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"Have you ever heard the phrase "Love is a battlefield"?" ― Chipz to Ryder

"If we can't have happiness because we're afraid of pain then we're never gonna be happy." ― Chipz to Vevina

Ascension Academy RP

Note.pngEditors Note This arc is situated 300 years ago in the story, in 2120~.

The year in Present RP around 2420.

Chipz is student of Ascension Academy, a military academy run by the Cross-Allied Forces where soldiers were trained to battle evil entities and protect those who can't protect themselves. The story covers the 4 years of training and learning Chipz and many others went through starting in 2119, 300 years before the Present Day Metaverse.

For more information about the school and its characters:

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Information on Present Day plots can be found on the main Chipz page. A more detailed transcription of the events of Ascension Academy can be found on the Chipz Season 5 Transcript Page.

Note.pngEditors Note This section is currently Under Construction, as is the Transcription Page. This section is not intended to detail every line and moment of every episode, but rather to offer an abridged summary of the events of Ascension Academy from Chipz' POV.

Before Ascension:

Much of Chipz life before coming to Ascension Academy is unknown and has only been alluded to during conversations with other students, and briefly in a flashback during The Culling. This information is liable to change in the future as more information is revealed and expanded upon. Some information may also be slightly speculative, as Chipz tends to beat around the bush with his history and implication is heavy. These moments have been called out as such in the text as they come.


Chipz grew up in a small village north of Saigon with his mother and father. It has been implied he may have also had at least three siblings as he referred to himself as a 'middle-ish child' but it has never been clarified. His parents were both musical and he learned how to play guitar from his father, who also gave him the very same guitar he still uses during Ascension Academy. They also tended chickens, and he helped cook a little- mostly only being allowed to crack eggs. When Chipz was roughly ten the village he was in was attacked by vampires and his family was killed. He was taken and turned either during or shortly after this event. While not directly stated it is implied he also used his mysterious 'ash magic' at this time as well given the intensity of this moment and the fact that the vampires refer to him as 'The Ashen'.


Chipz on a mission with Victor.

After Chipz was turned by Tess he was put into a squad to train under Godfrey for ten years alongside twenty other vampires- both Pure Bloods and Half Bloods alike. Out of them, Chipz, Victor, and Genevieve were three of the roughly five who survived, and were all close. The training was rigorous and brutal as they were forced to endure hundreds of forms of torture and death to build up a resistance to them, to numb the recruits. They were drowned, burned alive, and maimed repeatedly- every possible method of torture or weakness was exhausted, even tickling. During this time Chipz was also trained in strategy and combat, becoming adept in at least three combat forms and with a rifle. While the other recruits were taught to use their natural and magical abilities as well, learning to control their vampiric charms and blood magic, Chipz was forbidden from learning any form of magic, likely due to the volatile ash magic he is capable of. The whole time Chipz was targeted by the other recruits for his 'special treatment' and they frequently attempted to murder him or get him killed. During all of this his close bond with Victor was forged as Victor took Chipz under his wing for an unknown reason, warding off the 'bullies'. At one point, as is standard for vampires in training, Chipz was starved and locked in a cage with several captives, with the expectation that he would snap and feed from them. Chipz however blacked out and lashed out, killing the vampires present instead and demonstrating a unique ability to 'aim' his rage in these normally out of control moments unlike most vampires.

In the Field

Victor and Chipz, and presumably other survivors of their squad, were deployed on various missions during their training, the details of which are mostly unknown. They have both stated that they were sent to hunt down rogue vampires, either Ferals or those in the process of turning into Vargheists, in the past. They were also sent on scouting missions regularly to keep tabs on human settlements close to the Dark Lands. On one such routine scouting mission the other members of their unit were seemingly corrupted or put under the influence of something that caused them to not only slaughter the villagers but also attack Chipz and Victor. While speculation, the cloaked figures their superior was seen talking to before he and the rest went mad bear a striking resemblance to the shadowy figures that were within the Crypt under Camp Cari during Ascension Academy, which potentially means this had something to do with The Darkness. On this mission Chipz and Victor were forced to disable their fellow vampires and allowed a mother and her daughter to flee the slaughter.

Year 1:

A Second Chance

Chipz wakes up in the bus stop after arriving at Ascension Academy with many other students and meets several friendly faces including Vevina the Bugkin and Esmae the Spirit. His first few days at the school are mostly peaceful as he and the rest of the students get to know one another through various bonding exercises as well as becoming familiar with the layout of the school. Chipz is a natural troublemaker however and very quickly ends up in various messes of varying levels of severity. His efforts to teach Rook about life end less than successfully with several of the other students aggravated at him for causing Rook to act so awkwardly. A joke gets out of hand and many of the students become convinced someone has been peeing in the pond in the middle of the Dorm area. And Chipz activates the alarm on the Barrier protecting the school by trying to lean on the bubble and falling outside.

These light hearted antics soon fall to the wayside as Chipz, Rook, and Esmae discover something far more sinister hidden within the School. Chipz is drawn to the doorway of one of the closed buildings and upon entering with his friends they discover a vast pocket space, dark and speckles with corrupted red leading up to a towered red portal. Upon entering they are transported to a cave system and discover another more physical doorway sealed shut by magic and metal. Chipz is drawn to the door as it whispers to him, and he rests a hand against its surface. Just then the teachers storm the caves and the trio is forced to hide and wait for them to leave. Professor Von however stays behind and they see him speaking in tongues to the door before they flee.

Chipz is certain after this that the teachers, specifically Von, must be trying to release something from inside the doorway, especially after they trail Von one night and catch him meeting with shadowy figures in a graveyard where he once again speaks in tongues. He confronts Von on the roof of the school when he catches him doing something to the Crystal and Von snaps, ripping his mask off and yelling for him to leave. He needed to know what the teachers were hiding, he was sure of it now, but he regrets he may have to burn his second chance at life to do so. He assembles the other students to pass on his thoughts before continuing his efforts.

Growing Closer

As the weeks carry on the students are put through more bonding exercises. Chipz' hunger almost gets the better of him however during a larger gathering, where he nearly snapped several times before he was able to escape with a new student to somewhere quiet. Before they could even talk the Professors showed up, convinced Chipz was going to feed on Rin. Finally however, the day came. Chipz was placed in Ignis Squad, along with Esmae, Rook, Victor, Speca, and Vevina. TBC



The Beach


Loss and Recovery


Truth and Finals


The Culling

The Traveling Vampires

Victor, Chipz and Llynn near the Dark Lands

At the same time of the 99th Hart ball, Chipz, Victor and Llynn are camping in the woods near the Dark lands, Llynn tells them that they should still be careful even if they are near their turf because monsters may come and it could be dangerous for a starved vampire. Chipz comments that Victor can protect them and Victor responds that Llynn would be more than enough. Llynn ask of the objective that Chipz has to attend the culling, he responds that he's looking for a way out. She responds that vampires should be grateful for their gift saying that if they leave the world to the humans the world will go to a destruction path.

Year 2:

New year begins

Encounter with Vev and Rin

Chipz founds himself in the school again after all the events in the culling and meets his old friends Rin and Vevina where he notices the changes they had on them at the first sight and they too notice his radical change in appearance making him notice with some jokes about him going through puberty. After this along with the duo and other classmates, they go to the new garden where Professor Carver gives them the schedule for the week and gives them a speech.

Two new teachers appear

Following that, they take a tour looking for some changes that happened to the school during their vacations, then they go to the Coliseum where their luggage is, and encounter for the first time the two new teachers that will teach in the academy. Miss. Bliss, a demon teaching defense against the darkness and Professor Albrecht who will be teaching history. After they take their suitcases, they notice a new person that hasn’t been presented who turns out to be Von but in a new body that is less human than the last one.

Later escorted by Von and Albrecht, they get in their dorms and Chipz checks his new room where he got a new addition to his personal collection: a poster of Chromatic Glass-chan, following that they try to kill some spiders that were invading the dorm, but Vev stops them and guards them in her room.

Rook catching a spider

After some team bonding in the greenhouse, the bell rings and the headmaster assigns each squad a mission in different areas of the school. Ignis gets the task to dispose of the spiders that are causing problems in the new waterfall. Vevina tells them to not kill the spiders because she can pursue them to go away without having to harm them, in the end, they manage to get rid of them easily. Because they were free, they got assigned to assist another squad in the extermination of Twig Blight in the garden. Chipz had to leave them because his vampire instincts would kick out after Rook put blood in its body to attract the twig blights.

Later Chipz and Hannah have a one on one conversation about his vampire powers and how he wants her to deal with them, tell the med squad or not tell them, Chipz says that she can tell them because now most of the school knows and it's not a secret anyways, Hannah clarifies that is not about that and that she will tell the med squad to keep the secret.

The four students responsible for the door accident.

After having a good day talking to the students and catching up with them Chipz, Hannah, Jixie and Zack get pulled by the headmaster to inform them that the Cross-Allied Forces will interrogate them regarding the incident that happened last year with the hidden door and tell them that they represent not only themselves but also the school so they need to keep their things together and reach an agreement between themselves.


The 4 students decide to go to the beach discuss how to deal with the interrogation, after a discussion that goes to little, Chipz asks for some time alone, and he goes to his room where he encounters The Darkness, but decides to ignore it. Afterward, he discovers that he is not the only one that has met this entity on this day.

New Kids on the Block

Shizu waving at Chipz

After a flashback of what happened in the culling, Chipz wakes up with Ardent Veil hunting Twig Blights. They tell him to be careful and to not be alone, and after a lot of attempts of Shizu to get his attention, Chipz finally notices his best friend with Melanie. After some chitchat with them, Chipz asks if Speca is around just before getting attacked by a Twig blight and getting saved by Shizu.

Rin after reading her pickup lines

With Shizu and Gavin escorting him, he begins his search for Victor, when he notices the teachers giving a tour to the new students. After some bantering with the duo, Chipz gets informed about a new addition to the library: Pickup lines, by Irinarya Sungrove, immediately the group tries to find the book just to the get interrupted with the bell, but for Chipz's surprise, Rin is in there with the book and she is already reading it to everybody.

New students visiting Gen squad dorm

It is time to present the new students; 8 new and different students go to General squad. The headmaster decides that the 4 students that were called yesterday about the incident in the gate should be responsible for the escort of the new students, from doing the barrier assignment ceremony to getting them to their dorm.

After escorting the new students, Chipz has an interesting conversation with Vevina about how they are losing their touch, but a new student was left behind the little one: Lnik, starts an interesting conversation with them and after some crossing words between the two of them Chipz leaves Lnik alone with Vev.

Showing Bliss the view

Later on Chipz sends a letter to the extravagant vampire he met at the culling, Doctor Ivanka to ask for information just before he gives a mini-tour of the campus to the new teacher Miss Bliss after seeing her lost. They go to the "confession" roof where Chipz shows her the view of the school. He gives her some details about it and gets a little personal information about her.

Hannah asking for info about vampire treatment

Following these events, Chipz goes to the library just to find Rin, reading her new book. She reads it to him and asks to say one of the pickup lines to the first person he founds to prove the effectiveness of her book. The person they found first was Hannah and after an awkward moment, Hannah asks Chipz for a private conversation to follow up with their conversation of how the med squad should deal with him.

First duel of the day: Rook vs. Ryder

By the end of the day after everybody had their food, Chipz has a profound conversation with Augusta, Lila, Shizu and Rin about this some questionable practices and decides to run from Shizu to protect his mind and the innocent Shizu from such vulgarities and ends up in the coliseum where the new and old students are battling with each other. Then he decides to go to the waterfall to spend the rest of the day as he doesn't enjoy this type of shows.


Dr. Ivanka appears

After a crazy day filled with uncertainty Chipz contacts a very ambiguous ally, Dr. Ivanka Duckloff, the person he sent the letter asking about vampire information, where he gets to meet her in the hot springs by surprise. Chipz has some questions about his identity and how is he different so he can figure out what he got from the culling, but with the flamboyant style of hers, the doctor moves the conversation not how Chipz expected it to be and starts getting about him and the problems that he has and will face.

Leaving with more questions than answers, Chipz goes to the Ignis dorm to cool off and get some drinks when he founds Vev asking if the new student Flora Lumi can stay in her room to what he agrees to let her stay temporarily. Vev gives him Intel on the new students remarking that Lnik is not very fond of her species, Jojo seems a noble that does racist comments to her generally not being really likable, but they all play nice.

Prof. Albrecht creating illusions of himself

The ring bells it is time for the new teachers class presentation but before it’s the presentation of the last new student, Misty Flame a Hellhound that seems too sure of herself. With the introduction finished they go to the lecture hall where the Headmaster starts explaining how the new classes will not be mandatory but they have to take at least one. He says, he will be teaching transmutation and conjuration and gives an example of transmutation by purifying some sew water. Miss. Bliss will be teaching enchantment showing that they will need to train their mind so they could defend themselves against the darkness. Professor Albrecht will be teaching history and illusion. He gave them a speech about the importance of history and shows them his talents in illusion creating many clones of himself. Lastly Carver and Silver talk about how their courses will be improved so the students can keep up with the challenges they will face.

Rex giving the killing blow

After wandering around having fun with the students, the twig blights appear again and the hunt starts, searching for them with Shizu, Gavin, and Rex, Chipz founds Stark and Nikolash. They seem to discover an unknown creature where the twig blights are seemingly appearing, the group decides to approach it carefully, splitting it in half and advancing from both sides. They try to talk to it but with the students cornering it, the creature feels the threat and attacks Nikolash so the group retaliates and kills this creature. Then they transported its corpse to the morgue so the school could research it.

The remaining uninjured students form teams and Chipz gets with Shizu, Esmae, Victor and Rex only to found out that there were more of these unknown creatures trough the campus and after a lot of investigation they speculate that they may have been there before the barrier was up and they got trapped inside. This time Chipz spends his last hour with Vev getting closer again as how it was in year 1 just to find that when he got to his bedroom wondering about himself that Hoshi got the bed full of fish and that he will need to sleep on the couch again.

Uncomfortable Conversations

The day begins and Chipz goes to the infirmary with Shizu to check about the injured students and the bodies of the unknown creatures. He goes to Rin's tent to say hi but she told them to stay having an interesting talk about her interesting adventures.

Rin in the infirmary

After that, Vevina gets Chipz to go to the dorm where she will give him her so expected gift, but Chipz seems to get the wrong impression and prepares for the gift getting himself clean, however after seeing what Vevina had planned, he understands that it wasn’t what he expected. In the end, she gave him a wholesome song about Ignis and him, which he appreciated because music is a big part of him.

But he knew that this wholesome moment was the sunset before the darkness, the Headmaster calls everybody to inform them about the thing that they will need to do in the trip to Concordia today; inform the CAF about the unknown enemy and collect ingredients to counter the toxin this creature inflicted to some students.

Chipz with his Scar

Waiting for the med squad to finish the autopsy, Chipz got in a talk with Victor about how things are, but Victor doesn’t want to waste his time and tells Chipz that he saw when Vev sang for him. He thinks that she is just playing with him to which he does not give it importance, brushing Victor's words saying that they need to prepare but Victor takes advantage of this and makes Chipz get his Scar. After wandering around, med squad finishes their autopsy and the students are good to go.

In Concordia, each squad votes for the name of the unknown creature. The name Twig Blight wins and it is called as such. Each squad gets a different ingredient to collect and some gold coins to obtain them. The students get a tour of the city leading them to the principal church where the CAF are reunited and after a talk with the sister in charge of the church, Chipz, Zach, Jixie and Hannah get pulled aside by the CAF to begin the interrogation.

Meeting the CAF officers

In the CAF building, they meet three officers who start interrogating them one at the time getting Zack and Hannah first. Later he gets in a room with a low-level officer but due to the inexpertise of this officer, the interrogation ends without Chipz giving any critical information. However the CAF doesn’t give up and Chipz gets interrogated by a high ranking officer, this time trying to pry information about what happened about the gate and how the headmaster was implicated, hinting that it was the teachers fault, but Chipz doesn’t yield and the interview ends up with the officer giving a light treat to him and what will happen if the Council gets the knowledge of this.

After helping with the gathering of the ingredients, the 4 students get called again for the verdict of the interrogation and it is concluded that they didn’t find anything on them, but the investigation will not be closed until they get some results. Now free, Chipz goes to the celebration of the treasure hunt and helps with the ingredient’s transportation to the ship.

Ryder laughing at Narali

Back in Ascension Academy, the 4 suspects get together to talk about the interrogation and they conclude that the CAF is trying to do something against the school and decides to inform their squads about it. After a very stressful day Chipz gets in a drinking party with Rex, Rin, Speca, Narali and Ryder just to find Shizu meditating in a log before going to sleep for the day.

Information and Deduction

A wild ROOK Appeared!

Is is time to inform the Squad, Chipz founds himself trying to gather all Ignis members but got the idea of grabbing his guitar to fulfill the promise of singing a song to Rin just to stumble upon some students making him hide the guitar to keep the promise as a secret. Later on he founds Rook with a bunch of students and informs him to the squad meeting. Now with Rook at his side Chipz resumes his search for his fellow squad members and sends Rook to Vevina's room just in case, Rook informs him that Jojo is abandoned in there with a black eye waiting for her.

StealthRG April 21 2020-Silver.png

After waiting for a while, Vev is back and explains them about the Jojo situation where he got in problems for his racist remarks in Concordia. Vev now tags along in the search but Lnik interrupts Chipz to propose him a tempting offer, a prank to Ryder. After multiple pranks on him by Ryder, he decides to put a group together to plant some incriminating objects into Ryder's room. Chipz decides to abstain but gives him some advice just to encounter Victor and inform him about the squad meeting that will be happening.

Interrupted by the bell the squads assemble in the meeting hall where the headmaster of the new alarm system of the med bay where the amounts of rings will determine the severity of the wound going from 1 to 3 rings, Silver talks about the role the students have outside and how they represent the school making clear that the inexcusable events in Concordia need to be the last of its kind, and informs them that there will be drills so med squad will be prepared to this new system.

It is Ignis time.

With Rook, Speca and Victor the meeting begins with a talk about the Jojo situation and how affects Vevina and the squad, later Chipz informs them about the interrogation in Concordia by the CAF and they discuss about their objective that seems to be the more like a political scheme than an inquire about the security of the Academy. They conclude that they need to get more information to get to a conclusion and propose to get it from the teachers but a problems that bothered every student comes up, Who can we trust?.

Rin secret place

Meeting is over and everybody parts ways, Chipz ask Speca a little private time to about her whereabouts of her and Lyra, leaving in a good note Chipz practices the song for Rin in his room. Later in the feast Chipz tells Rin about the song and they go to Rins secret place where he sings her the song Sunflower by Post Malone. Leaving Rin to do her things, Chipz founds Vevina in the dorm and informs her about what they talked in the meeting. Getting a little sleepy Chipz says his goodbyes to Vev and goes to his room to end the day.

Settling Into School Life

Chipz shows Rin his secret spot

Weirdly enough Chipz wakes up in the fountain beside AV dorm and he starts his day going to the coliseum just to find Rook, Jixie with his automaton (Rusty?) and Rin looking for Ryder, Rin sticks up with him where she offers him the pickup lines book and ask him to not reveal her secret spot. Chipz decides to show her a recent found secret spot but they run into Esmae and after some babbling she points out that now Rin seems like him and should call him ‘’Onii-chan’’ and after learning that mean brother Rin and Chipz seem to agree to not do it. Now going to the secret spot Rin seems to change her mind and ask if he wants to be her big brother to what he kind of agrees with it.

Breakfast with the girls.

Chipz now by himself founds the crazy trio Speca, Esmea and Shizu and decides to join their breakfast session suggested be Speca in Ignis dorm. Getting involved in a roasting session, Chipz starts a talk with the girls about his hair and end up talking about the incoming class just to go back to being forked by the trio. After some slipped words Speca wants to go to Esmae room and everybody joins but Esmae seems against it, Speca enters but when Shizu and Chipz try to go in the bell sounds.

In the meeting hall the Head master announces that the new lecture hall has been constructed, Carver takes the carpet and calls Nyanta to the front to make and example of him putting him in resting leaning position and informs all the students about the punishes about the Concordia incidents.

New lecture Hall

The tour begins and they students see a completely overhauled lecture hall with stairs and a balcony in the second floor where students can hear the lectures if they are not registered in the classes. After a wholesome conversation with Shizu, Chipz starts his search for Victor and Vevina and he founds her in the coliseum where she informs hims about the training to not fear the spiders. Biding his farewells Chipz alongside with Esmae chill for a moment and Esmae tells Chipz of how her and Shizu have become more closer and she apologizes about the time she stabbed him in the beach.

Drunk Lila

After spending time with Shizu and Esmae, Chipz gets Vev to fulfill her promise and the two of them go to their secret spot and after she sings to him, they talk about what happened last year between the two and how they learned about it.

Before going to sleep Chipz has a conversation with a kind of drunk Lila in the rooftop where she asks him about the events of the secret door and the Concordia interrogation. She reveals him that she heard the interrogation but its not her place to presume about them and says that she won’t make the same mistakes as last year of not helping friends.

Secret Shizu Scene

Sad Shizu

Chipz is in Shizu’s room talks with her about her opinions of all the events of last year and what she should change, she tells him that she is worried about not being able to lie and because of that get everybody else in trouble. Chipz tells her to try saying half truths and tries to teach her how to do it by doing some heavy simulated questions at what Shizu gets really heated up so they conclude that she may need to avoid the interrogation scenarios just before Chipz finalizes his day.


Speca catching butterflies

Today is the day to select the classes, Chipz founds Speca trying to catch butterflies for potions and asks if she has seen some CT guys, Shizu is out and gets Chipz and Minerva to her Caffe to have breakfast. Shizu and Chipz separate but he gets found by Lila and they chit chat about the electives.

It seems that Carver blowing up the mountains made everybody nervous and Chipz founds a lot of the students in the stadium, where he finds out that the Mcdaniel brothers are looking for Rook. Now in the main hall the headmaster reminds them about the electives and makes clear that they need to take at least one class because they may need the knowledge in a future mission. Esmae shows herself very interested about the enchantment class and particularly about the charming.

Electives board

In the fountain behind Ardent Veil dorm the students found a board with all the names and the classes to chose and they select what class they want. Chipz inquires with all his friends and teachers to see what magic class he will chose but he doesn’t seem very clear about it. He goes to find the headmaster to ask info about transmutation class but find Esmae where she asks him to call her baby.

Victor showing Chipz the book

After Chipz unwillingly agrees, Victor takes Chipz to his room and Chipz ask him about what the council ordered him to do, to what Victor responds that its classified but he tell about the movements of the council in regards of Lords and Ladies being removed or replaced and several council members seem to be scared to come back also there’s seems to be new blood in the council. Lastly after Chipz ask who he reports in the council he mentions Godfree their master and says that he is the current Hound of the council and that he reports to him directly. Now they move to Victors room where he shows Chipz the “Desolation of Moontide Pass’’ book and ask if he recognizes it. He said that he found it in the possession of the new teacher and ask why would he have the book they found down in the darkness place.

Giving his farewells to Victor he goes to the fountain to choose his magic classes and founds Hannah taking notes of everybody schedule. At the end he seems to choses Transmutation, Enchantment and Illusion. Later he goes to the stadium and hangs out with Shizu and Rin and tell Rin that she needs to report that she is out of med squad to avoid misunderstandings. In the roof Chipz ask about Esmae training and she questions if hes mad because of the tone he asked. Esmae doesn’t seem very comfortable with him watching every time over her but he brushes it off saying that he does it because he cares about her.

Rin shows Aldoria

To finalize his day, he founds Rin and they go to Crystal dorm where she reveals where the location of Aldoria her homeland in the map and gets Chipz to do it too, he points in the North continent near Saigon. Leaving Rin in her room Chipz goes to his tree to end his day signing some songs in the dawn of what it seems a peaceful day.

Magic, no clue how this works

New interesting book

First day of class, Chipz founds Vevina and Hoshi posing in the bridge when Rook comes with a new book of “Combat stances” called Kama Sutra, Chipz getting what really is decides to keep a copy for himself at the scorning gazes of Vev. His teammates inform him about the whereabouts of the other copies of the book and tell him that the professors have been burning them.

In the meeting hall the Headmaster talks about how some students have taken more classes of what they can handle and because of that they will have a probationary month where the students go to the classes they chose and after that they will need to choose what they like the most keeping in mind what they really can handle. Now in the lecture hall Chipz and Lila team up for the transmutation class that the Headmaster imparts, he explains the structure of verbal cast:

  • First you say the word for the school of magic which in transmutation case is: DO.
  • Second word is for the target, with an Invisible target you use: VIR, for a visible one you use: VOX.
  • Third word will be is an optional modifier like GOS for spell that are only casted by yourself and POS that will have and negative effect*.
  • The last word is the spell name or the identifier that is the mental word you use for the spell even if it isn’t related with the spell you want to cast, the headmaster explains that this could be helpful in a battle where your opponent cant identify your next attack because you use a identifier to fool them. He also comments that those who are more experienced in this discipline can use it with only the last word or an identifier.

New power word found

The headmaster gives them a salt cube to use as catalyst and after trying few times Chipz and Lila found that the most effective verbal cast for them is: Do Vox Purify Motherfucker. After trying few more times and helping other Chipz goes to the range where the other students seem to be shooting to students so they could train both their firing skills and evasion skills. Later was Chipz and Rook time to dodge but Chipz after seeing that the students can’t get him gets cocky and gets blasted right and left before getting out.

After hanging out with Shizu, Esmae and Victor for the rest of the day and getting raided by Hannah and Speca searching for Kama sutra copies to burn, Victor and Chipz get a chance to talk alone, Victor tries to diminish Shizu saying that she is only tricking him due to her natural behavior and that the only true bond he has is with him even if they both have been in not the best circumstances. Later on, Victor tell him that they want him to kill someone, he could reveal the name, Victor didn’t get a due date but it is a must that he has to complete.

Chipz telling Victor ththat they will go out of this as always

He reveals this in order to explain why the change in his mood saying that they have been hiding things from him and that he feels that this is all part of a bigger plan nut he still doesn’t get why the distrust of the council after all he has done. Chipz tells him to do thing the as always: recollect information and make plans, and tell him to push the task the most he can so they could figure out something. Now in his room, Chipz gets his “Combat stances” book that he kept in secret so he could have some sweet little dreams this night.

A mazeING!

Dream like room

Chipz wakes up in his room but weirdly enough it is covered fully with poster of Chromatic Glass-Chan but he takes it lightly and starts his search for his companions and after some time he find Vevina in a heated discussion with Jojo, Chipz decides to wait in the rock nearby and Speca approaches him, they talk about the recent involvement of Vevina with Gen squad specifically with Jojo and his perspective about all the members of this.

This test consists 2 squad competing against the other in finding the center of the maze where a power core is located, they will need to transport this power core using and Elemental trough the other squad portal.

  • Students from the other squad are not allowed to physically interfere with the other squad.
  • All the squads will have some general students so the teachers can evaluate where should they put them.
  • Finally, the other squads will be going against the participants as skeletons hindering their path using weapons provided by the professors as in this demiplane no students can be really harmed but they won’t be able to use their powers.

In formation

Now in the stadium the squad get sorted out and Ignis gets Joseph and gets against Vanguard. Asking Jojo about his capabilities they decide to go Rook in the front, Vev with Speca riding her in the middle, Jojo and Esmae at Vev sides and Chipz and Victor in the back. After a long run in the maze and many dead ends, Ignis beats Vanguard squad with a time of 23:30 min for Ignis and 31:09 min for Vanguard.

After that it was time to Ignis and Vanguard to be skeletons, with the experience acquired in the previous run they decide to go both squads together to put more pressure but Ardent Veil and Cristal Thorn seeing the maze as skeletons before know more about the maze paths and even with the attacks of the two squads together they manage to get better time that Ignis and Vanguard, getting 5:04 min for AV and 19:48 min for CT, but near the end of the run Chipz founds a skeleton that seems to be too much into character but decide to ignore it.

Chipz founds Speca with a dying skeleton

Following, Chipz goes out the stadium and founds Speca crouching near a fallen skeleton, she seems to be in panic, Chipz manages to calm her down and she tells him that she doesn’t remember what happened, the teachers come to their rescue and after dispelling the illusion they found out that it was Vevina and she seems to be attacked by Speca as she is in her Chitin Form.

Chipz decides that he has nothing to do and goes hunting for butterflies and Lnik found him and ask him to catch a bee in his room so he could eat it. Helping Lnik and earning a favor Chipz founds Rin and they hear that after Speca found a weird skeleton outside she threatened Skeleton Vev, she responded attacking and Speca drained her lifeforce leaving her in that state. After getting some air and talking with Rin about the situation Chipz decides to go to bed as he doesn’t have energy to deal with this.


New color for Speca

After checking Vevina condition yesterday Chipz wakes up today and finds her outside of her room and she informs him about the Inquisition , Speca comes in with a new hair color and tell him that he shouldn’t interact with the Inquisition and if he does he should be with somebody, also she tell him that he makes sure that nobody steps on their boat as it is their jurisdiction and they wont follow the academy rules there.

After trying to stop Rin using her megaphone the bell is rings and the morning meeting starts, the Headmaster informs them that they have a mission in the Duat desert and that they will leave tonight following he gives the floor to the Inquisitor and she informs them that because of the land that the Prince Ali gave to the CAF in the 99th Hart Ball, the inquisition has the duty to transport them to these lands also she makes known that because the ship is blessed and non-humans will need to stay in the prison hold.

Chipz and Rin explaining the rules to Victor

The Headmaster emphasizes that they should follow the rules because if things go bad they could even go to war with this country.

After being dismissed by the Headmaster, Chipz gets his medical check and gets Hannah notes form the Enchanting class that he didn’t attend. Later on, Chipz and Rin help Victor with the documents because he was sleep during the meeting, now in the lecture hall the three talk about the rules of the city and the intentions of the Inquisition .

Bleezing helping Vev

Following he goes to the med bay to check on Vev and stumbles upon a bee scientist that seems to be checking Vevina condition and he ask Chipz for a cucumber sandwich, after delivering the sandwich the Hong sounds and hanging out with everybody Vev comes and seem to be normal.

After mingling around with some students Chipz decides to grab his stuff to finally get on the boat so he could travel to Abagua .

Desert Mission

It's been a long week...

Year 3:


Powers and Abilities

Ability Description
Combat Training  Type: Physical
Chipz was trained for at least ten years to make use of a vast variety of weaponry, from swords and shields, spears, and axes to guns and hand-to-hand. He has shown the greatest proficiency with short swords, daggers, and the katana, being very capable in at least three combat styles using these. He is also a skilled marksman with something close to an 80% headshot accuracy with a rifle the first time the students were told to use them.
Vampiric Powers Type: Enhanced Physical
Chipz, like most vampires, has a wide array of abilities that would be considered super-human. Despite this, almost nobody knows his true capabilities as he hides it away even in intense combat situations. He is able to run at least 50 miles (80,46~Km) an hour, likely faster. He can leap 20-30 feet (6,1-9,1 meters) in the air, and survive much further falls. He has enhanced hearing, sight, and smell. And he is able to recover from any physical injury short of decapitation.
 Anomalies   Type: Unknown
Chipz has shown time and time again that he is an outlier even with the vampires. He is able to wake up less than thirty seconds after being staked in the heart- an injury that puts even the strongest of his kind out for days to weeks sometimes. He has gone longer without blood than any other vampire known, all without succumbing and becoming feral or turning into a Vargheist. His abilities are on-par with a Pure Blood Vampire despite being a Half-Blood and not feeding. And on top of all of this, he also possesses an unidentified incredibly powerful 'Ash Magic' that leveled a large area around his home when he was a child.


  • In passing conversation with his academy peers Chipz has hinted at that his name "Chipz" is just a nickname. His real name is yet to be revealed.
  • Chipz was "turned" into a vampire, not born. He shared this and his wish to possibly recover from his vampiric condition with his fellow squadmate Speca, at the academy. In turn, she offered him some shred of hope at possibly doing so someday if they trusted each other and worked together.[1]
  • Unintentionally aiding in the documentation of the effects of alcohol on Vevina's species by offering her a bottle of spirits her family reached out and offered their thanks to Chipz by delivering a shipping crate full of Royal Honey bottles.
  • Chipz's preferable way of death is by drowning.
  • Despite not showing any signs of magical capabilities, Chipz has used magic before but was forbidden to use it due to unknown reasons.
  • During the beach episode, Victor was able to get Esmae to stab Chipz by convincing her that stabbing will cause him to undoubtedly love her. Chipz, unlike other vampires, was able to get back up just moments after the stabbing.
  • Chipz doesn't wear his clothes to bed usually.
  • When Chipz received a bloodstone with a message from the Council, they referred to him as The Ashen.
  • It has been revealed that at this point of time Victor and Chipz have known each other for at least 10 years.
  • Chipz apparently was a butler at some point before Ascension, presumably for other Vampires.
  • Chipz is one of the students who passed the Divination Aptitude test.



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