Capernicus "Cap" Fawkes is an emergency medic and clinic assistant working under Dr. Cellulose together with Dash Spacer at the clinic in Callous Row.

He is crippled both figuratively by debt, living a poor lifestyle, as well as literally by heart problems and a missing leg from an old war wound. To make up for his handicap he uses a poorly fitted augmented leg of bad quality which tends to act up and malfunction.

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Capernicus Fawkes was born wanting to feel useful. A sickly child he sought out a purpose and found it-- medicine. He grew up training to get into medical school, but he unfortunately was drafted midway into his classes. However, in the field he learned more techniques and became pretty skilled at his profession. He was sent home after sustaining a serious injury that cost him his left leg and he settled down, finished school, and started a family. That's when life went downhill.

He was horrified to find his only daughter suffered the same condition as him, only it was harder on her body than his. Despite getting the best medical treatment he could for her, it wasn't enough to save her. His wife couldn't handle the loss and left him, even saddling him with the bills. With this large debt he couldn't afford his family home on his own anymore, so he sold it to find a more affordable accommodation and settled in a small apartment in Callous Row.

Seeing all the people that needed medical attention and the shortage of staff in the clinic, he decided to take a job there.

During the course of the years following Cap’s wealth increased, but his health steadily declined. Eventually after the course of the zombie outbreak and downfall of the necromancer his heart finally gave out, leaving him nearly dead. He’s only recently recovered from this, waking up in the medical bay with a new piece of machinery keeping him alive.


  • Cap has developed paranoia due to past events, developing a sort of eye for trouble, constantly on guard. This actually helps him pick up on various things that people wouldn’t normally pick up.
  • He's extremely talented at general first aid and minor operations, specializing in quick, efficient work on combat wounds, an excellent field medic. Due to his extensive work on the raids and developing the base for the vaccine for the zombie infection last season, He’s been only increasing his speed and efficiency.
  • He tends to feel he has to sacrifice his own health and being for others, particularly people he genuinely cares about.
  • He’s routinely haunted by the loss of people close to him, causing him sleepless nights, nightmares and sometimes panic attacks. If he sees someone that reminds him of people he’s lost he will emotionally invest in their wellbeing no matter the cost.
  • His left leg is a shoddy prosthetic, he moves a bit slower than most.
  • He may have a pacemaker, however stamina isn’t on his side. If he works too hard it might short out the poorly made device keeping him stable.




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