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"Follow the path. Find Eden."

Various synthetics in Callous Row have suddenly exclaimed or talked about "Following the path to find Eden" in various ways, but left unable to explain the origin or reasons for uttering the words. Some inhabitants speculate it to be a spacecraft in orbit around the planet Corvanis 3, sending wireless signals and messages to the synths in Savior City. The goals of who- or what is sending these messages are currently unknown.

Season 1 Rundown

BR-16, first appearing as 15, made their presence known to all synths in the row. She was generally cryptic and philosophical, telling them to Follow the Path and to Find Eden. She made them "feel" safe and gave them a safe haven in the synth garage, and tried her very best to help them and protect those they cared about.

They had a few major interactions. Namely, contacting the synths every time one of them needed help, saving the clinic personnel from Lange Pliskin, as a favor to Celeste, and helping during the Retribution mission.

After R.G.-2's death, 15 had no one with a strong desire to help her or "Find Eden", and at some point during the year in between seasons, she was shut down and went dark. A couple of months before season 2 however, she appeared once again and contacted Duncyn, with no seeming memory of what had happened before in Season 1, nor even knowing what Eden was.

Season 2

Session 1.

BR-16 stuck around with Duncyn most of the time, as she would do on a daily basis. She was reintroduced to the rest of the synths who were freaking out about it "happening again". During this day, Duncyn began introducing her to what she was before. He took her to the garage and showed her the painting and throughout the day told her about who she was. 16 spend the day talking to the synths, showing up in front of people that could see her, and learning about herself and the world.

Session 2.

BR-16, after an hour of talking to Duncyn and interacting with the synths of the row, headed down to the Wastelands with Duncyn, who had some tasks down there. She interacted with the synths and enhanced humanoids, namely Pepper, who was pretty stressed out about it. Eventually they headed up to the Undercity, where 16 did the same thing with Mika, who was worried about her presence and not completely capable of comprehending it. After a bit, they headed back to the row were 16 had a major interaction with Vee, had some more talks with the synths and then shut down for the day.

Session 3.

After a small talk with Duncyn and Vee and witnessing Duncyn pulling a gun on Vee, 16 began wandering around, snooping on people and returning to Duncyn's side. Eventually she wandered into the med bay and spoke to Celeste for a bit. She then snooped on more people and came back to Duncyn. She then witnessed and tried to help with Guidebots repairs, wandered around and spoke to JIM for a while, she then went to Qwinn and attempted to do the same with them, however they responded with fear and concern. Eventually with enough persistence, they entered the garage with the rest of the synths and were properly introduced. Such lighthearted interactions continued for a bit, until one of the people 16 had been showing herself to asked Duncyn about getting his techno-eyes checked.

After some talk, this person revealed themselves as Viktor Easmine, Lower Ring Governor of Savior City, which made him the Governor of the Row. Viktor showed massive concern and suspicion about 16 and its ability to project itself without the use of a projector, specially since only certain people can see her. The man made a subtle threat about the fact that he was planning to clean up the district, and that the mayor so far had done a shit job at it. After some fortunate distractions, the Governor left. This left Duncyn very concerned for his health and worried they might do something to 16, and so 16 followed him to the undercity in his search for A2, who offered him protection with her criminal gang. He agreed.

Session 4.

16 did not seem to like Duncyn's new protection. Due to his main bodyguard's aggressiveness towards Vee, who wouldn't leave Duncyn alone, she threatened multiple times to hurt him (The bodyguard, not Duncyn). BR-16 did as she always does, watching Duncyn, interacting with the synths and the few trustworthy people that could see her, namely Doctor Universe. After some synth shenanigans, they encountered Pepper, who seemed to be in distress. Duncyn and 16, with the help of their hired security, managed to take her away from the Atlantis corps that were watching her and took her to safety, where she revealed she was a corp too, but didn't wish to be one anymore. 16 showed concern about this and stated that she was a Giant, therefore she could not be trusted, but in the end, they wisked her away and into Duncyn's home to stay safe for the day.

Session 5.

BR-16 continued to interact with the synths, hang out with Duncyn and snoop on conversations. She watched as Vee attempted to get him a deal with the corps for better parts, snooped in on a conversation between the heads of the shadowrunners and some WOTO corps, tried to interact with Mika and had more words with Vee, once again snooped in on Rook and Ikaruga, an important member of Quixote, followed the pirates and tried to interact with Mika, and she grew agitated when she heard the captain was willing to shoot Mika just to get 16 to stop annoying them. 16 stuck with Mika for a while, talking to her, watching her, and eventually Duncyn went to talk to them. She eventually witnessed the shootout between some mercenary and the pirates, after which they all went to the row to hide and got attacked by a corp merc. 16 protected Duncyn by attacking the mercs visor and stunning the man long enough for Duncyn to run inside. She continued to do this to him until eventually he was killed by A2. She then wandered to the clinic and watched Anna, interacting with her for the first time.

Session 6.

16 did something different today. She began her day in the corporate sector and immediately looked for A2/Ikaruga. Once she found her, she stayed by her, bothered the Uppercity residents and made all sorts of comments to A2. Eventually she took part in a conversation between Sable and A2, as she introduced her to him as his "partner". She questioned whether Sable was truly trustworthy and A2 explained that he was far from a Giant, and intended to get away from them. She then informed them of her plan for them to enter Sonitii and steal data. Eventually, they discussed what to do in case Rook's daughter, a high level decker, attempted to infiltrate Quixote. They spoke about their intentions and A2 exposed her hopes that Rook was not involved in this. Eventually, Sable headed out, and A2 asked 16 to follow him.

After Sable spoke for a bit with the other Quixote representatives, he stepped away, got into a coms link with 16 and then got on his stealth suit, before heading to Sonitii. In here, they went through computer and computer until they found some shipping manifests that needed decrypting. With that, they returned to Quixote were they blended back in with the people and attended to the party. They then decided to do the same with Atlantis.

During the party, 16 began glitching out. Making strange noises, attacking peoples eyes, and generally creeping the people of the party out, until she was taken to the Quixote offices by A2. After some interactions trying to determine what is wrong with her, she received a message on her computer. A report of a strange thing, a black and red haze, approaching Corvanis III. After returning to normal, 16 left to the wastes. She tried to contact more people and had an interaction with Patches and Toolbox. She then spoke to Mercury and wandered around for a bit before returning to the Undercity. She once again tried to talk to Mika, with Vee being around, but to no avail. After following Vee for a bit, they headed to the Synth garage and called it a day.

Session 7.

16 began the day by trying to help Mika, by giving her repairs and powering her. She, Duncyn and Vee tried to keep her safe in the synth garage, however the pirates arrived with Loch, Warren and Charles to take her back. 16 tried to attack their visors but in the end, they had no choice but to give Mika to them. She spent most of the day talking to Duncyn and the wastelands synths before going to the undercity. After trying to interact with Mika and help her one last time, she got Vee to help her take Mika from the pirates, forcefully.

16 helped Vee by opening the door to the tavern and allowing her to get in through the back door, flanking the pirates. The fight went on for a bit, even getting outside intervention, but in the end, the pirates were very harmed, and so was Vee, who shut down in the streets of the undercity. Mika remained exactly where she was, and Vee needed urgent repairs.

Session 8.

This session started with Vee and Static on the synth garage with 16. Vee was still heavily damaged, so 16 looked for Duncyn and brought him over to Vee for repairs. After a bit, she was carried by Johnny to the regular garage to get her help. Eventually, the corps arrived to take her to Mars for repairs. Meanwhile, the captain agreed to take Mika to Duncyn for repairs, and after some time, 16 had her first interaction with the captain, coming to an understanding with him.

Session 9.

BR-16 began by following the pirates and Mika into the Grindstone, but quickly left to check up on Duncyn. As she did, she found him with attire nearly identical to A2s and a mask that allowed him to see her. After speaking to him for a few seconds, A2 arrived and the two of them went to talk to an associate of A2s, went to talk to Johnny and then caught up with the duo on the wastelands elevator. She eventually headed down and had a talk with Pepper in which she convinced her that she was a synth. After talking to the many synths of the wastes, she headed back up and began talking to the row synths before looking for Duncyn in the Undercity. After hanging with him for a while and interacting with those that could see her, she went back up and had a talk with the two Mars synths, seeking for a way for them to help each other.


  • In season 1, BR-16 went by BR-15. Why exactly this change happened is unknown, although it is assumed it has to do with the corps.
  • BR-16 used to be within the grasp of Atlantis, being held there by one of their scientists unbeknownst to their CEO. When the CEO found out he had the scientist executed and offered BR-16 an actual job, saying he hates slavery.


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