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Bo is a small mushroom person who works at Fun Guy’s Noodles with her partner Big Conk. Bo is trying to survive as best she can while also dealing with her flaws of stunted growth and narcolepsy. She is middle class living above the noodle shop. She is portrayed by Sketchu.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Bo comes from the underground but was adopted by Conk when she was very little. For some unknown reason, Bo’s growing was suddenly stunted a while ago, including the regeneration of larger injuries. As a result, Bo had not been able to regrow one of her arms back in the beginning.


Dot point history of events for Bo (for now)

  • S1 CH1
    • Bo cleared out rotten food kept in shop pre quarantine, successfully sold leftover Miso Soda.
    • Bo had a narcolepsy attack in front of the new customers, luckily they looked after her.
    • Bo was upset she missed out on the arena event due to one of her narcolepsy episodes.
  • S1 CH2
    • Bo refreshed the noodle-shop's list and added meat-popsicles.
    • Went for an appointment in the Undercity Arcana Lab becoming friendly and acquainted with Ikelos who runs it. Bo notes that she has strange dreams and Ikelos encourages her to record them.
    • Misses another arena event, a tragedy.
  • S1 CH3
    • A shooting took place in the Row, Conk left Bo to look after the shop and have others take shelter inside Fun Guy's Noodles.
    • Conk suffered injuries later in the day and Bo had to look after Conk.
  • S1 CH4
    • Corporate presence appeared in the Row most likely as a result of what Conk and others did the other day. Bo was told to make sure people hunkered down in the Fun Guy's Noodle restaurant as it was a relatively good location to do so.
  • S1 CH5
    • Bo got her chopsticks removed and a metal cook prosthetic
  • S1 CH6
    • Conk and Bo attempt selling an experimental drink they brainstormed during quarantine for the first time with aversive effects...
    • Rook is hit the hardest with puking up crystals and wandering around. Both Conk and Bo end up following him around wanting to help and encounter spirits in the caves as a result.
    • The spirit Bo encounters takes on her form and cuts itself, causing harm onto her as well and promptly disappears. Bo looses all her energy after and sleeps.
  • S1 CH7
    • The day after the encounter with the spirit Bo's condition seemed to deteriorate as she starts to see and hear different hallucinations. These hallucinations worsen until spiritual entities intervene with Bo's being, causing a frightening spirit event in the magic sanctum. This ends with Bo loosing consciousness again.
    • During her nap a shooting happens in the Undercity killing one and leaving many critically wounded she was thankfully unscathed as Conk hid her body before the shooting.
    • After regaining consciousness Bo is visibly shook and mentally absent for the rest of the day only vaguely remembering that she needs to "man the shop". slowly walking around and being more lethargic and blank than usual.
  • S1 CH8 || CH9 || CH10
    • Bo never woke up and continues to be in a comatose state for several days after the spiritual encounter.
  • S1 CH11
    • Still feeling a bit uneasy Bo walks around the grove and mushroom cave for a while, it is there that the first person Bo sees is Rana and has a friendly conversation with her about science and plants
    • Bo doesn't notice her growth spurt until being awake for a couple hours.
  • S1 CH12
    • During the morning commute to the noodle shop Conk and Bo encounters a corporate GEB scientist inquiring about the grove. Bo is weary of the action that Conk is most likely going to take as he decides to follow the scientist. She later finds out Conk killed the scientist.
    • Bo managed the noodle shop as a shelter during the Shadowbats event.
    • Bo hears that Jack Montagne died. She briefly shows sadness for the loss of a good customer...
  • S1 CH13
    • A row meeting takes place after the events of yesterday.
    • Conk and Bo are taken to the side by Rook who questions Conk's decision to deal with Masaru members.
    • Bo argues Rook's criticism with the fact that people wont stick a limb out for the magically inclined and the relation is out of necessity because of this.
  • S1 CH14
    • Rook sustained strange wounds that had strange magical effects that were going to kill him. Bo was part of a magical party that were called to investigate.
    • Bo is called to action by unknown entities and voices to assist. She and Ciara Ní Éabha together channelled necrotic energy out of Rook, saving his life.
  • S1 CH15 (Begining of Bo POV recording)
    • Another major shootout happens, this time against Shometsu and Valkyrie soldiers. Conk allows most of the defenceless of The row to take shelter in the shop.
    • Bo tries her best to look over the shop.
    • A large and violent spirit takes out some of the Corporate soldiers and kills some residents. Bo ends up pursuing the spirit and defeating it with her light magic. Then looses consciousness.
    • Before the spirit was defeated it called Bo "Last of the Light Bearers".
    • Bo wakes up in the magic sanctum later and gathers enough strength to head back home.
  • S1 CH16
    • Bo ends up being attacked and kidnapped by Rana's lackeys.
  • S1 CH17
    • Bo is locked up in a Avalon Lab somewhere in the middle city.
    • A group comes to rescue Bo in a stealth mission and amidst the chaos manages to escape.
    • Bo is immediately carried to the grove to recover and receives help from Conk and Leilani.
    • Bo insisted on sitting in the noodle shop afterwards. She just wanted to be present.
    • Bo was later called to cast judgement on Rana and decides on Banishment to the wastes.
  • S1 CH18
    • Bo commissions Talus for a knife and practices with Charles Rask on defending herself and how to kill as a response to her kidnapping incident.
    • Bo is later greeted by unknown spirit entities once more (appearing in the form of herself once again) and was granted terrifying premonitions showing zombies, risen corpses of friends, a deceased Conk and a shrouded figure in the distance of The Necromancer.
  • S1 CH19
    • Bo visits the morgue in the clinic the next day after obtaining visions form spirits. Her visit is cut short as she is called to a magic meeting. Darkness reeks in the Undercity.
    • She is called to action with her light magic to break through a dark barrier in the subway tunnels. Although Bo would rather have nothing to do with the dark aura given what she saw the other day, She is pushed by others to go in.
    • Bo buts heads with Ciara as she seemed to be trying to commune and take the power for herself, in the process endangering and causing the dead to raise around her.
    • They leave the tunnel after everyone else Bo threatens Ciara that they should be friendly else Conk will crush her before returning to the others.
    • Immediately after the conflict in the Tunnels a Shometsu raid takes place.
    • A plasma bomb placed by Shometsu soldiers goes off in the grove causing destruction of the Undercity and cave-ins. Bo starts wilting away, dying and loses consciousness in the magic sanctum, being carried up by others to the clinic in time.
    • Bo regains consciousness in the clinic and is revitalized by an unknown inner force, she senses a sliver of the grove still lives and tasks herself with reclaiming the grove.
    • With what little time Bo has left she assess the cave in and starts organizing an expedition into the Undercity.
  • S1 CH20
    • Bo rallies a group together and organizes storage and shelter with hellbats and clinic staff to get breathing aids for those who will suffocate with the dust that has been lifted from the explosion.
    • Despite all preparation and prep talk about the dangers of the plan, the expedition ran into sinister magical interference and a strange barrier that trapped people under ground.
    • The expedition is eventually freed and forced to retreat for the time being.
    • The brothel staff pulls Bo aside to update her on a fire spirit that granted them fire magic to combat the coming dangers, and mentioned Bo.
    • The existence of zombies suddenly popping out of vents comes to the Row's attention.
    • With the knowledge Conk and Bo now share about the impending ruin of the Row, Conk and Bo decided they would hunker down in their shop as a final stand. They were then promptly warded off to the brothel by strange visions of Bo.
  • S1 CH22 (happening at same time as CH21 The Retribution)
    • After the efforts of the expedition paid off Bo and Lelani reach the grove and plan a new seed.
    • Immediately after this word of zombies swarming the surface and an unbearable sense of dark magics reaches Bo. Once again the call to action as the Light Bearer causes Bo to head up with others and investigate.
    • Bo witnesses small myconid creatures crawling out of sinister gelatinous masses of dark magic and exploding with poisonous gasses on people. This gives Bo a mild existential crises but that does not matter in light of a zombie apocalypse.
    • Reconvening with others in the brothel once more Bo and others try to make sense of the situation and how to combat the zombie swarm.
    • Bo discovers she is immune to the spore attack.
    • Bo and and the fire mages go back down to the reclaimed grove to investigate leads instead of being trapped with others in the brothel.
    • The group discovers the Necromancer's underground dungeon but are chased off by a giant spider minion.
    • After a series of terrifying events and running into another team who came after the mages, the group manages to retreat back to the brothel again, Bo being completely exhausted after the experience.
    • Bo's Narcolepsy kicks in and wakes up in the middle of the necromancer's speech to the people. The Row is given an ultimatum and a group of people run off to delve into the necromancer's lair again.
    • In the dark hour of contemplation Bo recedes to the back of the brothel and is visited once again by a familiar spirit entity who shares more visions of what was to come, unlocking more of her light abilities.
    • The spirit grants Bo small orbs of darkness that would grant those she chooses to follow her into the Necromancer's dungeon for the final battle.
    • Bo chooses Talus, Lelani, Nia, Cleo, Raleigh and Kythus to delve into the final dungeon with her. Bo chose Talus with the intention of him dying.
    • The fire mages are granted a feather produced of fire and collectively decide to entrust it to Bo.
    • The Necromancer casts a spell of mass disruption over the grove as the mage team and Bo were attempting to catch the others who already started heading down to the dungeon again.
  • S1 CH23
    • The teams that travelled down into the caverns meet up again and Bo plans with others like Loch about what tools and abilities were available and organizing people in formations to utilize everyone's abilities as best as possible.
    • In the midst of the dungeon Bo has a near death experience being riddled with bullets and almost having her head sawed open. She is brought back with the effort of most of active magic users.
    • Bo faces down the necromancer with her team, and takes him on alone as the spider returns to attack the party.
    • Reminded by Nia about the feather, Bo uses it on the necromancer.
    • Paired with her searing light rays, Bo closes the gap between her and the Necromancer and stabs him to death.
    • Before the Necromancer perished he curses out to Bo promising to take her sight and dissipates. Bo then looses consciousness soon after and wakes up in a strange place under Rook's Bar. She was too out of it to question this.
    • Bo lays down in the floor of the clinic recovering after the incident and Conk finds her.
  • S1 CH24 (Epilogue)
    • In the aftermath Bo drags herself around the Row and Undercity checking on others and conversing about what had just transpired. Most that she concerned herself with was plans about how to rebuild the Undercity.
    • After all her conversing Bo has kept mental notes on who to trust and who to kill. Her outlook quite pessimistic and dark despite the role she played.



  • Fungi Anatomy - Does not have any vital organs, and regrown wounds/missing limbs.
  • Soothing Spores - Able to release soothing spores when frightened to pacify disorientate others.
  • Experimental Enchanting - Bo has a bonus to enchanting checks with new enchantments.


  • Major - Narcolepsy - Bo has the tendency to suffer narcoleptic episodes where she falls unconscious and is generally lethargic or on edge from hallucinations. Intense emotions, boredom or post-adrenaline rushes usually trigger episodes.
  • Jitters - When unexpectedly faced with lab or medical paraphernalia Bo experiences some level of PTSD.
  • Problem Solver - The best solution is extremely reasonable violence. It doesn't take much convincing for Bo to take the route that yields instant blood lusting gratification. She’s seen what happens when you fool around and has no trust in lawful methods.
  • Underdark Nature ( Fungi Anatomy || )
    • Fire, Acid and Shadow Magic effective at harming Bo’s body
    • Slashing damage effective
    • Intense weather conditions (heat or cold). It will hinder Bo physically and mentally bringing her to a grinding halt if she is exposed to these environments too long without aid.


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  • Bo can often be seen sitting in a floating chair next to Big Conk who guides her around while she sleeps.