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William Vossler, formerly Captain Vossler of the famed pirate ship "The Death Flag" is a Street Samurai and part-time Bartender slinging drinks in the Water District of the Undercity. William owns his own tavern nestled in the heart of the Water District and named after his once illustrious ship. William has a fiery passion for adventure and a desire for redemption. His own daughter, Angelina Greasepalms he seeks a second chance with. Hoping to achieve better for both of them and to escape from the dark tendrils that Savior City has wrapped around them. William did not earn his namesake for nothing. There is almost nothing that will stop him from reaching the heights he strives for.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


William in his younger years tore through the galaxies earning his name as “The Wall” very early on. Those who would stand against him quickly learned why. Commanding one of the grandest and most feared ships, “The Death Flag”. Those who dared to stand against he and his crew would find themselves in ruin before they could even think to plea for mercy.

As a young lad William felt he had the universe in the palm of his hand. Rewarding himself and his feats in women and gold. The pirate’s life was very much for him. William bedded multiple women in his prime, priding himself on fathering a multitude of illegitimate children at the time. One of which taking on the name Angelina “Greasepalms”.

It was with Angie and her mother, Renata that William found himself settling down for the first time. Call it maturing, getting old, but William tried to give the whole “family” thing a try. A few years lost to drinking and staying settled while heading out for a few jobs here and there. Angie and her mother got the short end of the stick. Taking the brunt of Will’s drunken aggression, this being the reason Angie is missing half an ear. Will took a liking to Angie’s mother because of her exotic appearance. Wolf ears and a tail… he fancied himself fond of them at first but grew to despise them over time and despised his deformed off spring.

Things went from bad to worse for Angie and her mother, living at the mercy of William and his alcoholism for most of Angie’s childhood. Angie’s mother contracted a disease that she would eventually succumb to and this was Will’s opportunity to leave his mistakes behind him and so he did.

More years would pass, Will continued making a name for himself. Eventually coming across the need for an upgraded navigational system, a deal on the Black Market caught his eye. A “state of the art Sonitii navigational robot” at a helluva price! It was a no brainer, Will spent his hard earned credits on Mika thinking he was getting a good deal but all he got instead was a seemingly useless maidbot. He’s harbored a disdain for Mika specifically and most synthetics ever since. But you better damn well believe he’ll protect his investment. Upgrading her with after market upgrades and having to replace one of her arms after taking out his anger on her for completely screwing up an operation in his eyes. It was his last expensive mistake when it came to Mika.

As to what’s landed our illustrious Captain in the Row? You try smuggling contraband past the Sonitii Navy and see how far YOU get eh? Needless to say, William tried to use one of the jump gates and it didn’t end up so well. After several days of staving off the Navy, most of his crew dead or dying. William was faced with one option, go down with his ship or scuttle it and make an escape to live another day at least.

Scuttling it was, he made it down to Savior City and after some time has made his way into the Row, keeping himself out of the eyes of the Corporate gaze, especially that of Sonitii.


Arrival in Savior City

After being forced to scuttle his ship and seek refuge, William and his bot Mika find their way into the Row before settling in the Undercity. William seeks to build a name for himself here and aims to do so by building his own business. What else is a pirate good at? Well, slingin' alcohol of course! So that's just what William will do.

William with Mika in tow established The Death Flag tavern. A place for drinks and rest and relaxation. Business has been smooth for a couple months now.



  • [Great Balls of Fire]: William can manifest cannonball sized balls of fire to hurl at the enemy and explode on contact.
  • [Big Swashbuckler]: Wielding a laser based flintlock pistol in his left hand and a cutlass worthy of a renowned space pirate in his right hand. William is proficient in both.
  • [Brawny]: A man with such an ego should have the muscle to back it up.


  • [Every Man for Himself, Unless You’re Expensive]: William can be triggered to go into a fight or flight response causing him to throw teammates to the fire and flame in order to save his own skin. Unless you’re Mika, because that's expensive.
  • [Short Fuse]: Being a space pirate comes with a price. Your patience for b.s. becomes thin and you’re willing to throw any man overboard that would speak against your orders.
  • [Alcoholic]: You better hope the rum isn’t gone.


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