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Bub is a heavily modified version of a standard-issue TraVerse delivery drone. He currently works as a fisherman in The Undercity, helping to supply fish to anyone who needs it, while working out the fishing hut in the Water District.[1]

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His creator was a TraVerse employee who used Bub for corporate espionage within the company to help him gain and edge over his co-workers. He was eventually caught and 'dealt with' by TraVerse, and his possessions, including Bub, were trashed. Bub was later fished out of the Undercity lake by Barnaby, the original fisherman, who helped repair him and gave him work as his assistant. Barnaby has recently gone missing after going to the Upper City to deal with some personal matters.




  • Major - Nothin' to see here - Outfitted with “acquired” TraVerse tech, Bub is able to activate camouflage to blend in with his surroundings. As long as he doesn’t move, he cannot be seen. Movement will cancel the effect.
  • Minor - Delivery Drone - Able to travel quickly, hover up to 5ft off the ground, and carry small to medium packages with relative ease. There is a limit, as he can’t hover while carrying more than a certain weight, but the exact weight is to be determined.
  • Minor - Water-Proof - Due to a previous incident involving a water cooler, Bub’s internal components have been coated to prevent water damage. Bub's memory of this event has long been wiped, but whenever he remembers being water-proof, he is overwhelmed with the feeling of “guilt”, as if it was hard-coded into his core functionality.


  • Major - MEMORY DELETED - The back of his head has a small red button that will perform a complete memory wipe except for core functionality.  It is very exposed and unlabeled, which means anyone curious may press it, not realizing the consequences.  Bub is also not aware of the button’s existence, as it does not show up in his internal diagnostics. After a reset, Bub will attempt to register the first person he sees as his new handler.
  • Minor - Forced Honesty - Unable to knowingly lie.  Details can be omitted, but if asked about a subject directly, he either needs to tell the truth or say nothing.  If a lie is spoken, an internal mechanism will fire, forcing him to yell out “THAT WAS A LIE”.
  • Minor - Mission Failed - If a spying mission goes wrong and escape is not possible, he is programmed to reset himself to ensure nothing could be traced back to the person who ordered the mission.


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