraged her to just go for Joey and to not hold back with love.

Life and Death

KimplE was a constant interference in Lanfear and Chipz's love life, not being subtle in the slightest with her preference with Lanfear to simply stay with Joey, which was the safer option. She warned Chipz that Lanfear and her sister Oathmeal were the keys to the Cycles, and if her heart was broken it could force them to begin a new Cycle, resetting everything. Chipz ignored her though, continuing

Chipz and KimplE moments before the battle.

to pursue Lanfear. Finally, tensions between the two boiled over, when Chipz followed her into the Archive. She told Chipz he had to take the test now, there was no other way. He didn't want to solve things with fighting but she convinced him to start the battle. As Chipz shot her with his gun, KimplE

KimplE explodes, leaving a trail of green energy on the floor.

said "Well Done", and exploded into bits, cracking the floor beneath her and leaving a trail of energy and liquids on the ground. Moments later, she reappears in the back of the room. KimplE was now a giant, crimson, gory version of herself, wielding a huge 

KimplE's Battle Form.

axe. While confused and scared at the same time, Chipz began to spar with the giant, dodging and shooting her with all he had. But it wasn't enough. Chipz was horribly defeated, and he died there that day, though they did not know it. His book in the Archive stopped writing, but his body lived on, causing an error in the universe. As Kimple put it, his Metadata was leaking. Chipz was able to accept his death to an extent, though his growing illness and frequent blackouts caused a great deal of worry with his friends. Lanfear and everyone else was kept in the dark about Chipz's state, 'for their own good' he and Kimple said, though in the end, they were able to figure it out themselves. Zero Guilt, one of Joey's men, eavesdropped on a conversation between Kimple and Chipz, where Chipz finally broke down over Lanfear being taken away for 'time to think', yelling "I'M DYING KIMPLE!". Zero told Scifri and Cor Vous, and eventually, VII was able to figure it out for himself based on his past experience with the Trial. Chipz continued on, saying his goodbyes the next day, telling everyone he was going on vacation for a while. He had a plan to save himself, to jump-start the book. He was going to take the Trial again, and become a Guardian, and then when he had access to the Archive, he would write his own book. Chipz was helped along the path by Amika, who took him to another library where he was told to find a book called "The

Book, summoned by Chipz when he threw the book into the flames.

Broken Boy" and read it in eternal light. Chipz found the book, and after being transported to some ruins, he threw the book in the fire, giving life to the Broken Boy, who he named Book. Book led Chipz and Cor on an adventure, where they traversed a vast desert and climbed distorted metallic spike-grids into a tower where Chipz was forced to confront 'Santa', a giant warrior with a large white beard. Eventually, Chipz made his way to a golden statue alone, Cor being left behind and Book having vanished. Here, be approached the fire at the heart of the statue, and threw in the artifacts he had gathered. When he turned around, SciFri was there. SciFri declared that it was not Chipz place to just claim some ancient power for his own ends, that it was wrong, and that he would stop him. This was the climax of a long, growing feud between Chipz and his friend, but despite everything, Chipz refused to defend

Chipz's Awoken form.

himself. So SciFri ran him through with his sword. Chipz was suddenly back in front of the fire, the entire fight having been a trial of sorts that he had passed, obtaining a new form. He now stood in black armor with a spear, his hair white, and eyes of gold. He was almost ready to take Kimple's Trial again. But not quite. He had Book take him to various locations to 'train', however, Book being easily distracted and trolly had him battle a basic slime, before going for ice cream, then a slightly stronger slime before getting McDonald's, then eventually having a final meeting with SciFri for a proper goodbye. Mimika and Kimple met Book and Chipz back in the Library, where Chipz was taken to the Archive for his trial. Things began as they had before, with Kimple's form shattering, the ground splitting, and Kimple's battle form rising. Chipz convinced her during the battle that the trial should not be of raw strength, but

The Archives, after the Final Battle...

that strength of heart was more important. Finally, he stole her axe from her, landing the finishing blow, after which she transformed and agreed with him. She made him Guardian then, but it was too little too late. His book was still empty, and the world was collapsing. A new Cycle had to begin, so she gathered Oath and Lanfear. Chipz made Kimple swear on blood to make Joey the Guardian in his stead,

Chipz watches, as his love goes through the cycle.

so he could keep Lanfear safe. He knew they still loved each other despite the strain on their relationship. Lanfear and Chipz had one final moment together before the end. Joey arrived, shocked and shaken by the events and the news that Chipz was dying, genuinely taken back and expressing deep regret over everything that had happened between them. Finally, Kimple used Lanfear and Oath to open the next Cycle, sending Joey through with them.

The Next Cycle (Pre-Season 5)

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After the Cycle reset, Joey came to pick Lanfear up from Club Rogue after her tour, taking her on their date. Unfortunately, she did not show up again but she had indicated a sign of a headache while interacting with Chipz before she left him at the club. However, a War still took place in this Cycle, though Chipz, Joey and Lanfear were not majorly involved, and the cause remains unknown. This lead to many members of various groups becoming semi-regulars in Chipz' Club. After a month and a half of mostly quiet, single living, Chipz began to experience issues with headaches. He pushed this aside for the time to begin the hunt for a new Nightclub location, given the issues the Club Rogue location presented with Space Uber. They scouted out several locations, hosting for a night in Babe's club, and Club Void, before Minerva told Chipz about a contractor he could hire to build a new club. Chipz decided they should go down this route, as it was about the same price in the long run, and gave them more control of their own party.

Note.pngEditors Note Much of the Pre-Season was retconned later during Ascension Academy, which is the proper Season 5. Please refer to the Chipz (Ascension Academy) article for more information.


While hosting a party in Club Rogue to meet his friends and reminisce good times, Chipz realizes his own memories seem to be mixed with another set of memories. He explains to SciFri that he can't figure out

Chipz admiring the view while talking with Scifri.

which are the real ones and those who aren't. Sci takes him out for a game of chess, full of hidden meanings and metaphors. Chipz concludes that the game isn't worth playing when the key pieces are missing. Chipz asks Sci to summon someone named Amika. They then go to some kind of misty forest where, despite visiting it for the first time, Chipz is overflooded by more memories. He tells SciFri about a girl he loved, but fate didn't let them stay together. Chipz asks his friend if he would ever hate him for following his heart, to which Sci responds he will always have his back, before telling his story and attempting to swear his Holy Sword to Chipz. The vampire declines the offer. The two journey towards the Eternal Garden, where Chipz is hit with another batch of memories. Amika answers SciFri's summons, along with others, and discusses with Chipz about his memories getting mixed. She becomes visibly troubled when he speaks of his feelings for Lanfear, for she also lost everything with the cycle, as none of her friends recognize her. SciFri and Cor Vous wonder who she is and Chipz tells them she's a friend from a long time ago. They assume she's some kind of an ex-girlfriend.

While hosting one night in Club Rogue again, Chipz meets an old friend from the past, one who he hasn't seen in hundreds of years, Izanami or "Izzy" as he calls her, who seems to be an old spark of his, though they didn't have long to talk. Chipz continued to be tormented by his memories of the past Cycle. He goes to Minerva in the red room, who's arguing with Kuri about what happened between him, The Don and Nanoade. Kuri states something happened to Nano and Chipz takes her for a private talk, questioning her about the events, where she reveals that she was slightly tortured by Don while she was with The Renegades. He asks why she was with that group, despite what he told her about hanging out with them... which actually didn't happen in this cycle. Realizing this, Chipz has a panic attack and collapses.

Chipz awakes with Amika by his side, who had taken him to a safe place after this episode and they talk about his memories- specifically the parts he was missing from the last Cycle as well as his past. In the end, Amika told Chipz it would probably be best if he pursued his past memories to cement himself firmly in this Cycle. And so, he went out, seeking to remember what he had lost in the past with Izzy. Apparently, something happened in the past with the 'Old Snacc Pacc'- Consisting of Cor Vous, Chipz, Izanami, and presumably VII- which caused Cor to lose most of her memories, and VII and Chipz to lose around half of them. According to Izzy, whatever happened during that time that led to the group going their separate ways would make Chipz want to kill her. Despite this, Chipz is determined to fill in his past, saying that memories define who a person is and that they are very important to him. Despite major

The helicopter they stole before the crash.

disagreement about the importance of memories, Izzy and Chipz continue to hang. They go to the beach, and a club, and eventually she takes him back to her place, where she points at the bed and goes "That is your jail, sleep." After complaints, Chipz finally passes out, sleeping for a whole day and awakening to Izzy collapsed on top of him also asleep. After stirring her awake, they went to McDonald's, the beach house, and he eventually walked her home through the park where she almost crashed them both riding a stolen helicopter, though they did leave unscathed. They then take a ride in a ferris wheel before jumping off of the top of it, landing on the ground. After that, he tells her his memories build the person he is, and he wants to regain them to be whole again. Reluctantly, she admits to preferring him to stay happy.

Chipz keeps remembering events from the past cycle and promises to himself once more that he won't give up on those memories. He tries to get a hold of Izzy but isn't successful and decides to visit VII at his new workplace. They discuss about their problems for a bit, before being joined by SciFri. They go out to explore the city and relax in a small japanese apartment, where they talk about Izzy, Chipz's single life, Folkona and Sci's engagement and VII's old family.

The trio goes to a campsite,

The group, telling stories and hanging out by the campfire.

where they are joined by Cor Vous and later, by Izzy. The group starts narrating stories around the campfire. Cor tells a cat story, Sci speaks about his life and parents, VII reveals his origins and speaks of the war of Vampires against Humans and Chipz tells a story of two lovers that never meant for each other, ending with the man dying for his love. Izzy's story is about a couple wanting to break down a wall.

Chipz and Izzy separate themselves from the group and, in private, they talk about the meaning of friends, life and his memories, promising to help each other.

The next day, Chipz and Nanoade, accompanied by Cor Vous, their housecat, have some breakfast together at their house while talking about Izanami. After speaking for a bit they decide to go to the playground where

Playing with Cor and Nano in the playground.

they play for a while, being joined by VII a little later. Chipz visits the beach, bringing up memories from the last cycle and then talks with VII on top of a cliff, where he tries to tell him about the memories in that place with a "certain girl", revealing he can no longer remember Her Name. After spending some time by the campfire, he is joined by Izzy. He tells her that his focus is remembering the past. He offers her a marshmallow, which she throws in

Chipz attempting to calm himself.

the fire, reminding Chipz of her choice to solve things with brute force. She also asks how long it has been since he consumed blood. He says he hasn't fed in a long time because he's good at controlling himself, claiming he won't die from not feeding. She insists on the subject which makes him reveal his secret for control: swapping blood for

Izanami reluctantly walking towards Chipz.

love. After playfully tempting him with her neck multiple times, Izzy reveals Amika sent her to help Chipz on his mission.

They then go to a waterfall to continue their conversation, which was hard because Izzy dislikes water. He tries to provoke her a bit by asking her to follow and tells her to lighten up. After hanging out on the beach eating snacks, they climb up to the cliff, where she tells him that not remembering isn't the end of the world, and there's nothing wrong with trying to remember. She then takes him to where she spends most of her time and describes her ideal house. Izzy also reveals that even though she is happy with her life, she doesn't want to die. Chipz tells her he is not going to turn her and that she has to stop tempting him.


Chipz finds himself in a misty forest, the place seems to affect Chipz's memories, making him remember some events with SciFri, although the memories seemed blurry. After Chipz calls him, Sci realizes this was the place Chipz spoke to him about a girl he loved. Chipz does not recall the conversation or the girl Sci spoke of. They also talked about VII, the war of Vampires against Humans and the Holy Empire, among other things. After talking for a bit, Izzy appears from the trees. They greet each other and go up the Giant Tree, where Sci asks about who or what

Izzy and SciFri arguing on top of the giant tree in the misty forest.

she is and her secret to Izzy's long lifespan. She shows him her Remnant of Souls. The two keep talking and start to get confrontational with each other. Chipz calms them both. When Sci leaves, she starts to tempt Chipz to bite her once more, telling him they could "do whatever they want to". Chipz explains that he won't do it because if he does, he won't be able to stop himself from doing it more. He then leaves, annoyed.

After playing "Sora Fantasy VII", Chipz and VII go to a beach, where Chipz complaints about the sun, since vampires don't burn, they just get strong headaches. They find a boat with some alcohol in it and talk about Chipz's situation with his memories, Izzy and his temptations. VII, as a friend and a Vampire Lord, tells him to be careful and that he needs to control his bloodlust, since Chipz hasn't satisfied his urges for hundreds of years, or the consequences would be disastrous. He also tells him that he can't take much time to start on his quest to remember. They spot Izanami on the nearest lighthouse. She jumps from the top of the lighthouse and lands in front of them, unscathed, explaining she could sense them in that location and that's the reason she was there.

They choose to go to somewhere with less exposure to the sun and find themselves in the night streets of an old town. Chipz asks VII to get them some coffee while he talks with Izzy. They then enter the Coffee shop. VII and Izzy argue about her "high-horse attitude", while Chipz tries to calm them with various attempts. Izzy then leaves the shop, followed by Chipz moments after. They stop by a cherry tree and discuss why she's been arguing with his friends. Izzy tells him he has been limiting himself, following the expectations of others around him, not acting like a vampire. Chipz says he would be torn up if he killed someone because of his bloodlust and that she is ignoring his feelings. Izzy expresses her care for him and states that he shouldn't suffer

VII and Izzy waiting for Chipz to wake up after the incident.

from not feeding. Chipz, while talking to her, slowly gives in to the temptation and almost bites her neck, when VII appears and snaps him out of it, knocking him out.

Chipz wakes up in Izzy's apartment, with her and VII waiting for him to wake up. VII explains he sensed him lose himself while inside the coffee shop, and had to stop the situation. He and Izzy apologize to Chipz and talk for a while before going on a hiking trip, with Cor Vous to calm themselves. While climbing, they discuss about Chipz's urges and his memories towards him and Izzy's relationship. At the top of the mountain, Chipz and Izanami talk more about their time apart. Izzy reminds him she promised herself she wouldn't leave this time, that she would protect him. The next day, after playing more of "Sora Fantasy VII", VII takes Chipz and SciFri to the meadow, not knowing it's Izzy's "domain". He receives a call from her and lies about their location. She finds them anyway, along with Cor. After talking for a bit, Chipz separates himself from the group, walking towards a big light in the sky. He sings a familiar song, which Izzy can tell it isn't for her, and that he's still hurt from his memories. Izzy tells him she has been through the same he's going through, that she's lost something important too, and that he should make new memories. SciFri intervenes and tells Chipz that Izanami is wrong, that he should never give up on his feelings and memories. That's when Izzy demands that Sci tells the truth about what he has done. He reveals he made a deal of some sorts with a fallen angel, Leviathan, Folkona's father. He then turns to Izzy and tells her that, despite being a nobody, he isn't afraid of "walking into the heart of her storm" -refering to her Remnant of Souls- to tell her she is wrong. Cor Vous has a panic attack while watching them threaten each other and Izzy interrupts the argument for her. SciFri also tells Chipz he is being trained by Arcadum and that, as a friend, he will help him on his quest. The vampire says he isn't willing to accept the help if it's not from the SciFri he knows, the one who is not being consumed by the "storm". Chipz reminds Sci that he can't lose himself to his own sense of morality, that he can't mold the world based on his beliefs, or he will lose everything. The Holy Knight takes his leave. Izzy and Chipz keep looking at the lights in the distance, comparing them to themselves. Chipz's light is far, in the distance, unreachable. Izzy's is the opposite, but she's afraid she'll break it. Cor is confused about what's happening and spaces out for a moment, but then returns. Chipz tells them that, because of his situation, he gets a bit sadder every day he wakes up. After Izzy asks Cor to give them space, Izzy reaches out to Chipz, pulling him close and asks him to kiss her. Suddenly, she starts hurting. Chipz and Cor accompany her to the park, to take her home.

Some time passes and Chipz visits the park again. He meets Izzy and VII there, and the three talk for a bit, catching up. Izanami tells Chipz she wants to talk to him privately. She tells him that remembering his past is going to hurt her,

Chipz, Izzy, Sci and VII at the museum.

to which Chipz disagrees. He reassures her that whatever he finds in his memories won't affect her in any way. She then takes him and VII to a museum. The pictures displayed are a large series of drawings depicting building designs by the visionary neoclassical architect Étienne-Louis Boullée. While trying to figure out what the drawings on the wall are, VII asks Chipz to recall his earliest memories. Chipz explains that he doesn't remember much from his early years of life, or his family. SciFri eventually joins them and they keep talking for a while, making associations between the drawings and their situation. The group visits the town afterwards and Izzy takes Chipz to a dark alley. She tells him about their first kiss, revealing that, in the past, they had a relationship. They kiss to refresh this memory. VII and SciFri watch in the background as the scene unfolds, and the Holy Knight steps forward, apologizing to her for his previous behaviors. Sci and VII leave the two alone, and Izzy opens a doorway to the Archive of Legends. Chipz seems to have some kind of memory of what this place might be. He starts looking for various books to check out later and, whilst exploring, he finds a book that grabs his attention - The Broken Boy. The book makes him remember how to activate some kind of ancient magic that reveals an upwards spiral ramp in the center of the library, leading to a platform. Only Chipz is able to see the ramp, so this serves as a trusting exercise for the two. When they reach the top, he thanks her for keeping him company. She claims that she didn't want to bring him there, that she was asked to. Despite Izzy's stubbornness, Chipz thanks her again, drops the book and kisses her once more.

The Darkness

Chipz hosts a private party in the club with SciFri, Izanami, Babe, Satchi and others. They have a good time drinking and talking. While others start arriving in the club, Chipz and Babe step away from the crowd to speak about her real parents and what he knows about them. Zentreya visits the club and Izzy explains she's known her for a while. She then follows Chipz to the top of the big spaceship, to have a talk. They discuss their views on lifespan and sense of time. After a small rant about the club and it's importance to Chipz and "his people", the two talk about his memories again and she asks him a hypothetical question: What if you have to fight me to gain your memories back? He avoids the question since he doesn't understand what the motive would be for them to fight also explaining that he hates hypotheticals because they are doubts and "what if's." Izzy tries once again to make him forget the idea of remembering, to make him focus on the present, not the past. Chipz tells her there is something bigger than the both of them, that he cannot control himself around her, hence his urges are taking over slowly. He is tempted to bite her but is able to refrain from doing so. She then gets a headache and runs off. Chipz goes back to the club and watches J4key's performance. While doing so, Sci tells him Zentreya is running an inspection because of the dancers' "lewdness", making the Vampire laugh for a bit. He finds Izzy near the garage, in the lower section of the club, and asks is she is feeling right. She claims she is feeling "fine", but steps away again, into the garage. Chipz follows her and finds and unexpected portal in the wall and decides to walk into it.

He wakes up in a strange dimension, a pure and dreamlike space. While looking around he sees SciFri, who had followed him through. He also notices Amika, who is surprised to see them there. She greets the two and tells Chipz she wanted to speak with him after doing so with Izzy, but they arrived sooner than expected. She explains what she's been up to, reading books, assisting KimplE and watching over everything. SciFri recognizes her as an Observer and Overseer of the Archives. The Knight bows and says it is an honor to meet her. Amika slips and tells him it is good to see him again, forgetting that he doesn't remember. Chipz explains that everything is becoming a mess, but agrees with her on the fact that him still being alive and present is good. Painful and Difficult are the

Amika awaiting them in her Dimension.

words she uses to describe his path towards remembering, also revealing that not everything will come clear. Sci asks what made Chipz forget his past in the first place, but Amika refuses to tell him, explaining that somethings should stay hidden and that she has already made a beginner's mistake by letting them in there, although not life-threatening. Sci claims he wants to help Chipz remember, talking about his research and efforts but she tells him that the only way he can help is to be there for his friend. Chipz insists that he should look after himself first. Sci also says that because of the club party, this was the first night he's seen Chipz smile in a while. Amika warns the Vampire about something dwelling in his past, a Darkness that he must be wary of. While Chipz does have the time to figure out what he wants to do next, he senses that it isn't enough. The two hug and say their goodbyes, happy that they were able to meet again. Sci also says he's glad he met her and that she was able to enlighten them. After she leaves, they talk about Izzy and she arrives sometime later. After some discussions and banter, she says she met Amika two days before meeting Chipz. They decide to leave the strange dimension and head to the park. Izzy walks away alone to get some fresh air. Chipz asks Sci to remember to "put him down" if he does something out of character since he can't control himself well around Izanami. Sci tells him that he needs to find something or someone to remind him of what was lost, and hang onto it. Chipz thinks of the book and wants to go get it back and Sci reminds him to visit places that may awaken some kind of memories, like the misty forest. He also says he asked Oblivious to look into the places where Chipz has had memory fluctuations. The Knight takes his leave. Chipz goes to Izzy and they discuss the way his urges are affecting him and why he mustn't feed. A few days later, Chipz visits an old, decaying village, which he seems to know of, to try and find clues leading to his lost memories. While searching, he tries reading a book that explains what happened to the village, but it makes him

The decaying town.

fall asleep. He dreams of an intersection... But it leads nowhere. VII wakes him for his slumber. Chipz explains he is lost and doesn't know where to start looking, that the only place he hasn't searched was down, through the deep shaft in the center of the town. VII says he doesn't recognize the place, that he only found Chipz because he can sense where other vampires are. He also pointed out that Izzy's appearance seems to have made Chipz unhappy. The young vampire disagrees with VII, saying his realization of a large chunk of memory

The shaft entrance seen from below.

missing and Izzy's emergence were coincidental. VII asks if he can remember anything from his past other than Izzy, to which Chipz responds that he misses his family and home. Chipz aks VII if he still has any connections to the Vampire Council. VII says he tries to stay away from them. Chipz makes him promise to keep a secret and tells him about the warning about The Darkness. He also wants to go back to the "Broken Boy" book, since it is something that sparked his interest. After talking for a bit, VII tells more about his family that passed away, his life after them, and wonders about how to go out with Zentreya as he considers her quite intimidating. VII suggests he goes down the large shaft. Chipz jumps and experiences another strange dream, where he is stuck inside an odd room, filled with possible messages regarding Chipz's past and present self. He then wakes up at the bottom of the hole and starts climbing to the surface with VII's help. They go to a forest clearing. VII asks Chipz about the events with

Burial grounds of VII's Family.

Izzy after he last met her, and whether it sparked anything in his mind. He also asks what Chipz would do if his memories contained something he did not want to remember or made him angry, and wonders about the "higher-up" he's been talking with. SciFri joins them a while after and tells them about his affairs with The Renegades. They discuss Amika's role towards Chipz's quest and venture to a new bar, The Golden Gator, where they meet Roflgator and the patrons. Before saying their goodbyes, VII takes some time to show Chipz the island where his wife and son are buried.

Hidden Truths

Chipz wakes up in the strange Dimension owned by Amika. She warns him about The Darkness once more and reveals that he has once dealt with this situation before. She also mentions a blade the Vampire used to wield, and tells him to find Anko and spend more time with her. Chipz is surprised since he hasn't heard that name in a long while. Amika explains why she cannot intervene in Chipz's situation and send him to the Park, to meet Izzy/Anko. After exploring the place a bit, he meets up with Izzy, telling her he wanted to see her, both by his own free will and by Amika's behest, which she finds nonsensical. They travel to Izanami's favorite relaxing spot, The Meadow. There, Chipz describes what happened at the old village, and what he and Amika discussed about. Suddenly, they see a campfire in the distance and an Old Man, looking for his glasses. Chipz wants to help him, but Izzy on the other hand seems to know the man, as he has been bothering her for a while now. As Chipz speaks more with the elder, he appears to know more than he reveals, as he preaches about terrible things changing lately and looks for answers... And he thinks the Vampire is a woman. Chipz decides to help him get home, and much to Izzy's annoyance, she's coming along too. The old man makes a stop at the same village Chipz was previously looking for clues, saying he has some errands to complete. He tells them that place hasn't been used in centuries, that it was destroyed in a battle, leaving only the feel of Darkness, Dread, and Death. Chipz asks him if he's able to decipher the book he tried to read in the past. The old man says he's able to decipher the text if he brings it to his Mage Tower. Surprised, they follow him. Through woods and worn out roads, they arrive at their destination. After crossing a small stone bridge leading to a town, they climb up the mage's tower. The deciphered text tells about a dark time that not many remember. It's given to Chipz, and the old man tells it could be very bad news for him. Leaving behind the old man, Chipz and Izzy talk atop the wall, until she senses that something is not right. Izzy leads him to the bridge where she has a small panic attack. The old man arrives, but this time he is followed by the Renegades. SciFri tells them he doesn't understand why he led them there but he wanted to help so he followed. Izanami tells Sci to leave, and take his company with him, mainly because of what Satchi insists on telling Chipz. Sci turns around and orders Satchi to not say anything, but it's too late...

He tells Chipz they are hiding something from him. He tells him to ask them about his daughter, Nanoade... ...And reveals that she was killed on her birthday, a month ago. He told him that The Don showed up and took her life.

He can't believe their words. Tension starts to rise up, Izanami desperately tries to calm him down and tells him she also knew. They tell him that they have been trying to find Don since then. The pain takes over Chipz and he goes mad, threatening to kill all of the Renegades. VII shows up and is confused by the situation. Izzy is able to convince Chipz to hold his rage, and he walks away from them, into the town. VII follows him and tells him to not make any rash decisions based on his emotions, and that if he decides to kill someone, he'll have to answer the Vampire Council. Chipz couldn't care less about what the council wants or thinks of him. They go back to the bridge and Izzy calms Chipz once more. Sci breaks relations with the Renegades, his friends, and his fiancée. Izzy takes him back to her apartment, where he breaks down in her arms, and cries, like a father would for his lost daughter.


Past, Present, and Future (Season 5)

Chipz wakes up from a deep sleep, after being in stasis for many months and finds himself imprisoned by the Vampire Council.

The Sequel to Pre-Season 5 of Chipz's Adventures.

Further information: Chipz (Ascension Academy)

Seasons List

Season 1: Chipz's adventures begin, as he is pursued by a yandere fangirl.

Season 2: Chipz goes around the world of VRChat, creating a group of "friends" who he seems to be very close with.

Season 3: Chipz settles down and creates a family.

Season 4: Chipz falls in love with a certain girl, not knowing it would change the metaverse forever.

Pre-Season 5: Chipz tries to regain his past memories, with the help of his group and a spark from the past.

Season 5: Chipz escapes from the Vampire Council and starts to remember his past at a military academy.

Powers and Abilities

Cycle Radiated

After his first battle with Kimple, Chipz absorbed energy from the Cycles, granting him a few powers.

  • Invisibility: Chipz can go invisible in the blink of an eye, as shown twice by accident, and used beneficially during a meeting with Zentreya.
  • Blindness: Chipz can, within a certain radius, shroud others in darkness, as shown to Lanfear twice, limiting their vision to an enclosed sphere.
  • Unknown Orb Of Glowing Green Light: This manifested during the time when Chipz was conversing with Kimple, where VII, SciFri, Lanfear, and Oathmeal were present on the top of a tower known as a sanctuary.

Awoken Form

After completing the trials Book presented him, and the final trial at the base of the Golden Man, Chipz gained a new form with black armor, a spear, and white hair. Chipz's powers in this form are unknown, though he has shown to be much stronger and more capable in combat. For example, he can withstand four or more artillery shots directly from a tank and not take significant damage.

Alternative roleplaying personas



  • Stealth/Chipz is known to have excellent musical timing. On many occasions, he has molded his conversations and speeches to involve himself with the music around him.
  • A crossover meeting between Chipz's group and Joey Bagels happened on May 15, 2018, the chat went crazy when Nagzz said 'hi'.
  • SciFri is Chipz right hand man, and VII is his left hand man. (This information is no longer true since the two no longer portray those roles.)
  • Chipz first met and sang a song to Oathmeal on May 13, 2018, after he randomly remembered about the tweet that she sent to him 2 months ago.
  • Chipz is known to be a "happy drunk" when he consumes a significant amount of alcohol.
  • It has been alluded to that Chipz may have once had three sisters, but his memory of his past is spotty at best.