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Astra is a character roleplayed by Compared. All info is from streams and posts on twitter.

Who is Astra

Astra is a Nebulan nine tail Kitsune, and the youngest of three siblings. Born to a Jackson and Amanda Derora with her Brother Orion and Twin sister Celestial.


Astra was born on the family ship in Dimension 34-7C on the planet Morana which was located inside of a Nebula. Her father being a Nebulan Kitsune and her mother being an Empath Human. Her whole life all Astra knew was adventure and learning. Discovering many new worlds and creatures. At 15 her parents and brother settled down on Golian in Dimension 89-3G9. She continued to travel with her twin sister until 2 years later when their ship malfunctioned and crashed in our dimension. Celestial did not survive the crash but Astra was pulled out by StormIceKitty and taken to a hospital for recovery before being taken in by SonicWindDemon who has watched over her since. Recovering from her injuries at a steady pace with his and Darkmoon's support.

Life of the Kitsune

While in the hospital she was very stubborn in recovery that she would constantly be out of her bed when she should be laying down. Being hard headed and refusing to let the scar on her back keep her from doing the only thing she knew how. Explore and learn. When Sonic saw this he took her in and helped her recovery go smooth and taught her about life on Earth as Dark taught her about how to be a normal kitsune in their world and so she has been learning to balance the two life styles.

Astra is quite the energetic fox girl and when she showed up in our world she showed no hesitation in discovering its maps and worlds. She has joined a few groups and has documented everything to share with her family next time she sees them.

Her host family has taken care of her as she stays and taught her how to navigate the place. To pass the time she has created videos for people to watch and appears that behind the scene may be attending a new project. She recently grew her second tail but feels weird showing it so she wears a choker with an enchantment on it to hide it.


Nebulan Kitsunes are known for their galaxy fur and hair.

They are a mortal Breed of Kitsune that grows their 9 tails by age and can live for millenniums.

Their dna is recessive but unique in a way that it becomes the dominant makeup of the offspring if the child possesses it if one parent is of another species


Astra's hair and tail seem to sparkle like stars, when asked she claims "I was born with the stars and they became part of me."

Astra is voiced by Compared on vrchat roleplays and streams

It is mentioned that the stars on Astras clothing does not come naturally, items made from organic material she accidently transfers stars into as they spread through out her whole body but show in her fur/hair


  • Her color scheme was made to match a supernova explosion
  • Her creation was a biproduct of making another character
  • Astra's name (Astra Derora) actually means Star Freedom, meaning her freedom is only limited to the stars and back.
  • Astra and Celestial are half Galaxy Kitsune and half human but Astra takes after their father who is a Galaxy kitsune