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Chase is a young 18 year old Human male. He was taken in as an orphan by a clinic doctor and was taken into apprenticeship over the years to learn the medical trade. He was very determined to learn anything medicine related as in his past he couldn't save his parents and felt helpless as a kid. He didn't want to go over through that same feeling again because of it. Over the years, he used his medical skills in the row to heal people who got caught up in the gang wars in the city, and did an amazing job that even word got into the company of Avalon that they decided to offer him a job as a medic for the company's needs. He is a confident person who can sometimes be arrogant and full of himself because of his age and working from Avalon despite being from the row. But he can also be caring in his own way when medical treatment is involved. Although over the years, he does have somewhat of an addiction to do surgery or any healing towards patients. If he's not doing any healing or any kind of medicinal application, he just gets restless and bored overall. His goal is to learn many medical procedures and someday become a full fledged doctor for Avalon in order to acquire more tools to satiate his healing desires.




  • Major - Doesn't require proper tools, helps with improvising equipment. Gets a bonus to Medical rolls.


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