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BB was originally a medical synth owned by Avalon in the Upper City. In Episode 16 of Season 2, Rebecca, in search of a jukebox to play her music at the Trident gala, faked an injury to get into the Avalon clinic and kicked BB in the head, knocking her out. Rebecca restarted BB and ran out of the clinic with her, burning Alice Constantine in the chase.

Successfully evading Avalon, Rebecca took BB to Trident to check in for the gala, where she nicknamed her BB for "Becky Bot," which was coincidentally a marking on a pin in her "hair." Ian Carthwright Du Pont found Rebecca and BB and ordered BB to go outside, where he took her back to Avalon. He had her looked over to make sure she was clear of any infiltration tech and brought her back to the gala.

Rebecca was looking for a new way to play her song when BB suddenly returned. She ended up paying Bertram Manheim-Cassady to deck BB for her to play the song, Bertram wiped her completely so that was the only thing she'd be able to do. BB followed Rebecca around the gala for a bit before they ran into Alice and she told Jeremiah Cromwell of how Rebecca had burned her earlier. Jeremiah radioed this into the security channel and Ian returned to arrest Rebecca.

When Rebecca didn't return, BB wandered the gala alone. She came into contact with Blayne Penn, and finding that she was basically a blank slate, he decided to keep her around as an assistant.


Season 2

Episode 23

Midway through the day Blayne and BB went to the Shometsu lab and found Vee already there, Locket running a diagnostic on her. Out of nowhere, BB got a communication from Avalon. After some investigation they discovered that BB, Vee, and AL-0 from The Row all share similar design characteristics as they received data regarding development from 50 year old research. They realized that with the original design documents they may be able to upgrade the synths to be better prepared to fight the alien threat. Going to Avalon, Sallie introduced them to a doctor Eric Wagner, whose father was George Wagner, the designer. Eric confirmed that his father had worked on synthetic brains and sensors and that the design might've been one of this projects but he wasn't sure.

The group had to negotiate with Sallie and Eric to convince him to release his father's notes. He told them they'd need pay 500k credits and sign an agreement that what they learn from the notes would not leave those synth's chassis. Everyone agreed to the deal and they were about to shake on it when Goldman's Upper City broadcast interrupted them, announcing that the TraVerse warp gates were compromised and war was upon them. That motivated Eric to upgrade them further in the lab right at that moment.

Vee volunteered to go first. All Eric had to do once they got to the lab was enter his PIN code and all the machinery whirred to life. It began applying nerve sensors all over her frame and updating her software to understand this new sense of touch. He also performed the same procedure on BB immediately after.


  • No Voice Modulator - Unable to speak, but she uses body language and a holographic pen in her finger to communicate.
  • BB has advantage Medical and Mechanica rolls due to formerly being an Avalon bot with advanced programming in Medicines and specialized hardware to perform Mechanism. BB is also a Quick Learner which lets her learns faster than the usual people. BB also carries a Toolkit with her all the time to perform her actions anywhere.


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