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Blu Haze is a mute fullbody player who is known to portray a lewd succubus in VRChat, dancing and testing the temptation of other players.

Her succubus persona is known to always carry a whip with her. She became a regular at The Golden Gator 2020 in March where she got promoted to "the head of Coomer content" by MurderCrumpet who hosts the lobbies nearly every day.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Blu Haze first met Roflgator after visiting his club on January 14th 2020 during a friends+ night and thanked him afterwards in random public lobby.

After meeting she would return later and become a regular in the lobbies invited by MurderCrumpet. There she often dance on stage and act seductive or quirky in general.

On Mar 14th together with Roflgator she tried to troll TheBigMeech by swapping out Blu Haze intimately dancing for him to Crumpet while offering him a lap-dance. It only worked for a second before she was busted.

On stage during a mute competition.

She participated in mute competitions on April 24th, May 18th and made it to the finals once, although being impressive she sadly didn't take home any wins.

Blu was accused by Crumpet for reportedly injuring Dotty who started limping, calling it sabotage after having lost a mute competition on May 20th. Both being mutes the truth of the matter was never figured out.

Attempting to charm Roger Goldstein (portrayed by TheBigMeech)

On June 12th 2020 following the reopening of The Golden Gator 2020 Blu was hired by Crumpet in order to attempt and whip the other mutes into shape. An inspector from the HR department named Roger Goldstein (portrayed by TheBigMeech) was questioning the legality of the things going on in the bar. Blu attempted to charm and seduce him into going easy on his list of complaints but it didn't work out. He explained that their tricks wouldn't work on him as he was gay.

On July 2nd following the AskJoshy taking home the win as president in the Bricktown Election 2020 all personal mutes were given the chance to chose and reassign their keepers. Following this and some neglect from MurderCrumpet Blu became Roflgators mute together with Dotty instead of Crumpets.

Succubus Blu is no longer "haram"

After a certain interaction with Roflgator and Sodapoppin in a dungeon on July 21st 2020 related to their eventual temporary suspension[1] Blu announced that she was considering retiring her Succubus persona. Since then she appears to be more restrictive using her Succubus character in the company of streamers. Roflgator has since clarified that she was not at fault at all and it being entirely his and Sodas judgement that had been lacking. The following day after their return she donned more conservative clothing.

A moment with Roflgator, not a "forsenCD"[2] moment at all

Spending a special moment together with Roflgator on July 24th in a tent on a floating island she proved that she is more than just "coomer content", showing off her full mute quirkiness.

She participated in Murder Mystery RP on July 28th 2020 and portrayed the murderer in one round. She went slowly "RP walking", killing person to person without raising any suspicion and defeated the investigator portrayed by SciFri as he falsely accused an innocent Surefour as the killer.


  • Their avatar plays the "Ooooh!" whiplash sound from the World of Warcraft Warlock Minion.
  • Blu reportedly has a pole in their room IRL for the complete poledancing immersion.
  • Usually seen with Firefox Blue accompanying her.
  • Blu Haze used to rarely speak in the past but this is not canon to her character which is mute.
  • Her first stream on twitch was in August 2 2020.


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