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Who is Bellesprout?

A light roleplayer by trade, she can often be seen relaxing amongst the patrons of The Golden Gator or found in various adventure maps.

The Snail Queen Persona

Her Beginnings

Bellesprout or "Belle" was born to The Great Cosmic Snail (Father) and Samantha Bamson (Mother) sometime between 1994 and 1996. Do to the nature of their union it is hard to confirm the exact time and place of Belle's birth. It is theorized that the two met sometime after the catastrophic failure of a secret deep space NASA mission to explore Mars referred to as "Operation Pilgrim".

While the details of Operation Pilgrim are still classified, what is known is that sometime in early 1994 the spacecraft which carried Belle's mother lost contact with Mission Control back on earth. What befell the crew that day is still unknown, but what is known is that Belle's mother somehow made contact with a being known as "The Great Cosmic Snail" sometime after the accident. For an undiscernible amount of time, she is believed to have traveled and communed with the great being.

On June 25th, 4 years after the events of Operation Pilgrim. A part of the spacecraft lost during the mission was detected by satellites on a course for Earth. 6 days later the object re-entered earth's atmosphere and crashing down south of Eureka, Kansas. To the surprise of many the piece of the spacecraft survived re-entry into earth's atmosphere. A team a scientist searching the debris field found a small snail like creature among the debris. Hurried away to labs, it did not take long for the true nature of the creature to be revealed. The snail was a Cosmic Snail, something rumored to be known only to the scientist of NASA. A genetic test revealed that it was closely related to Samantha Bamson and was 1 to 3 years old as the time she came to earth.

For reasons only know to the scientists in charge of studying her, the small snail child was taken to Samantha's only living relative and younger brother, Srock Bamson (Played by Konges).

Growing Up

On October 11th, 2000 officials from NASA presented Srock Bamson with the young snail at his home in Pasadena, California. Along with a plethora of child care items, the young girl also had a small locket with the name "Bellesprout" engraved onto it and a photo of her mother inside. The origins of this locket have yet to be revealed.

After some time adjusting to earth life and finding her own way, Belle lived a mostly normal life.

Adult Life

She married to Bacon on Sept 19th 2020 at the Sanctum of the Twelve.

The Mansion

A large home perfect for the Queen of Snails.

Guest Restroom

On the south end of the mansion, you will find the main guest restroom. Adorn with a simple dirt floor and a hole off to the side, with one window that goes from floor to ceiling. A man out-side always watching those inside the room. Someone who uses the restroom will find no toilet paper but a toilet scrubbing brush next to the water cooler shower that only has a few paper cups and a Egyptian cotton towel placed to high for any normal person to reach. Above where one would find a sink is just a mirror that only shows inverted color, and in the spot a sink should be is just a bit of tooth paste in the dirt floor next to a broken violin with one string.

Anyone who tries to leave will find that the door handle will simply fall off locking them in. And while you might find the old rusty key on the dirt floor, you'll find that it does not fit any locks in the room. It is as this time that many using the room will notice the subtle sound of the song "Don't Stop Believin'" as song by Belle's younger brother Saroney on loop. After some time, a hard shell Taco Bell taco will be tossed into the room but it's old and soggy.


The-Wanderer knows a secrets about Bellesprout

• Some claim that she secretly admires the smell of pee

• Some claim she was sexually confused by the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong

• She secretly admires feet

• It was confirmed within a stream she does not pee on trees[1]


• Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bellesprout

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bellesprout_