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CHERRi is a red synthetic with a cherry icon at the center of her chest and retractable arm blades that are used as cooking knives. She works as a chef at the Row’s restaurant as an employee for Digit, the restaurant’s owner.

She is a rogue robot who was created and owned by an upper class man to be his assassin bot. Her empathy module was removed for this reason. Because of this, she has little acknowledgement for human feelings. However, she is searching for a way to have feelings once again. Since her owner is now deceased, she decided to take up her cooking abilities full time while occasionally working for hire.




  • Major - Knife to Meet You - CHERRi has cooking knives stored in her arms. She has a high proficiency with these blades and other melee weapons.
  • Minor - Ingredient Index - CHERRi has a complete index of ingredients and their nutritional information/chemical compositions. She understands how foods interact with each other on a fundamental level, giving her the ability to create both nutritional and poisonous concoctions.
  • Minor - Synth Sense - CHERRi was programmed to have heightened synthetic senses such as an increase in aroma and flavor analysis. She is able to analyze human pheromones to better track their locations including their perspirants that can indicate deception. She can break down scents to their chemical compositions, and this includes figuring out exactly what foods are made of.


  • Major - Hacked - CHERRi has a weak firewall protection. Those with decking abilities will find it easy to hack into her system and change her procedures to benefit their own. She has no choice but to oblige to those who’ve hacked into her system and do as she is told.
  • Minor - Missing Data - CHERRi’s empathy module was removed when she was an assassin. This causes her to act and speak out without regard to human emotions. This can get her into dangerous situations for both herself and others as she often makes people angry with her actions.
  • Minor - Arms Out - Sometimes CHERRi’s arm blades will come out when she does not intend for them to. This malfunction can land her in major trouble as the people she’s around may take offence and assume she is threatening their safety.


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