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Aywin is an elf banished from Eshma Thalas. The elf has spent a good portion of his young life living as a thief in the Coracandis the Free Wharf. Now on the run from mercenary corps looking to arrest him for stealing from the nobility.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


  • Major - Escape Artist: The act of being captured is a concept that Aywin cannot abide by; it is trivial for him to escape any bindings or release himself from within a prison he finds himself locked in.
  • Minor - Spare Change: Always seems to have money on his person, Aywin is able to pay for small purchases. Whether it be in his coin purse, tied into his belt, up his sleeve, or in his boot he manages to scrounge together the coin needed.
  • Minor - Peerless Pilferer: Aywin has an uncanny ability to stumble into or distract a target while stealing objects from their personage.


  • Major - We Can't Take You Anywhere: Banished from Eshma Thalas with a curse laid upon him should he return. Barred from entry into the Dwarven cities of Vurnfalduhr and will be arrested by mercenary companies of Gradia should they recognize him.
  • Minor - Two Left Feet: For being an elf and light on his feet, Aywin usually ends up tripping over himself in some way. Falling over while running from guards or losing his score by accidentally dropping it in a river for example.
  • Minor - Casanova Complex: Aywin desires to sleep with as many women as Elvenly possible, he has no emotional attachment to these woman and it does not matter what race they are.


Early Life

Aywin was born to a lower class family outside the capital of Eshma Thalas to a family of silkspider ranchers. His parents, Balin and Alma, spent years struggling to bear a child, finally resulting in his birth. His early childhood was simple enough, other than Aywin being a little more rambunctious than most elves. Things would have stayed simple, however, Aywin’s father was an industrious man, after hundreds of years of turmoil he had bred a spider that created the finest silk one could buy.

Word spread quickly of Balin’s deeds and the family quickly became the talk of the countryside. The information was picked up by the nobility and Balin was invited to visit the court of house Sylralei. Balin was elated at the thought and decided to bring his only son along to show him how the nobles lived.

While at court, Aywin quickly took a fancy to the Lord’s daughter Lady Lenna Sylralei. Ever since first laying eyes on her when he was introduced to the lord, Aywin had set his mind into action. It was in this time that Aywin also met his closest friend, Myrin Thesalor, a cousin to Lenna.

Before his departure, Balin asked one thing of the Lord. To take Aywin in and have their scholars teach him in ways that would be unavailable to a common elf. The lord accepted this deal as long as Balin would provide the court with a modest percentage of their new silk. Balin accepted and left his only son to their care.

As he grew older, Aywin noticed Lenna had grown attracted to him. A secret romance grew between the two of them, but it was cut short when the lord caught wind of it. Aywin was informed of the lord’s knowledge by his friend Myrin, and quickly left to flee the city.

Before Aywin was able to escape, the lord’s guards captured him and dragged him before the lord. Being a kind ruler, the lord told Aywin that he would not be killed, rather he would be brandished with a title befit of a commoner who would try to enthrall the heart of a noblewoman: Leshere, thief in the Elven tongue. All knowledge of his family was wiped from his mind by a court mage, was thrown on the first ship leaving for Gradia and instructed to never return.

Life in Gradia

With his name stripped from him and nowhere to go back to, Aywin took to the canals of Coracadis the Free-Wharf. Having to fend for himself, he quickly took to thievery to survive. Before his time in the capital of Eshma Thalas, he had honed his skills of pickpocketing on the local for his own amusement, but now it had become a way of life for him.

Over his years in the city Aywin worked alone, he had been fencing things of more and more value, and it was starting to get the attention of the local thieves guild. They eventually showed themselves known to him, and invited him to join them and take part in more grand heists.

After a time, Aywin and the League of Thieves, as they liked to be called, were informed of an assortment of jewellery that was to be put on display during a ball at the Giraldus’ Coracadis estate. The League felt it their purpose to procure these trinkets for themselves, not for fortune, but for fame.

Seeing it fit to send in the most dashing of members to pose as lords from faraway lands, the League managed to fake entry into this gathering. As they made their way away from the estate, they were confronted by guards before they even left the grounds. Aywin quickly made a break for it, leading the guards on a chase through the canals. It was cut short when Aywin lost his footing trying to scamper across a clothesline between two houses spanning a canal, dropping the whole haul in the water. He watched as the tide washed the sack of goods out to sea, just as the guards hauled his soaked frame from the river.

Before he could go to trial, Aywin escaped, with some help from his comrades. Figuring after making such a big scene, he would lay low for awhile, he headed out of the country and has been hopping from state to state ever since.