BandAid91 is a Twitch streamer and roleplayer in VRChat known to portray a vast multitude of different characters.

Also see: Noru


Roleplaying Characters


Noru is perhaps BandAid's most known main character apart of the Purple Lotus RP and Aegis.

Lila Fang

Lila Fang is a lycan and sister to Zackary Fang. Both siblings attend Ascension Academy together.

Cap'n Angelina Greasepalms

Cap'n Angelina Greasepalms is a demi-human space pirate who lives in the slums of Callous Row.

Little Biggs

Little Biggs is the leader of the Lemon Pledge Syndicate. They are a very short human and have currently retired from being the leader.


Tina or Christina to her friends is a valley girl dressed like a punk who has an abnormally long tongue. She has become close friends to Sky and Pave.


Marcel is a vampire member of The Blooded. He talks with a monotone voice that hides his perceptive nature and is an enthusiast for carpets.


Toku is a chaos child with the sins of Gluttony and Pride. She was sent to the material plane on a mission by Daiyo with her siblings Sadie and Kai. She is a cannibal who enjoys eating her siblings after she defeats them, and she has a strong desire to eat her brother Kai after getting a taste of him once.




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