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Not to be confused with: Cross

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


CR-055 (Cross) is an old Shometsu prototype, a combat model to be exact. His programming made him an excellent soldier and tactician, and his casing is made with an experimental alloy called Yosai Steel, but his design was scrapped due to constant overheating and malfunctioning. Rather than scrap him entirely, Shometsu decided to put him to use in the Undercity, essentially banishing him. Unbeknownst to him, they can still access his logs so Shometsu has been using him as a bug, keeping an eye on those that live there and on Masaru. After being found and taken in by Theris, Cross had his ID updated to show Theris as his owner, an idea from Theris to help keep Cross safe. Now he works down in the Undercity at Devil's Details, doing what he can to survive.


CR-055 is very straightforward and prone to misunderstanding wordplay. Though he has his moments of attempting what he considers to be a joke as his creator taught him that, "Humor is the seed through which life can flourish." He is loyal to those that are loyal to him.


  • Major - Armored Advantage
  • Minor - Technical Tactician
  • Minor - Ears To The Ground


  • Major - Constant Cooling
  • Minor - Yes Man
  • Minor - Shometsu Shutdown[1]