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Bean Kagehide is a ¼-Tabaxi demihuman who drifted as a wandering healer hoping to find a place to call home and people to call family before straying into Scrap Town outside Savior City where he ended up working as a "medic".

After the murder of his mother and capture of his sister by mercs working for Talaris, the only family he had left was the merc group who had tried to protect them out of sheer goodwill. For nearly a decade he strained his magic to keep them alive as they struggled to get by, but eventually they, too, were taken from him. Now all he has left to his name is the sword of a father he has never met.

Small, weak, and timid, he struggles to accomplish anything on his own, but he yearns to help others in what little ways he can. Still, he pushes forward, clinging desperately to the hope that he may one day find and save his sister.




  • Major - Soothing Font - Bean has additional magic reserves used only for healing, honed from his years of constantly healing the endless injuries survival and conflict brought upon himself and those around him. As a small bonus, his healing has a minor soothing effect.
  • Minor - Father’s Blade - Bean has in his possession one of his father’s blades that his mother had taken for protection. It seemingly is highly conductive to magic.
  • Minor - Feline Alertness - Bean has slightly enhanced speed and senses compared to a human, his partially demihuman body honed by the alertness required by the life of a homeless drifter.


  • Major - “I’m Not Trained for This!” - Bean’s lack of formal training in both combat and medical practice, combined with the trauma of witnessing the deaths of those he could’ve saved had he acted, often lead him to panic easily in an overwhelming situation. He either completely freezes up or runs away fast, too fast for most to be able to stop him, if he isn't calmed down. If preventable losses or serious injuries occur due to the inaction this debilitation causes, he may shut down and become unable to use his magic for a period of time. This condition may also be triggered after someone close to him is abducted by a corporation, especially Talaris.
  • Minor - Abandonment Issues - Unable to handle the thought of being alone again, Bean is quick to become attached to people. If individuals he cares for are severely injured, he may exhaust more of his healing than necessary or otherwise foolishly risk his own life.
  • Minor - Curiosity Killed the ¼ Cat - Bean sometimes can’t help but poke his nose where it might not belong, sneaking around and following people or eavesdropping.
  • Minor - String Bean Arms - He has weak upper-body strength.


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