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"Buyaka buyaka bitch!" ― Becky before kicking ass

"F**king clanker!" ― Becky expressing her bigotry towards robots

Becky Cantuckit used to be a "Super Service Street Walker" prostitute and drug addict who lived in an abandoned dumpster on the dark streets of Callous Row, the slums of a metropolis of a city set in a cyberpunk themed roleplay.

She is known for talking shit and starting fights with various people.

Sharing space with another homeless person she took on Bethany as an apprentice of sorts, trying to teach her craft to her. Whether Bethany recognizes, accepts, or even knows of this arrangement is doubtful.

Since she started working at the bank for Coach Eric her situation, outlook, and wardrobe improved substantially. Since cleaning herself up she now refers to herself as "Rebecca - Professional".

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Becky Cantuckit was born as one of six sextuplets. Her sad story starts with her losing her job due to incompetence. When she sued her former employer, she got beaten with a severed robot arm in a random act of violence outside the courthouse. She was admitted to a hospital but unable to afford the medical bills. After she was discharged, she wandered aimlessly until she met a man named Calogero. Convinced it was love she was distraught when he left her the following morning.

Moving in with her sister Heather Cantuckit, they vowed to earn their way by selling illicit drugs. Both got addicted within a week of dealing, and having used up their own stash they both desperately fled to Callous Row chased by their dealers.

In strange cosmic irony her sister was beaten to death by a robotic arm. Taking it poorly Becky got addicted to sugar and other drugs. She has tried quitting but keeps failing.


After the quarantine was lifted in Callous Row, she wakes up having fallen over on the streets. She is helped up by a half-orc, who at first offers to escort her to a hospital but after she asks for credits he backs away and retracts his charity. Later she is spotted begging money from various people but is repeatedly denied.[1]

Street life

Beating Cleo on an alleyway outside Jack Montagnes shop

Following disagreements with Cleo she fought against her in the Battle Arena but lost. Later the same night she feigned kindness and reconciliation but instead fought dirty and beat her adversary up on in an alleyway outside of Jack Montagnes shop. [2]

Meeting Rook again the half-orc this time shows compassion towards her and transfers some credits to her to pay for some food. [3]

Becky was spotted teaching Bethany some of her crafts, including how to get customers to her line of work. Encouraging Bethany on her apprentice tried her methods on Rook with no success.

Banker Becky

Dr. Zig Malice tries to sell (or scam) Becky of some robot legs

Hired by Coach Eric she started working at the bank as his assistant and as a banker.

She was injured after being dumped into a garbage chute by Static and once again had her legs reportedly broken by Talus Nova and was wheelchair bound for a while. Although it is a treatable thing with the high-tech medical knowledge of the time she couldn't afford it and had to wait for her body to heal naturally.[4]

Eric would eventually pay for her to get her legs fixed.

Informant for Jack

Becky telling Jack secret information.

Working as an informant for Jack, she provides him with valuable information about both her employer Eric's plans and the other inhabitants of Callous Row in exchange for money. She informs him of the "hard-light" weapon that Athologoth and Talus Nova are developing.

Slaver Vart with his armed robot guards talk to Becky

While working at the bank, she meets the robot slaver Vart who catches a fancy for her charms, complementing her female assets.

Having worked for Jack she was seemingly distraught after his death, showing emotions and care for once. She told his employee Duncyn Kuiper who had become a son of sorts that they would be seeing more of each-other from now on.

Hotshot Becky

After Jack's death she was approached by Rook who paid her to provide him with information on Eric's relations with the corporations. She was later introduced to Lange Pliskin by Eric, a corporate aligned investor new to the row. Sent out to give Lange a tour around the row they went prospecting for real estate. On her tour Lange demonstrated his tech able to override and open doors and locks for a limited time.

She was given a gun and joined Eric during the incursion led by Lange Pliskin and his corporate lackeys to rescue Loch who had been captured by The Shadowbats. When they arrived at the Shadowbats' location, another group led by Rook had already done their job for them and exited with Loch.[5]

The already quite fiery Becky touched by fire

Fiery Becky

Becky, working at the bank, chose to investigate a commotion and witnessed a huge Fire Elemental escaping from the magical place in the Row's undercity. Cursing as she attempted to flee from the Fire Elemental, she wasn't fast enough and was burned severely from the elemental's touch. Surviving (and out-of-character critting a roll,) she gained permanent magics of fire and ever since she keeps heating up her surroundings and occasionally spouts flames out of herself.[6]

Becky burning up due to graffiti

Being magically imbued has caused some issues at the bank, her spontaneously putting things on fire by accident and Eric complaining about her constantly heating up the water in the cooler. Trivial things perhaps, but radiating heat and fire isn't really something useful when working in an office.

Some unknown graffiti artist left a present for her on the bank outside facade, leaving her burning and insulted.

She took Norman Flint and Shinohara on a guided tour around the Row, exploring real estate.[7]

Season 2

Episode 16

Becky started the day in the Upper City with a plan, first going to Nirvana and asking for Dr. Lorn Barnes to remove the seduction lipstick she has been testing for them. Barnes was on vacation, which led to some confusion, and Becky got impatient. She faked a mysterious injury involving a "cloud" and Sallie Lune led her into the clinic for a scan. A medical synth assisted them, and when Sallie left the room Becky kicked the synth in the head, knocking it out. She quickly restarted the synth and told it to run to the front gate, and when Sallie returned, said the synth had punched her and she was going to puke. She was led to the other side of the clinic and told them to call her "homeopathic doctor" in the Row for her, and while their backs were turned she ran out the door, grabbed the synth and ran.

The two ran to the end of the Nirvana promenade with Alice Constantine in hot pursuit, who quickly caught up with them. Alice requested Becky return the synth, Becky said she needed its support to get to her doctor. Alice was about to let Becky walk away when Ama Krolia found them and told Becky to stay put. Becky instead made a break for it with the synth.

Alice chased them across the catwalks between the corporate towers. Becky got cocky and started blasting Alice with her fire magic, severely burning her in the process. Now able to escape, Becky and the synth went to Union Tower's transporter and went straight to Atlantis, where Becky had signed up to perform in the Gala that was happening that day.

Becky was taken into the Atlantis office by Miss Money (with one guard exclaiming "It's ReBarnacle!") and told she'd be performing a musical act. She was confused, she had planned to do a magic act but went along with it. She was to lipsync to a song Miss Money provided her with.

Becky did some dodging of Nirvana employees that showed up looking for her and got checked into the gala. She ran into Conrad Ludovic, who gave her a personal tour of the gala space. Suddenly Ian Carthwright Du Pont walked in on them in the greenroom with guards and demanded the synth return to the front gates of the gala space, ignoring Becky's protests.

She found Dagu setting something up on the stage and asked if he would be willing to deck a robot for her, so she could use it to "get a hit" of what it had inside, they were interrupted by Max who led them back into the greenroom. They were then informed with the rest of the contestants of the schedule for the night, she was told she'd be going eighth. In a hurry, she demanded several of the other contestants switch with her and allow her to go first. They told her to talk to Miss Money, who laughed and flatly refused.

Still looking for a decker, she noticed a stranger who wouldn't stop smiling at her, pissing her off. The stranger introduced himself as Bertram and said he heard she needed a decker. Becky offered him 50,000 credits to recover the synth and 150 credits to deck it for her, and also remove her wristband. Bertram was flabbergasted by this amazing offer and immediately accepted. At that moment the synth suddenly walked in on its own, and Bertram said the price of decking had "gone up" to 1500 credits. Becky refused this ridiculous markup, so Bertram counter offered by asking to "buy [her] dinner." Becky took this literally and accepted.

Becky walked out of the greenroom and ran into Calliope Keres, whom she had invited to be her date to the gala days before. Becky introduced Calliope to the synth, who she was now calling "BB Bot" for "Becky Bot," assuring her that the "third wheel to [their] date" would only watch unblinkingly (and maybe record a little) as they did "whatever [they were] going to do."

Becky spotted Alice in the gala talking to Jeremiah Cromwell, whom she had run-ins with before. Jeremiah pointedly asked if she burned Alice, Becky refused to answer before telling him she'd never seen Alice before. They went back and forth for a couple minutes before Ian showed up with Talaris guards with an anti-magic field and had Becky arrested for assault, handing custody of her over to Jeremiah and Kraver Carabass to put in a holding cell and/or beaten.

Becky was of course indignant in the face of this treatment by the security personnel, insisting she had done nothing, the synth belonged to her and there was no proof of her injuring Alice earlier. Jeremiah picked her up and threw her onto a bench on the Atlantis promenade, becoming enraged by Becky's behavior, and took a shot at her. He missed and claimed it was a warning shot. Becky was completely unfazed and continued to demand proof for their actions, Jeremiah got closer and shot her in the chest. Lying on the bench bleeding, confused and shocked, Becky refused to back down. Kraver threatened to shoot her too and told Jeremiah they should just kick her out of the Upper City, but had to leave to handle security at the gala gate, which left Jeremiah to deal with the situation. Becky stood and attempted to use her fire magic (blocked by the anti-magic field) and everyone opened fire, killing her.

Ian then picked up her body and tossed it over the promenade railing, letting it fall to the slums below.



  • High endurance and energy levels as well as pain tolerance due to drug consumption.


  • Drug addiction.
  • Brain damage from having taken too many punches to the head.
  • Despises robotic arms and anything related to them due to past experiences.
  • She still yearns after her beloved Calogero.


  • Her last name Cantuckit (Can - tuck - it) is assumed to be a play on words as Crumpet often portrays feminine characters but is very much a man.
  • "Buyaka Buyaka" is a reference to the song Freaky Style by Mighty 44.
  • Since her argument and fights with Cleo they seem to have some ongoing beef with each-other constantly returning blows and jabs.
  • She considers Bethany Esda her best friend but that doesn't stop her from talking shit about her, calling her retarded and other foul things.
  • Since working at the bank there are rumors in the Row that she only got the job by offering sexual intercourse to her boss Coach Eric. Surprisingly, this is actually false.
  • Becky being bigoted towards robots in general calling them various insults is a bit ironic as Crumpet's main character is a robot.
  • The song Becky was supposed to sing at the gala was a cover of Hey There Delilah sung by EileMonty, Miss Money's actor. In the second verse the song's lyrics change tone drastically, asking Goldman if he'd want to go backstage and see "both my titties," talking about the gill under her arm she named "Phil," the singer refers to themselves as a "bitch," says she needs to pee, "it's all ERP," the pitch changes for a few lines, and the song ends by referring to the singer as a "See You Next Tuesday."



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