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A military man from Callous Row who was revered and known for his talent. After a series of unfortunate events he was kicked out of the military and had to turn to a life of illegal street fighting.

One night after a fight he was taken by surprise and knocked out. Captured by Nirvana, he was genetically experimented on. The experiments were thought to be a failure, and he was left for dead in the Wasteland. When he awoke he had no solid memories of his past life, only little glimpses and fragments.

Frankie Scaletta took him under his wing and taught him the ways of the Wasteland since the experiments severely affected Bill's brain, making communication and problem solving hard for him.




  • Major - Resilience - Due to the experiments on his body by the Nirvana corp, he has an extreme resistance to non-magical force.


  • Major - Dependence - Without insulin he cannot survive. Reliant on Frankie Scaletta. If Bill goes without insulin for an hour, he goes catotonic until he is medicated, and if more than 75 minutes pass, he dies.


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