Metaverse Lore

This page catalogs and organizes lore for the Metaverse RP, the prime Roleplay Setting of VRChat.


  • Metaverse Lore - An article collecting and going into detail about Metaverse related lore.
  • Metaverse - A page discussing the setting of the Metaverse as a whole.
  • Metaverse RP - A page that details the broader Metaverse RP, such as chronology and involved groups.
  • The History of the World - Lays out the entire currently known timeline of the Metaverse and lays out some basic overarching concepts that impact this timeline.
  • Zaphira City News - A page that catalogs News Reports, from the in-universe Zaphira City News.
  • Zaphira City - The primary setting for most Metaverse Roleplay, a massive city on the prime planet in the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a collection of worlds connected via various magical and technological means to the Polestar or Core World. The event that lead to these connections is called the Convergence. Due to the varied forms of magic and technology present in each world, development in both fields has grown at an exponential rate since they were linked.

Much of the lore surrounding the Metaverse is in constant flux as there are no overarching writers, admins, or DMs. Conflicting information is generally explained away with the other worlds that make up the Metaverse- for example if two groups of vampires have differing biology and origin stories, they are simply from two separate worlds within the Metaverse. This allows the setting to stay flexible and open to all.







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