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Cain is a failed human anti-aging clone with barely any memory of his past life. It has been a couple of months since he wandered his way down into the Undercity. With what little knowledge and memories he got back over time, he was able to set up a somewhat stable business as an Agricultural Engineer, offering his services and experience to grow food and tend gardens.

He has been seen going back and forth between the Row's medical center and his flower shop in the Air District , "Cain's Hidden Grove". It's more of a vast jungle really as he sells many different plants and not just flowers.

To the eyes of an outsider, he would seem to keep to himself most of the time. He's generally not seen around large crowds, instead he sometimes mutters to a plant here or there. He seems lonely and without a purpose really..

Currently, he is not associated with any faction. Not since the war anyway.



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