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"Someday, you'll understand how the world works. And when you do, I'll be waiting there for you."

Blake is a human from Mora 5H, a densely populated residential planet orbiting the newly formed red giant Rose-19. When his only brother Clyde joined the Masaru corporation shortly after their discovery of a magical hotspot on Mora 5H, Blake turned the other way, vowing to follow a much different path by joining a small resistance group called the Platinum Wings. However, every time the Wings struck the corps, they retaliated even stronger. There was no end in sight, and he lost faith in the cause. He ultimately left his past behind and stowed away onto a passenger ship headed for Hellion, hoping to start fresh on this new planet.

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Life on Mora 5H could hardly be described as anything but congested. Population density in some Rows became a massive problem, forcing entire families to litter the streets, or share single living spaces with several strangers. Most work for them was in isolated factories; it was hard to otherwise make room for other work here. The planet itself is part of a much larger system within the Videre Galaxy that rotates around a red giant star, Rose-19. This planet, and its 11 sisters, are the result of a massive scale terraforming effort to make 12 inhabitable planets out of the remains of the collision between two celestial bodies resulting from the disorientation of Rose-19 becoming a red giant. 5H, hence the lettering H, was the 8th such planet.

Blake was born into the Row of Westfate. His nuclear family consisted of a single mother (as far back as he can remember), and an older brother Clyde, 7 years his senior. They shared their living space with another family that spent much of their time scavenging whatever they could to get their fix of the latest drug on the market. By this point, education was becoming more bottlenecked by the corporations with increased costs, so although Clyde was able to benefit from a decent education, their mother wasn't able to afford the same for Blake. Only one such sign of the different paths these two would walk.

While Clyde was heads down into the books, Blake would find himself darting from street corner to corner, as if the world was his playground. He made himself very comfortable with the landscape, and learned how to fend for himself out in the Row at a very young age. Tragically, he found himself desensitized to the high level of crime by the time he was a teenager, but with that came a sense of familiarity in a dangerous area. He became the most reliable resource for small deliveries, fetch quests, things to get him a quick thousand credits or so.

On one of these little excursions, he came across someone levitating a couple metal ball bearings, tucked away in an alcove, far from the more populous roads. Blake hid at first, but when he was noticed, the woman ran, startled. Later the same day, after his errands were done, he saw her again and carefully asked what she was doing, a question born of curiosity and fear. She reluctantly returned to the same place and procured the same ball bearings to repeat the effect. Blake was terrified at the prospect, but he could also tell that she was no threat. After trust had been built between the two, she revealed her name to be Lila. Blake left that conversation confused, but wanting. Weeks went by with his imagination running wild at what he saw, and what it could do. Reluctantly, he decided to revisit the same spot, at the same time, on the same day of the week. The 13 year old Blake inhaled confidently, and asked Lila "Can you teach me?" Lila would become Blake's first teacher, in a mostly underground capacity.

When Blake finally manifested his magic, he immediately showed Clyde in private. He was naturally terrified at first, but then grew to admire the capability. Although magic wasn't widely accepted, it was a point of interest for both of them. One Clyde would never come to partake in himself. The roles of their brotherhood quickly reversed. Clyde began to admire the younger Blake, seeing how self-sufficient he had become in a place riddled with dependency. He started to envy that freedom, and regretted his lack of foresight to get out and explore at a young age simply for the sake of fear.

15 years ago, a Masaru entourage visited Mora 5H to research something on the planet. Whispers and rumors started to spread, but no one could figure out what it was. Curiosity struck the 26 year old Clyde harder than the Retribution into a warp gate, and he pursued this entourage, much to the dismay of Blake, who was more attuned to the voice of the people. They found at this point that they disagreed at a fundamental level. Clyde needed the money, and wanted to pursue cutting edge magical research. Blake, after Clyde's departure, distanced himself from Clyde's ideology as much as possible. He caught wind of a small resistance cell planning to act against Masaru in their promised return to the planet and joined their ranks. Very quickly, Blake found that he was a resistance fighter at the age of 19, while his brother managed to land a role as Assistant Risk Manager of Research Cells, Group 3. Over the next few years, he found himself in several skirmishes through the Row, using guerilla tactics to hold out against corporate firepower. This was mostly successful, but seemingly endless.

11 years ago, Clyde returned to Mora 5H with a cohort of researchers. This was the return visit the resistance had been waiting for. They ambushed the group near the research site, and Blake found himself aiming a gun point blank at his own brother's face.

"Someday bro, you'll understand how the world works. And when you do, I'll be there waiting for you."

Blake lowered the gun. He walked away. From this point on, no amount of skirmishing would ever indicate to Blake that they made any headway as a resistance. The corps were vast, and every time the resistance hit, the corps would hit back harder. The encounter with Clyde, along with the lack of any major wins, started to weigh on Blake over the next decade.

1 year ago, he quit any activity as a resistance fighter. Over time, he became jaded with the inevitability of the conflict, and it weighed heavily on him. However, his deeds caught up to him, and he was flagged down for acts of terrorism. Needing to escape his past, he stowed away onto a civilian vessel headed for the Ciconia system, where he disembarked on the planet Hellion.




  • Major - CQC - Blake is exceptionally skilled in close quarters combat. He can reverse/escape grapples, glance heavy impacts, and use an opponent's weight against them.
  • Minor - Percussive Maintenance - Somehow, Blake knows where to smack electronics to make them work for him. Sometimes, it works. Other times, it backfires.
  • Minor - Hyperactive Immunity - Over time, Blake has built a resistance to toxins. This also boosts his drug tolerance quite a bit.


  • Major - Conductor - A slight, unfortunate side effect of his metal magic affinity is his high conductivity. Even benign shocks can completely incapacitate him, and anything he touches can get shocked as a result.
  • Minor - Gambler - Blake is a gambling addict. He can't resist a game of odds.
  • Minor - Capgras Delusion - Occasionally, Blake will fully misidentify certain people as someone from his past. This can be anyone, from a dear friend to a mortal enemy.


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