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Batharra Ront is a half-orc who owns the car dealership in Scrap Town out in The Wasteland, spending her spare time helping out friends in need.[1]

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Batharra doesn't enjoy sharing her past, as it only brings back painful memories. It makes her feel like she failed everyone she was close to.

Whilst running away from her Orc tribe, she accidentally come upon Scrap Town in the outskirts of the Wasteland near Salvation City and started a new life. She realized a few months into living there that there was nothing to do for her other than to work and to talk, and with a newfound interest in cars she started running races every few months becoming a race conductor and car dealer.

Learning to overcome her fears and weaknesses that she learnt when she was with the tribe, she grew with the friends that she has made.


If anyone needs cars in town everyone knows that Ront is your woman to go to for the job as she is one of the more skilled drivers and car mechanics within Scrap Town. She owns the garage called "Ront and Co" that employs Toolbox and I Ma A Ikatsim. She also managed to become one the speakers for Scrap Town as councilwoman, with her new position only time will tell to see how long it takes for her to lose her mind over all the problems that plague the town.

Her past tribe coming back for her head, she made the decision to return to the tribes of the wasteland to avoid them attacking Scrap Town. She will be missed by the locals for her generous heart and caring nature.



  • Major - Batharra's Skin is tough so it will allow her to sustain more damage and allow her to stay in the fight for longer.
  • Minor - Ront is able to fix cars up much quicker then what a normal mechanic can with her experience.
  • Minor - She is able to carry more then what the average human can pick up.


  • Major - Ront has become extremely paranoid towards folk, has become distrustful to people who may be out to kill her. Going to places where her trauma started will cause her to shut down and become unable to be moved or do any actions, depending on how the dice are behaving at the start of the session they will determine if Ront loses the ability to do something for that session only.
  • Minor - Dyslexia. Extremely hard time reading and writing, will take longer to understand things and is seen in her speech to people.
  • Minor - [REDACTED], Ront is more prone to going into [REDACTED]
Season 2 Traits
These no longer apply.


  • Major - It’s in my blood - Being a half orc as strong as she is, her body is able to withstand considerably more damage than most.
  • Minor - Heave ho! - Due to her more heavier structure, she can lift more than the normal human would be able to.
  • Minor - Cars Ahoy - She has extensive knowledge of vehicles and is able to fix up cars quicker than a normal mechanic, especially the racing ones.


  • Major - Got Gains? - Proud of her strong physique. Any time mention is made regarding her physical appearance, she feels the urge to flex and talk about it while showing off her muscles.
  • Minor - What word? - Batharra grew up struggling with reading and being able to write. She has symptoms of dyslexia, causing her to have problems when it comes to reading and writing notes down. This can also be heard in her speech sometimes.


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