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C3 was built as a prototype greeter robot by an independent builder named Gidi Mann for WOTO. Whilst being made to look fancy, C3 is built with components that would be considered sub par for the corporations. And so it came to pass that C3 was cast down and abandoned in the Wasteland and Gidi vanished, either taken by the corps or in hiding as the rumors say. This left C3 with nothing but their chassis and name.


Contrary to his initial design he currently works as a medical robot for the hospital in Scrap Town.

Getting a new chassis remade for him by Quixote. He now acts as a guardian for those in need whom deserve protection and acts to defend Quixote property and secrets.


New traits as "Atlas"


  • Major - Fusion reactor - Atlas’ chassis is equipped with a fusion reactor to power it, only requiring him to find fuel for it every 7 days. (deuterium, tritium, or helium-3)
  • Minor - Electromagnetic Shock Dampening - Due to the large size of his chassis, Atlas’s arms and legs have been modified to take fall impacts that would normally be damaging, it also allows him to take heavier blows without staggering while he is operational, the locking mechanism activates with a power current running through it.
  • Minor - Layered armor - With a powerful chassis Atlas can add additional armor on top of the Quixote synthetic armor to increase his durability.


  • Major - Last Line - One of new directives is to protect individuals he is assigned to, and he will do so even at his own risk of his own destruction. This includes using his chassis to shield others, if he were to falter, he has failed his directives.
  • Minor - Bleeding Edge - Atlas is a unique chassis, built specifically for his purpose. Because of this he can only be repaired by the corps, anything else is only a band aid solution.
  • Minor - Phasing Sequence - EMP style weaponry bleeds through his shielding and plating and still causes damage to his internals, able to take down systems while his surface remains undamaged.

Former Traits

Traits of C3-Burns before being rebuilt by the Quixote corporation. These no longer apply.


  • Major - Poisoner - C3-Burn has knowledge to produce chemical weapons as well as design them in their Logistics matrix and store the blueprints in their Memory banks.
  • Minor - Galvanised - C3-Burn is resistant, but not immune, to acids and other corrosives. C3 is able to handle a single corrosive or acid before the galvanization is used in the afflicted area.
  • Minor - Construction - C3 is able to create basic chemicals and substances if he learns how to replicate the formula and preparation, provided he has the equipment and reagents to make them.


  • Major - Memory Core Crack - Due to the low living standards of the Wasteland and being a discarded Corp project, C3-Burn’s memory core is cracked, causing him to have a hard time remembering names, and he is more susceptible to decking and getting his data pirated.
  • Minor - Flashy - C3, being made with fancier looking parts designed to catch an eye, may draw unnecessary attention from salvagers as some parts could hold a decent credit value.
  • Minor - Questionable Practices - Due to C3 never having been to medical school, his medical practices and procedures may be sub par, and he has to work with limited supplies, making C3 a less desirable choice for treatment.


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