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Downtown Bricktown is a place known for it's rivaling gangs and criminal activity, located somewhere in a fictional New York state, USA. It's the main location where the Gator RP Group gather near daily to roleplay and it houses the bar that is home to Roflgator namely The Golden Gator.

For history prior to 2020 please see:

Old Bricktown Bricktown 2018-2019

The Map

The map was initially built by Roflgator but is now maintained and updated by Sn0wBreeze.

The map is the main location where The Gator RP Group spends their time near daily to roleplay, game-shows and game nights.

Former Businesses

Knuffle and Kabr's outside office for the "Big Loads" moving CO.

Big Loads moving company

After the Bricktown Election 2020, Kabr and Knuffles failed campaign was tuend into a private business running the Big Load moving CO. Kabr would later go missing with the ownership of the company left in the wind. ThaCOOP and his wife acquired it for a while until Knuffle changed it from moving assistance into showmanship fighting and launched a fighting arena the alleyway instead.

On Aug 7th 2020 the business was turned into a front for Roflgators Council of Evil.

The Crimson Crumpet

The Crimson Crumpet

When Murder Crumpet acquired ownership over The Golden Gator he renamed it temporarily. When the bar was returned to Roflgator it regained its old name.

Current Businesses

The Golden Gator 2020

The main location and business dealings of "Rob" Roflgator.

Main article: The Golden Gator 2020

The Golden Gato Neko Cafe

The Golden Gato

After Murder Crumpet aquired majority ownership of The Golden Gator and renamed it to "The Crimson Crumpet" Roflgator, in spite after his Evil Council failings decided to open a competing "Neko Cafe" themed to attract customers with their Cat-Girl dressed employees. Ownership was eventually transferred to J4key who now owns and runs the cafe.

Main article: The Golden Gato

Normans terrible office

Norman's office

The business investor NotoriousNormans personal office. The place looks more like an interview room for "The Casting Couch" than the place for a legit investor.


The newly shaved Shrimp, Swifterini and Crumpet in the neighboring "crack den"

The Crackden

In some attempt to solidify his real estate value of his bars location Rob claimed New Bricktown to be a "good neighborhood". Visiting the local crack den the location was inhabited by.

  • Haydttt, who insisted on calling the crack den "La Casa".
  • PeterDG kept playing video games... staring at a blank screen.
  • Shrimp, looking rather more anime than usual, had shaved his mustache.
  • Gulliblez

Soda wants an invite into the Crackhouse and gets called "little man" by Moon.

The crackden would later also get claimed by ZMoonRunner who after some convincing invited Sodapoppin.

Officer Milton Mullens and Rabbit Deputy.

Police Force

The Police Force in Bricktown is a constantly changing force, dealing with the shady criminal majority in the city.

Wanderer retaining his police position was accused of abusing his power by Gulliblez, attempting to get rid of the squatters in the "crack den". Expressing having "a whole squad" ready to raid Rob told them to stand down, as it would look particularly bad, possibly due to recent events going on in the world. Lacking any authority to cancel Wanderers plans he expressed that they would step aside and let them handle it by themselves. Since Wanderers departure a new police chief was reported to have appeared in town (portrayed by Roache).

In Sept 2020 a new police force was in place manned by Officer Milton Mullens as well as his rabbit deputy (portrayed by NaomiOop) Milton would later recruit the Sayans Shinkami and Mega G Wolf as officers but they proved a bit unreliable.

President Zapdec vice-president Kibby and second-vice-president AskJoshy


President Zapdec and vice-president Kibby and second-vice-president AskJoshy pointed out the need for mandatory social distancing in these corona times placing a limit to how many mutes are allowed to gather at the same location. Calling them disease ridden having to stay close they would only allow a maximum of 8 mutes at the same time inside the bar.

The governance questioned the currently appointed police chief Wanderers position and potential abuse of power. As he was never appointed by the governing authority, a local business owner like Roflgator should not have the power to appoint a chief of police in the first place.

In June 2020 a new election was held to determine the new governance in Bricktown. After fierce competition AskJoshy was elected as the president with Bearly as his VP. Joshy later left his position making Bearly the ruler.

Two pyramid heads... Wallace faces off against another (portrayed by S0ra.


Pyramid head (portrayed by S0ra) made a return slashing CherryQuartz and The-Wanderer as he attempted to protect the town. His methods being of the fallatio nature, quite devastatingly failed and left him severely injured or worse.

Another more friendlier Pyramid head looking fellow named Wallace makes Bricktown his home.


The Swamp is viewable from the roof balcony.

The Swamp

The swamp still remained to be viewed from the top floor balcony, earning a seeming win for the frogs in the previous SaveTheSwamp vs DrainTheSwamp conflict.

The Swamps ownership was later turned over to "Six Frogs Limited" who has some relation with SciFri wanting to turn it into a theme park of sorts with rollercoasters and other wild ideas. If this ever comes to fruition remains doubtful.

Cyrs apartment

Cyr's Apartment

The home of Cyr where he brings his dates. The room was made to be inspired by his real streaming room IRL. Since his room reportedly looks like it has a pillar column that was also added to his apartment.