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Calliope Keres is a full human at age 24 who works under the mysterious TALARIS Corporation. Not too much is known about her publicly and she rarely answers any questions related to her work within the corp, but those with a trained eye could pick out that she does seem to have some sway within her own business. Up until now any research done into her work has come up rather blank, and any research into her family or history yields a very familiar story to many of the born-in corporate employees.

Although she looks cold and distant, she can come off as quite friendly most of the time.




  • Major - Runecrafting - Due to her extensive training when she joined the Talaris corporation, she has the knowledge required to enchant certain items with runes, potentially adding one of several effects, namely disrupting magic and killing mages, among others.
  • Minor - Barrier - Afforded by Talaris, a weak magical barrier which deters small arms fire. While the bullets may still hit her, they will rarely threaten her life.
  • Minor - Talaris Asset - Calliope is regularly afforded the use of a Talaris guard when requested due to the sensitive nature of her work as Talaris protects their investments.


  • Major - The candle that burns twice as bright - Imbuing magic runes onto items is not easy and has started taking a toll on Caliope because of the grade of her runes and the rate at which she uses them. Because of this extreme strain, anytime Calliope would suffer a negative effect from ‘burn’ she would instead suffer it twice.
  • Minor - Sensory Overload Syndrome - Calliope is afflicted with Sensory Overload Syndrome to a minor degree, meaning she will suffer headaches and panic attacks in areas where there are lots of advertisements or augmented reality. She does her best to avoid these areas whenever possible.
  • Minor - Hemophobia - Ew blood… that should definitely stay inside of you. Keres gets nauseous or violently ill when spotting any amount of blood, even in vials. God forbid any of it is her own.



  • The bullet is mightier than - Calliope is capable of creating the “Mageslayer” bullet through a long and arduous process. The “Mageslayer” is not the only bullet she can make, but it comes in three grades, costing her relative to its power. Detailed below is the process and requirements for creating the “Mageslayer” grade 1-3. It is important to note that none of the enchantments will affect or harm any Talaris employees.


  • Light refraction - A short burst of magical energy refracting light away from the user, making them temporarily invisible (5 seconds max). As this only makes them visually imperceptible, they are still detectable via other methods.
  • Repair item - Repairs a single break or tear in an object she touches, such as a chipped glass, a hole in metal, a tear in clothes, etc. As long as it's smaller than 1 ft of material, it's mended as if it were never broken. This can physically repair a magic item, but will not return nor restore the magic to that object. Requires several minutes of concentration to restore the item to its original condition. If interrupted, the spell cannot be attempted on the same object again.


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