The Callous Row map was specifically designed for the Callous Row RP and was commissioned by Arcadum. It is the slums of the giant metropolis of Savior City.

It is a living map being modified as the roleplay progresses.

A recap of most events from Season 1 can be found in the Rook, Jack Montagne and Loch articles.

For the new map for Season 2 please see The Row.


The map layout was created by Qyr and built out by him and Sketchu with assistance from WiFiPunk and Spazkoga. Stores and locations were built with player feedback to create a living world and allow players opportunities for free-form RP interactions. Corporate Logos, Signs and graffiti design were provided by Hopelessbay with major texture work contributed by Sketchu.

The latest variation of world is private only for the RP.

Qyr released a public version of the map after the season 1 finale. Since May 8th 2020 all players can visit it.


Music used on the map is


Sept 2019

Oct 2019

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