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Catherine Drake is a human who used to work for the AVALON Corporation developing medicine, but she was thrown into the Wasteland after one of her co-workers spiked her drink with a highly addictive drug and blamed the disappearance of the large quantity of the missing drug on her. She tried to deny the accusations, but the drug test said otherwise.

She now runs a convenience store in the Wasteland, thinking of ways she can break the drug addiction and make Avalon pay for what they did. She regularly spends a lot of time searching for the ingredients she needs to make the drug she can't live without.




  • Major - Medical Training - Has extensive medical knowledge, allowing her to perform surgery to heal humans and repair cybernetic implants, among other medical procedures.
  • Minor - Pharmacist - Able to create medications from chemicals and plants to help heal or at least manage illness in humans.
  • Minor - Analytical Mind - Catherine has developed an analytical mind and is able to analyze information and solve problems logically.


  • Major - Drug Addict - Has been a Valceptamine addict for so long that too many missed doses will result in death. Valceptamine is no longer mass produced because it fell out of favor due to the development of other, more pleasurable recreational drugs. This means that Catherine reguraly has to make the drug for herself.
  • Minor - Human Specialist - Due to Catherine's limited time with Nirvana she was not able to learn much about other races, so she only knows how to treat humans. Knows nothing about the anatomy or physiology of other races, so she would not be able to perform surgery on or make medications for them.
  • Minor - Hard of Hearing - Unable to pay to repair her hearing implants, Catherine must wear external hearing aids. If she forgets her hearing aids, people sound like they're mumbling when they're speaking, and she frequently mishears what is said.


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