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Notice: Callous Row has removed itself from Arcadums leadership and become an independent VR RP under a new name going forward. [1]

New Name: Neon Divide

Callous Row is a roleplay group that takes place in a cyberpunk world taken over by mega-corporations.

Callous Row takes place in a separate canon from the main VRChat RP Metaverse.

Currently on development break for Season 3
The RP runs on Fridays for 4 hours

  • 8:00 PM CDT (US central daylight time)
  • 02:00 AM UTC (Universal time) / GMT
  • Preparations start 1 hour before start
Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

The Row players group shot

Upper City players group shot

The Wasteland players group shot

The Undercity players group shot

Setting and Lore

Callous Row takes place in a new continuity in the Corvanis System on the planet Corvanis 3. The planet is full of deadly terrain and wildlife making life outside of the cities nearly impossible. Callous Row is the name of a street in Savior City where the majority of the roleplay takes place. Callous Row is one of the lowest places to live in Savior City thus those who live and work in this area have the goal of getting out.

The world is run by multiple Mega-corporations who have taken over the previous dominating force, the Galactic Union, and they now use it as a puppet to assert their will over the Union’s citizens. The Mega-corporations exist as amoral entities valuing money, technology, and progress above all else.

Magic is a very recent development within the universe. The leylines have only been open for the last 50 years, leading to the resurgence of magical races and other magical phenomena. Without much prior experience magic is considered wild, dangerous, and untrustworthy.

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Maps and locations

Callous Row is set on a custom map developed by Qyr and Sketchu with assistance WiFiPunk and Spazkoga in Season 1, and assistance from Astrobought and Floober in Season 2 with Phasedragon developing the UDON programming for game systems. It was built with player feedback to create a living world and allow players opportunities for free-form RP interactions. Corporate logos, signs, and graffiti design were provided by HopelessBay with major texture work contributed by Sketchu.

For season 2 the world was split and extended into multiple maps:

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Players and characters

The roleplayers and characters who they play as. See separate article for a gallery with all players.

Galactic Union Galactic Union

Atlantis Atlantis


Mars Mars

Talaris Talaris

Nirvana Nirvana

Sonitii Sonitii

Quixote Quixote


Within the roleplay there are multiple factions that characters can work for - or against. See separate articles for more details.


The Galactic Union was an allied confederation of planets within the Evanaris System as a response to hostilities from adjacent galaxies. During the great war however this ruling body was overthrown by the Mega-Corporations. The Union still runs the galaxy but is little more than a puppet for the mega-corporations.


  • ATLANTIS - Specialized in communications and media. Many of the video communication services and the VIRTUANet is controlled by this corporation. Their hold over entertainment gives them an edge over the corporations with more military contacts.
  • WOTO - Specialized in terraforming, food processing, and general construction. It is the largest of the corporations and is responsible for feeding most of the sector.
  • Mars - Specialized in the manufacturing of weapons, ammunition, and armor. They lean more towards more traditional ballistics and natural materials, preferring the practical and affordable application of combat instead of the super bleeding edge of tech.
  • Talaris - A strange mega-corporation as it does not specialize in any technology but rather in the research of magic. Being the only corporation to have a hold over something as mysterious as magic has lead to Talaris to be one of the most powerful and most unpredictable of the corporations.
  • Nirvana - Specialized in medicine, chemicals and other drugs for both recreational and professional use.
  • Sonitii - Specialized in the manufacturing of transportation vehicles and space travel. They are responsible for the jump gates and charge a hefty fee for their use.
  • Quixote - Specialized in the manufacturing of weapons, ammunition, and armor. This corporation focuses on laser technologies and the use of energy in warfare. Many of its products are on the bleeding edge of tech and have a price tag to match. They are also temperamental due to many of them being prototypes.


  • Callous Row is the successor group of Forbidden Knowledge using many of the players as a returning cast along with new faces.



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