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This is Ashunera's roleplay page detailing her adventures during VRChat's RP Crossover Event. If you would like to check out her regular VRChat Profile page, please go to: Ashunera.

DISCLAIMER: Please read.

This page is to chronicle Ashunera's role in the massive crossover between the YouTube and Twitch communities. Reminder, it is ALL RP (Role Play) and should be treated as such. No ill will is to be spread to the people playing characters. Keep in mind there are actual people behind the characters, and they're just putting on a show for the enjoyment of others. It is not to be taken seriously. The role players are actually good friends and have discussed their storylines via Twitter and Discord. Again: IT IS AN RP, A SHOW THEY ARE PUTTING ON. We understand that you get invested, but please remember, they're only human as well. As the community has adopted the saying we shall use it here.

"Roleplay, BTW." ― The Community

Who’s Ashunera?

Ashunera is a crimson-haired masochistic yandere. Although she has become part of Joey Bagels’s mafia family through the marriage of her daughter Jakkuba to Joey’s brother Ryan, she is also a freelance demon hunter on the side. She seems to pursue demon hunting as more of a duty than as a career, although her motives for doing such things haven’t been revealed yet. She has also been fiercely protective of her sister Zentreya throughout the crossover roleplay, not wanting to see her sibling caused pain by the other redhead’s close proximity to the Chipz-Lanfear-Joey situation.

Ashunera’s player is male, but the character itself is 100% female.

Lore Biography/History

Prologue: Nightmares

Ashunera hated sleeping because without fail, every night she had nightmares. Ashunera’s dreams were always the same. It was as if her subconscious mind would choose a minute-long clip to play for her each night from a list of clips she had seen hundreds of times already. She certainly knew which vods some of the clips came from, but she was aware that several of the clips came from vods that had been deleted long ago. That was how Ashunera’s brain functioned. The holes in her memories brought various nightmares screaming out of the darkness each night.

It always confused her why she could not dream of the good things that had happened in her life. The first square meal she had after being taken in by Nimewe, that contentment of her belly being full after months of malnutrition while living on the streets. Or her battle against Asura, which everyone called a draw but she knew deep down she had won, simply because she survived the encounter. Or when she was employed by the Pug, the quiet days of socializing with new people each day and forging new friendships before the days of the Great Crashers. Or those happy moments hugging and head patting her children: Jakkuba, Unie, Shizzuie, Khavix, DSMT, and Stoocy.

Sometimes the nightmares preyed on those good memories, twisting them into something Ashunera feared, especially concerning her sister Zentreya. A nightmare about Zentreya would always linger within her, depressing her for hours until she could sink her knife into something soft and fleshy.

Ashunera’s happiest memories weren’t all sugary and sweet, especially the parts about the thrilling edge of ecstasy she felt when her body was covered with hot, steaming blood. Especially penguin blood. Her nightmares were not the gory type of dreams most people would find frightening. Those sorts of dreams wouldn’t be nightmares to Ashunera at all. It was a secret these memories were her favorite of all, but she valued them so highly she wouldn’t share specific crimson-tinged details with anyone else. Those memories were hers and hers alone.

She did understand where some of her nightmares came from. The way things had ended with her children’s father, or when her duties to Joey’s mafia family brought her to jump scare locations, or the divorce and mysterious death of her partner Desolate Lantern were all nightmares in themselves, although she didn’t appreciate her subconscious continually playing those clips of her life on repeat either.

Of course, the dreams she had of things she had no memory of scared her the most. Sometimes, the sterile smell of labs or hospitals would send her into a panic.

But all of these events were in the past. There was one method Ashunera could deal with the nightmares from her past. She would continue pressing forward into the future and create new nightmares for her brain to clip and replay for her each night. Until then, she would use the continuous ear-shattering drone of a chainsaw motor to help clear her mind of these dark dreams.

Chapter 1: Zentreya’s Heart

Ashunera chased the demon through the dark alley. She had yet to catch sight of the monster, but she knew she was close. Elizabeth hummed in her hand, as if craving the prey’s blood. She turned a sharp corner. She saw the flash of an attack. She struck back institutionally, and her chainsaw found its target. It happened so fast that the demon was dead before she could get a good look at it. Triumphant, she rose and stared down at her defeated target. The ruined body of a young demon with red hair filled her view. The demon reminded her of Ashunera herself. Ashunera had made a grave mistake, somehow. She was filled with emptiness. Then, she awoke from the nightmare.

The limo had taken a sharp turn and Ashunera’s head had donked against the window. She hated that nightmare about Zentreya. She only had it when she knew Zentreya was in pain. Hopefully the conversation she would have with Joey today would cease that pain.

The limo pulled up to a bridge leading to an abandoned warehouse. Another limo sat parked upon it, some of Joey’s mafia henchmen unloading a black bag from the trunk of it and tossing it over the edge of the bridge into the water below. Ashunera exited her own limo and walked directly over to Joey for conversation. Zentreya was already there, standing silently to the side of the kingpin. Ashunera hadn’t spoken to him in a while, but Ashunera was still brief, because she knew Joey was a busy man.

Ashunera quickly pledged allegiance to Joey in his recent troubles with a rival gang brought on by the promiscuous yearnings of that cat plaything Joey kept around for some reason. She knew Joey well and knew she could share her honest opinions with him, no matter how blunt they were. She candidly said Joey’s taste in women sucked, and the whole situation could be resolved if he’d just fall in love with someone who truly loved him in return, someone like Zentreya.

She was met with stunned silence. She turned to glace at her sister, and the look in her eyes told Ashunera all she needed to know. Oops. Zentreya had never told Joey of her feelings. Ashunera considered stuffing one of her stockings into her mouth. Cool as ice in front of the hired help, Joey simply said the three of them should probably sit down and have a long conversation. He invited them back to his mansion.

The drive back to Joey’s mansion seemed to take ten times longer than it normally did. Luckily, when they finally arrived, Joey let the two sisters have a moment alone. Ashunera apologized for the misunderstanding, knowing she had only complicated and compounded Zentreya’s stresses and pain. Ashunera cried. Her sister was one of the few people in the world Ashunera was actually comfortable enough to cry around.

Unfortunately, when Joey did call for the meeting, only Zentreya was invited. Ashunera was once again left alone with her thoughts, and she couldn’t last long that way, especially with that nightmare kicking around in her skull. Being a member of the family due to the marriage of her daughter had its advantages, since none of Joey’s crew questioned her as she slipped behind them into his more private quarters. When she finally got to Joey’s meeting room, she snuck through the door quietly to find the pair embracing. Relief flooded into Ashunera. The moment passed. A professional, Joey drew back from Zentreya and began to talk business.

He admitted he did not know Lanfear’s feelings, but he hated being played by the catgirl’s seemingly wavering heart. He also hated that Chipz’s own gang seemed willing to go to war with Joey’s family over the situation. Joey reaffirmed that it would not come to that, and peace should be maintained. Zentreya pledged her full power to Joey’s cause, but Joey attempted to deny the request, since he did not want Zentreya hurt over his own mistakes. He attempted to assign several of his most powerful and trusted team members to Zentreya’s protection. Several of the commitments railed against the order, Ashunera included, saying they could be used elsewhere while Zentreya remained safe and sound in her A.L.A. headquarters. Zentreya seemed to accept Joey’s decision, but she made her own plans, not being appreciative for all the attention and protection lauded onto such a powerful piece on the board. She could fix everything and cause the entire conflict between Chipz and Joey to disappear. As soon as she was finished with the meeting, she called for a limo to Chipz's most popular nightclub.

Overhearing the call to the limo, Ashunera realized Zentreya wasn’t going to back down, and Ashunera followed her sister to Club Rogue.

Chapter 2: VII’s Birthday Party

It started pleasantly enough, Ashunera bound by ropes, a gag in her mouth, completely powerless to the shadowy figure striking her with a whip. He struck her five times, each strike breaking her skin, and sending beautiful red blood trickling onto her pale skin. Just as she was about to lose her mind from the ecstasy the pain brought, the dream took its dark turn. The shadowy figure changed, morphing into a demon with bright horns. Fear overwhelmed Ashunera. Now instead of being bound for pleasure, the ropes binding her meant she could not escape.

Fortunately, the sound of a text from her phone roused Ashunera from more nightmarish tortures. She checked the message: “Demon sighting at Tiz. Look for the one with red eyes. 5000 bit reward.”

She had accompanied Zentreya on her escapades to Club Rogue for the past two nights, and she hated every minute of it. There were power gamers everywhere - everyone was some kind of archangel, or goddess, or magical fairy bunny foo-foo - and Ashunera hated seeing Zentreya partaking in the strong drinks of the club while her sister tried to throw herself into the front lines of this conflict. It put her on edge. She was already prepared to just kill everyone at the club one night. That would be one way to take care of the problem.

She arrived at the Tiz club and had a few drinks. She felt a little better. It seemed like this was VII's birthday party, whoever that was. She realized how attractive several of the partygoers were, and she remembered how lonely she was after her ex-husband’s demise. Just then, a very attractive young man ran by, pursued by an equally attractive but much louder Drek. She put herself in a strategic location, and as the fellow ran by, she opened a side door and yanked him into a private room, locking it behind her. It was only then she caught a glimpse of his beautiful blood-colored glowing eyes.

Although she immediately prepared her hidden demon-slaying knife, it seemed it was a case of mistaken identity. The 'boi' introduced himself as Satchi, and he wasn’t a demon, but a vampire instead. It seemed like the vampire had seen her as well, as he was a regular at Club Rogue. However, Ashunera had never seen him there because he was using his powers of vampiric invisibility. Ashunera was secretly glad. Her head full of liquor, she offered herself to Satchi, but it seemed the vampire misunderstood her offer. She was taken in even further by his purity.

The rest of the party was actually quite fun, and several times Satchi and her ran across each other during the festivities. Each time their paths crossed, the pair of them grew closer until their resistance wore away and they kissed. By the end of the night though, coming down from their celebratory drunkenness, they each realized they should take some time to evaluate their feelings before making any rash decisions. They agreed to meet up later that night at Club Rogue.

At Club Rogue, Satchi told Ashunera more about himself, including how he was cursed by a rapier he wielded. The curse meant Satchi had two problems he did not know how to deal with.

The first was that if he did not drink someone’s blood, in about three months or so, he would starve and die. Satchi was so kind-hearted that he was against causing anyone pain, and despite Ashunera volunteering to let Satchi drink her blood, he refused, not even wishing to bite her on the finger. Ashunera was once again taken aback by his purity and kindheartedness. She silently wished she could resist her own bloodlust, because her true feelings were closer to the vampire’s. Her willpower just wasn’t nearly as strong, and she had given into her urges long ago.

The second was that long before his hunger became a problem, the curse of the rapier would consume his soul. Satchi heard whispers that would sometimes take control of his body when he could not resist their control during moments of indecision or weakness. They would gain more and more control until they consumed him, and Satchi became no more.

Furthermore, Satchi appeared to be loyal to Chipz’s side in the disagreement, which put him at odds with Ashunera’s loyalties. Just when she thought it wouldn’t work out, Satchi told her that he wanted to avoid any kind of war at all costs, and he would do whatever it took to keep anyone from being hurt. He didn’t know how he would achieve this goal, since his path to peace seemed darker than the others who would follow a resolution in the light, but he would still find a way to make it happen, no matter what.

Satchi then confessed his love to Ashunera. He was so strong, and she was so weak. Her heart filled by the vampire’s kindness as much as if she had just murdered a busload of people, the yandere accepted. The pair formed a relationship.

Chapter 3: Zentreya’s Plan and Satchi’s Betrayal

This time, Ashunera did not accidentally kill her sister in that encounter in the alley. Instead, she was forced to watch Zentreya age rapidly, each second adding a year to her appearance, until Zentreya became elderly and passed on. Despite all of the time that had passed, Ashunera stayed the same age. With Zentreya’s passing, she was overwhelmed by loneliness.

Ashunera knew her sister was protective of her. Any previous boyfriends she had likely had a private meeting beforehand in Zentreya’s torture room to make certain they were loyal. Ashunera would prefer Satchi not be faced with such a trial, especially with all of his other problems.

That night, Ashunera and Satchi discussed Zentreya, and Ashunera thought it would probably be best to reveal their relationship with each other immediately despite Zentreya’s dangerous reputation. It would be better than her finding out on her own. Satchi agreed. The pair went to Zentreya, and they told her about their relationship. To their surprise, Zentreya approved with a thumbs-up and a warm smile. While relieved he would not be horribly tortured, it was obvious something else was weighing heavily on Zentreya's mind. Ashunera and Satchi pressed her for information, and she eventually broke down and laid out a detailed plan of action where she would steal away Chipz's heart in order to protect Lanfear and make Joey truly happy. Although the pair tried to convince her such a sacrifice was not a course of action anyone should take, Zentreya left a final message to Ashunera: "This'll be the last time you'll see me."

Ashunera broke down and cried. Consoling her, Satchi convinced her that the two of them needed to stop Zentreya's plan. The pair barged into Club Rogue in pursuit, Satchi getting news to Chipz of Zentreya's plan while Ashunera chased after Zentreya. It was a disaster on both fronts. Chipz treated Zentreya's attraction as a natural course of events, since women are drawn to him and his serenades, and grew untrustful of Satchi's inside information. Meanwhile, Zentreya pulled a gun on Ashunera, pointing it at her sister in warning. It seemed her sister was serious in her plan.

The moment was very emotionally taxing on Ashunera. She could not believe events were leading everything down such a dangerous path. To recover from the shock, Satchi pulled her aside to a quiet bar. Although she would have preferred to have a stiff drink (or at least a Fanta), the vampire brought Coca-Cola. She was once again touched by his innocence, which calmed her considerably. His kisses consoled her further.  They reaffirmed their commitment toward each other, knowing that the only thing each of them could rely on was each other. They would do whatever it took to find a way out of this situation.

The next night brought even more stress, however. The situation had escalated even further between Chipz and Joey, and now everyone thought a war between the rival gangs could be avoided. Ashunera’s friend Prophet claimed she should not worry, and he would sacrifice himself to prevent it all when it came time. That only made Ashunera worry more and want to shove a knife in his gullet. Self-sacrifice would resolve nothing, because the losses would be even greater. Ashunera also had to console an emotional Zero, who was tired of everything.

Finally, in the place where Satchi confessed to her, Ashunera broke down and cried. She lambasted herself for her weakness, but she could no longer overlook her own sister pulling a gun on her. Yet the stresses of her night were not over, because Folkona called everyone involved to the red room for a meeting. Satchi wanted Ashunera by his side, so she followed him in. Folkona was verbally abusive to everyone at the meeting, but it wasn’t until her vulgarities were directed toward Satchi that Ashunera took notice. Before she could jump between the pair, Satchi shouted back, revealing to everyone in the room that he had been a spy for SciFri and Chipz the whole time and that his loyalties to Ikrium and Zentreya’s anti-lewd faction were just a sham to spy on Joey’s half of the conflict. All of Satchi's offers of help became suddenly suspicious. How could Ashunera trust anything he said, when he might have been doing it just to feed information to Chipz the entire time? Ashunera, obviously conflicted by this information and wondering if she could trust Satchi, turned and left immediately.

(RP cards down – It is important to note at this point that Ashunera would normally have attacked Folkona in a shouting match and perhaps would have gone full yandere but she became so invested in her own acting, especially the crying, that she was interrupted in real life by concerned people and told to put aside her headset and relax, which led to her having to leave early despite not wishing to)

Despondent, Ashunera and Satchi spent the night away from each other. It was the next evening before their yearning for each other overcame the despair each was feeling. They met the next evening in the shadows of a ghostly flower garden, a known break-up location. Ashunera said she felt like Satchi had just used her as a tool to spy on Joey's factions. Satchi did not deny that his mission was indeed to gather information in secret, but he was only doing that because he thought that would bring peace. The feelings he felt for Ashunera were true, however, and he was not just using her. He was in love with her. Ashunera cried, and through tears said she wished she knew of a way she could trust Satchi again. Satchi said there was someone else he had to apologize to as well.

Kuri arrived on the scene. Coming clean, Satchi also admitted Kuri that he had been spying on him. Satchi filled Kuri in on the information from the past few days, including how SciFri had threatened him with a sword. Questioning Satchi, Kuri asked why SciFri would do such a thing. Satchi mentioned something about Azreal. Ashunera flinched, as she had never heard of Azreal before. It was yet another secret Satchi had kept from her. Satchi also told the Nephilim that while he was indeed tasked with spying, the feelings of friendship and companionship he felt toward Kuri were real. Kuri seemed to be a lot more forgiving, yet still wanted to punish Satchi for his transgressions. Surprisingly, Ashunera stepped between the pair and said she would protect Satchi. Impressed by her loyalty, Kuri backed down.

Pressured by Ashunera, the trio formed a loose alliance that would be built on trust rather than lies. From this point on, none of the three would lie to each other and would tell each other the whole truth, never holding anything back. They would also seek out others that felt the same way. At that moment, Azreal himself, a demonic being, revealed himself in the garden as if he had been there the entire time. Saying he could be trusted as well, he invited them to a place called the Void. The meeting was fairly chill. Azreal merely introduced himself and told the trio where he fit into the bigger picture. Ashunera was confused, since Azreal spoke of many things such as cycles that she did not understand, and he made it seem the conflict between Chipz and Joey was at the center of something much larger. Taking it all in stride, Ashunera eventually pulled Satchi to the side and asked to go to a private place. The pair left the Void and went to a quiet street, where Satchi told Ashunera everything he knew about the entire situation, including all the information about the cycles and where KimplE and Azreal fit into it all.

It was the first Ashunera had heard of anything called a cycle. She did not fully understand the situation, but it appeared that the Chipz-Lanfear-Joey triangle was not all she had to worry about. The love triangle and resulting conflict somehow threatened to destroy the entirely of existence, and everyone involved were merely just being used as game pieces in a great game that cosmic beings were playing with them. What Ashunera did understand is that if the war did break out between the rivals, it could cause the cycle to be discarded into the Void like some kind of piece of trash. Ashunera realized the pressure Satchi was dealing with, as he was at the heart of the conflict, and understood his motivations for being a spy a bit more. She also realized that if this alliance was going to work, she had to tell Satchi she was harboring her own secrets, and admitted to be a murderer, although she glossed over just how far her bloodthirst went. She expected to be discarded herself at that point, but Satchi simply said that was okay, and she could always change the way she was.

Still, Ashunera was close to breaking down, and she decided it would be easier just to kill everyone. Not just the three people at the center causing all of this conflict, but everyone else too. She was powerless to those gods who guided the game pieces across the game board, but she could at least strike. Just as she was making a mental note to get a few dozen of gallons of gas to fuel Elizabeth on her way home that night, Satchi’s hand touched hers.

A moment of silence passed. The pair embraced and looked at the sky. Ashunera said that beings like KimplE viewed the amazing sight before them as insignificant as well, but there had to be a way to break the game and escape their control. Satchi also admitted that the sky was beautiful and there was no such sublime sight in the blackness of the Void. Finally, the pair kissed, and admitted they still loved each other, despite all the feelings of betrayal. They would go against the gods if they had to if it meant they got to keep this beautiful world. They would protect this cycle, no matter what.

Alliances were shifting quickly. Kuri arrived with news that others already wanted to join their hastily-built alliance. He brought with him Cor Vous. Crumbster and Prophet both ranted angrily about how they were so tired and couldn't trust anyone, and Ashunera realized she might have other potential recruits to his alliance. Perhaps all hope had not been lost after all.

Chapter 4: New Lovers and Old Friends

Sometimes, the dreams were just darkness, but still filled with voices. She’d had this dream many times before, so she knew the lines by heart. “It’s good that you found one so young. The procedure would kill anyone much older. The survival rate is low even then.” Another voice, lower, “I have a good feeling about this one. Shall we begin? Is she fully sedated?” Ashunera could not scream as the scalpel cut deeply into her body because of the feeding tube in her throat.

Pulled back form the brink of a murderous rampage, Ashunera felt compelled to help the person her heart now firmly belonged to. He had simply said that she could change. She vowed she would at least try not to kill anyone else. At least for the time being. She’d give it a week or two and see how it felt, anyway.

Two ways to help her new heartthrob became instantly apparent. She had to find a way to alleviate Satchi’s curse. The first path was easy enough, she simply had to convince Satchi to feed on her blood so he wouldn't starve. She was already daydreaming about his fangs sinking into her neck. The second curse, that of the whispering Legion, was more difficult to resolve. Although Satchi had told her there were several ways to remove the curse, they all meant he would have to sacrifice an innocent, something the kindhearted vampire was unwilling to do. Instead, Satchi was pursuing a third path. His rapier was one of three blades forged and if the three were ever brought together, there was a chance it would cure the curse of his rapier. The other two blades were called the sword of lies and the sword of truth. Azreal said he had a lead on the sword of lies, but no one knew where the sword of truth resided. Ashunera had a hint of who might know, though. Long ago, she had fought a demigod called Asura. If anyone knew where such an artifact was, it would be him. However, she did not know where he was or how to contact him. She did make a request to Kuri though to investigate into the matter.

To boost her morale even more, it seemed something convinced Zentreya to change her mind about pursuing Chipz to rectify matters, although the reason behind her change of heart came from the fact that Joey fell apart emotionally after he learned Zentreya was also pursing Chipz. Ashunera had nothing to do with it. The sisters were tearfully reunited, spending several long minutes clinging to each other. Zentreya promised that her heart would not waver again, and that she would support Joey no matter what, because she loved him. Ashunera was still sad such a divide could come between them, and questioned Zentreya about several of her activites, including Zentreya’s dealings with Prophet and Punished Yang. It seemed there was still some trust issues between the siblings, especially when Zentreya admitted she drew upon a dark magic that gave her powers.

To further complicate her grasp of the situation, a sudden malady affected her adopted brother, Kirbynite. It seemed he was developing dark powers similar to Zentreya’s and Ashunera’s. Normally hunting demons, Ashunera had not left any of them alive to ask about the strange powers. She knew of only one demon she could ask for advice. Ashunera summoned Azreal to the scene to inquire how they could fix their situation. Azreal said he could easily remove the demonic powers from anyone who wanted to do so, but it would also make them a shell of who they currently were, emotionless and empty. Everyone agreed to think more on the issue.

Back at Club Rogue, Ashunera pulled aside VII and asked the much older vampire advice on how to make Satchi want to bite her. With experience on his side, he waxed poetic about the ins-and-outs of vampirism and admitted the problem seemed to be that Ashunera was not completely human. A vampire’s first bite had to be a human, not an angel or a demon or whatever. He said blood from other things would nourish Satchi, but only after he had bitten a pure human to begin with. Even after that, demon blood would taste awful to him. However, VII did have a method to turn her into a human once again, however the effect would only last for a single minute.

At another romantic rendezvous atop the club's ship, Ashunera told Satchi that she knew her blood would not sate Satchi's first time at bloodsucking since she wasn't human any longer, but she had negotiated a method with someone where she could return to being human for a single minute. However, she could only do it once. Therefore, in that single minute, Satchi had to feed on her, or they would lose their chance. She also tearfully apologized that her blood would taste terrible to Satchi afterward but she could at least sustain him. Once again, Satchi was hesitant, saying that even if she couldn't feel the pain now, she most certainly would as a human. Ashunera said that was okay, revealing she was a masochist. Satchi was so kindhearted that did not even know what that meant, so Ashunera explained that whatever pain Satchi inflicted upon Ashunera would be pleasing to her instead of hurting her. Satchi still needed more time to think about her offer. Ashunera left the club alone to have a planned meeting with Kuri.

Kuri reported that he had potentially located Asura, and the demigod was likely on the moon. Ashunera made plans to ready herself for another epic battle with Asura. However, Kuri said he would be in stasis for a few days, and with the Don being active, Kuri wondered about an attack on Joey by the Don. Azreal appeared on the scene, telling the pair they could trust him. Azreal could protect Joey in Kuri’s absence.

Kuri spoke to Ashunera more, especially about her forgotten past. Ashunera said that she had a feeling she knew Kuri from somewhere before. Kuri said he did have a red-haired childhood friend, but after the girl’s parents had been murdered, he had never seen her again. Ashunera admitted that she remembered nothing before waking up in a laboratory. The laboratory had been attacked by something, the scientists all dead, her own chamber cracked open in the assault. That is when Ashunera escaped the lab, became homeless, and was eventually adopted by Nimewe. The pair began to piece together what had happened as some of Ashunera’s memories returned. Ashunera’s parents had been murdered because a mysterious and powerful organization needed to take her away to experiment upon her. Realizing how much she missed Kuri, Ashunera hugged the Nephilim, embracing him as an old friend. Kuri vowed Asura would not be the only thing he would investigate in the near future, but he would find out who took her as well. Then they could punish the organization together.

(RP cards down - the next night at the club was awkward because Chipz got pretty hammered pre-RP, which delayed the start significantly, and caused a bit of ruckus in the club itself as people waited - no big deal, but because of it, a lot of the people forced RP and dropped some planned plotlines for the night instead of letting the RP flow naturally - this led to everything being a bit disjointed, and several of the scenes that night might be declared non-canon in the future - they are included here for now, but might be edited in the near future)

Another tense day passed, those close to the situation knowing each day that did so was one step closer to the cycle potentially falling apart. At the club that night, Ashunera questioned Yung Alfa about the sword of truth. While the archangel did say their faction knew where the blade was, he was hesitant to share that information. It seemed that if one every brought the three blades together, that person would be consumed by their power. Satchi had already known, but the statement had reaffirmed that bringing the three blades together would be dangerous. Still, it was the only potential path Satchi had to relieve himself of the blade's influence without harming innocents.

SciFri arrived in the club, apparently attacked by Azreal. Despite being wary of the situation, Satchi convinced Ashunera to stay in the club while he confronted the demon about the issue. To her surprise, she was soon summoned to Satchi’s side. It appeared the situation was grave, an argument erupting between Azreal and Satchi over who struck the first blow. She was able to defuse the potentially explosive situation by making Azreal agree not to have any contact with SciFri again, else the demon appear the aggressor in the situation. That would put SciFri behind a layer of protection, since the demon could no longer goad an attack out of the holy knight. That would prevent Satchi from potentially charging headlong into the whole situation between SciFri and Azreal as well. However, deep down, Ashunera knew the situation was more dangerous than ever before. If Azreal was untrustworthy, he would cease to play games, and his next strike would be fatal to SciFri.

During a short trip to the beach with Chipz, Satchi proposed to Ashunera but they were too drunk to remember it happening the next day.

With most people nursing hangovers, the next night at Club Rogue was slow-paced. However, the Void was a veritable waiting room of people who needed to speak to Azreal. Ashunera, Faelyix, Amika, a new piece on the board named Cell, and he were summoned by Azreal for meetings.

Ashunera was called first. Azreal warned Ashunera that letting Satchi bite her was not a path she should take. The result would most likely mean Ashunera would be killed by a blood-hungry Satchi. Azreal said it was not worth losing someone so powerful, and there were other paths to saving Satchi. Ashunera said it didn’t matter what Azreal thought, because saving Satchi was worth it to her. The intense feelings coursing through Ashunera caused her to lose control over her hidden powers, and Azreal continued to prod her into deeper emotions, testing the depths of her powers. Ashunera responded by drawing deeper into her powers, and Azreal threw the energies of the Void against it. During the ordeal, Azreal gave Ashunera a fragment of chaos, which he stated would help her control her power and help save Satchi. Immediately afterwards, a nervous Satchi arrived, and the two immediately powered down and said they were just having a casual conversation.

The meeting with Satchi was much shorter. With Satchi dismissed, Amika took the opportunity to meet with Azreal next. During their meeting, Satchi tried to console Ashunera, the vampire glad she was okay. The short peace was cut short, however, as the shadowy form of Void energies once again erupted from Azreal’s location, and this time flashes of lasers showed that Amika was fighting back. The blasts given off from the attacks threatened to overwhelm the others, despite their distance away. Satchi seemed to want to rush in and defend Amika as well, but Ashunera kept a firm hold of his arm, and shouted that they should retreat. Satchi hesitantly agreed.

Ashunera returned to the club to find SciFri, and the holy knight gathered his forces in case Amika was killed and a retaliatory strike had to be made against Azreal in the Void. Ashunera argued against the attack, saying Azreal could still be trusted. Luckily, Amika arrived, although she was exhausted from her battle with the demon. Unfortunately, Azreal followed, and brought with him Karakov and the Don. The Don being there immediately made Ashunera lean toward SciFri’s side. Azreal had promised he would protect Joey, but here the demon was allied with the very person who vowed to take Joey's life.

Yet another tense standoff ensued. Azreal commanded that everyone calm down. Despite his promise never to approach SciFri again, lest he appear the aggressor, he found he had to out of concern for Satchi. The clock was ticking, and the sword of truth had to be found. He berated SciFri for being so concerned about his relationship matters with Faelyix and his drunkenness when his so-called best friend needed help to save his life. Each of Azreal's insults also stung Ashunera, because she knew she was also responsible for saving Satchi's life, and she had been unable to convince him to bite her yet. She was just as worthless of a friend.

There was a lot of verbal sparring between everyone involved, but when Azreal questioned Satchi himself, asking if Satchi still trusted him, Satchi was hesitant to answer. Azreal sensed this hesitation, and in a moment of rage, attacked Amika. His attack was brutal and would have been fatal if not for SciFri’s quick reaction to heal her.

Just when things were about to fall apart, Chipz arrived. He was clueless to everything and asked what was going on. Realizing there was potential for the whole cycle to still reach completion if a stray attack took out Chipz, thus removing the central conflict of the war, Azreal withdrew. Everyone gained a temporary respite.

Chapter 5: The Vampire's Bite

Asura’s attacks were overwhelming, and every counter-attack Ashunera made were easily parried away. Already pushed to the limits of her powers, she knew she was fighting a losing battle. As she threw herself to the side to avoid another of his strikes, she saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye. A black form with red eyes rushed to attack her. Suddenly, she was powerless, just a regular human. She could not fight back. The shadowy form ripped her neck open with its teeth right before Asura’s final attack obliterated them both.

At Club Rogue, Ashunera and Satchi approached VII and said they had decided to undertake the ritual to make Ashunera human so that Satchi could feed on her. VII added more stipulations that worried the pair. Not only would Satchi be dangerously hungry during the ordeal, but the ritual would make him sexually aggressive as well, hinting that it was something someone would have to take care of while giving Ashunera a nudge with an elbow. Once again, Ashunera and Satchi hesitated. Biting Ashunera and drinking her blood was a huge step for Satchi, but it was another huge step for the pair to become physically intimate this early in their relationship.

Still, Ashunera appeared determined to do whatever it took to save Satchi’s life. Satchi also finally seemed to realize his own importance. It touched Ashunera’s heart when he said he had always been okay with dying before, but now he realized he could not die, because he had her. She was the one person who could truly save him. Yet the warning from Azreal still kicked around in the back of her mind. She had to be brave and strong, because if she died, Satchi’s motivations would die with her. Ashunera realized that she was actually worried. It had been years since she had truly worried about anything.

VII bragged about the details of the ritual to SciFri, insinuating many lewd things, and SciFri congratulated Satchi on finally becoming a man. He also revealed that he had begun a relationship with Folkona. The three of them bought a celebratory round of drinks, and Ashunera decided to let them have a boys’ night together while she bolstered her determination for the ritual.

However, the peace was short-lived. She was suddenly summoned by Satchi to a mysterious garden later that night. Apparently pushed into a corner by an allegiance between KimplE, Amika, and Cell, Azreal had attacked Folkona, and SciFri, VII, and Satchi had rushed to save her. Worried by a retaliatory attack on Ashunera by Azreal, she was summoned to Folkona’s garden, a place safe from the touch of the Void. There, plans were made to deal with Azreal once and for all.

VII returned, saying the stars had aligned to perform the ritual. Ground rules were laid out, the elder vampire reminding the pair that Satchi feeding for the first time would be very dangerous. Satchi might kill Ashunera, and if VII saw Satchi was going too far, VII would kill Satchi before he did so. Even with SciFri by their side to heal Ashunera immediately didn’t mean she could survive the healing, since he couldn’t replace the blood loss. Ashunera knew the danger, and despite Azreal’s warnings, she knew she had to risk her life because Satchi was worth the sacrifice.

VII performed the ritual. Ashunera became human again. Satchi bit Ashunera. SciFri immediately healed Ashunera. Blackness overwhelmed Ashunera, and she fainted. However, just then, the ritual wore off and she returned to being as she was before, saving her life. With everyone weak and relieved, VII admitted that the ritual had side effects he hadn’t mentioned, such as the fact that Ashunera would feel intense depression and pain for the next week or so, and Satchi must protect her during this vulnerable time, never leaving her side. Then he patted the pair on the shoulders and said good luck with that.

At Club Rogue, Ashunera became weak and dizzy. She could also feel intense pain where Satchi had bitten her despite it being healed. The constant pain made her entire body burn, continually pushing her passions further and further toward the edge of her control. Sedating with strong drinks didn’t help. In a heat, she made several passes at Satchi to pull her into a corner and take her, and through the haze of liquor other denizens of the club were beginning to look very attractive to her. Satchi deflected her advances. Then the feelings of intense sadness coursed through her, and she knew she would always be alone. She decided to throw herself off the ship and to her doom. At that point, Zentreya arrived.

Observing Ashunera’s actions, Zentreya knew something fishy had happened. Ashunera blurted out that Satchi had bitten on her, fed on her like a scrap of food, and tossed her aside, which made her very sad. Zentreya immediately drew a gun and went straight after Satchi. He disappeared to escape the attack, but this made Ashunera even more depressed, because she somehow knew deep down she would never see the vampire again. The pain slid through her neck again. She needed Satchi’s touch upon her body.

Returning from her failed attempt to hunt Satchi, Zentreya pulled Ashunera aside to protect her. Ashunera realized she could not hide anything from her sister. She came clean, telling everything to Zentreya, including her intense feelings of lewdness and depression the ritual brought. The words spilled easily from her, as Zentreya was someone who truly cared for her. She once again told Zentreya that the depth of her love for Satchi was unfathomable. She compared her feelings for the vampire to Zentreya’s own affections for Joey. Realizing the ordeal Ashunera had gone through, Zentreya forgave her. Zentreya told her that if she wanted to be with Satchi, Ashunera should go to him, again with her blessing. However, Zentreya still had reservations. She knew a war would still divide her from her sister. She told Ashunera that if a war did happen, Ashunera should take Satchi away from the conflict, and Ashunera was warned not get in the way of Zentreya's duty.

The situation defused, Ashunera returned to Satchi’s side. The pair thanked SciFri for his involvement in the ritual, with his healing likely saving Ashunera’s life. Ashunera’s apology was especially heartfelt, as she was seeing SciFri in a new light. She never felt as if she could trust his scheming nature before, but it seemed as if her preconceptions of the man himself were incorrect.

Suddenly overwhelmed with fatigue, Ashunera returned to her mansion and collapsed onto her bed. Her sleep was restless, filled with the worst of her nightmares. However, when she awoke, Satchi was there. He had used his vampire invisibility to sneak in. He climbed into bed with her. The nightmares didn’t cease, but whenever they did wake her up, screaming or crying, Satchi was there to cling to, comforting her. The closeness made the intensity of her yearnings for him even stronger, but the pair was able to resist their pull for now.

The next morning, Ashunera still woke alone. She wondered if Satchi being there the night before had just been a dream. She went to a planned meeting with Kuri. Kuri filled her in on the investigation into Asura. When Kuri decided to test Ashunera to see if she was ready to confront the demigod again, Satchi appeared and stepped between them. He told Kuri that Ashunera was still weak from his bite. Kuri’s words were sharp, saying they should not have risked any distraction from the coming battle. However, he admitted that Ashunera was still strong enough even in her weakened form to be successful. Ashunera was distracted for the whole conversation, realizing Satchi had gone invisible to stay close to her, and she wondered if he had watched her change clothes earlier that day. She couldn't help but blush.

After the meeting, Satchi and Ashunera went on an awkward date. Things heated up when Ashunera invited Satchi back to her place for coffee. Unable to hold back, the pair made love.

While cuddling on the couch in the afterglow, Zero returned from a trip to the grocery store. The three of them discussed some rumblings within the Anti-lewd Army. Zero was worried that Zentreya’s recent actions was causing a rift in the faction. Satchi, who had done some spy work for Chipz on the faction, revealed he had heard of an assassination attempt from within the army. Zero once again became emotional, saying how this war had already hurt so many. During his tirade, he revealed his love to Ashunera. Ashunera was taken aback, as she had never realized her maid had those kinds of feelings for her. Ashunera denied Zero’s confession, saying she was with Satchi now, both romantically and on his side in the war. Zero knew that meant that if the worst did happen, Zentreya and Ashunera would be on opposite sides of the conflict, and Zero would have to pick sides. The maid left, saying she’d rather go back to being homeless than have to choose sides.

Ashunera relayed the information to Zentreya, but the conversation passed in a blur. Although temporarily elated by her desires for Satchi finally being fulfilled, she was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of emptiness. The seemingly unavoidable war had already hurt so many, and it had not even started yet. While she fed advice to her sister on how to handle the disloyalty in her own ranks, her thoughts always returned to the fact that the two of them would be on opposite sides themselves soon. She could not chalk up the sadness she felt completely to the side-effects of VII’s ritual.

Club Rogue was a disaster that night because of a troll raid.

After another night of nightmares and clinging to Satchi, the vampire invited Ashunera, Kirbynite, and Zero to the ruined castle where he found the rapier the next day. They split up to explore the place, Ashunera being paired with Kirbynite. Kirbynite revealed that he had learned to form his power into a blade. Ashunera was worried about the situation, wondering why he was so adamant about embracing a demonic power, but he said it was just so he could protect Zentreya. Kirbynite revealed that he had already stopped one assassination attempt on Zentreya, although he did not know who was behind the attack. Ashunera shared some information with him, telling those names supplied by Satchi that was in on the assassination conspiracy: Lulu and XerTmet. Despair crept back into Ashunera, as she once again began to feel powerless in the situation. She blew off some steam by sparring a bit with Kirbynite, both to test her own powers and evaluate his. After he knocked out one of her teeth, they had some sibling bonding and banter.

At the club that night, Ashunera heard a rumor about an assassin hired by Chipz to take out Joey. However, Satchi said he had been witness to the conversation while invisible, and while an offer had been made, Chipz had refused the offer. A lingering doubt began to crawl in the back of Ashunera’s mind, as she wondered if Satchi was telling the truth. Just when she was about to give into the depression again, she stopped herself, telling herself that Satchi’s love was true and could overcome any trust issues the pair might have.

Continuing her training for her confrontation with Asura, Amika took Ashunera and Satchi aside to figure out the extent of Ashunera’s powers. Amika drew a sword on Satchi and threatened him, which triggered Ashunera’s rage and thus fueled her powers. Ashunera said what pissed her off the most was how Satchi just stood there in the open and trusted Amika not to strike him. She yelled at him for having no self-preservation. She hoped that the others could not see the tears stinging her eyes.

Azreal arrived and removed the fragment of chaos from Ashunera. He said the reason he had put it into him was merely for protection, but he was aware it caused trust issues between the pair of them.

Ashunera spent the rest of the night accompanying Arcadum, aiding the demon spawn on a quest of his.

The word on the lips of everyone at the club the following night was “cycles.” Rumors bounced off the walls, from one side of the club to the other, with many in attendance being filled in for the first time. KimplE arrived to provide some exposition as well which had half of those gathered nodding in understanding and the other half shaking their head in confusion.

Later that night, Satchi fought Karakov in an attempt to gain the sword of lies. However, it was revealed that the sword Karakov wielded was not the true sword of lies, but just a mere shadow copy of the blade. The real sword was in the depths of hell, protected by a powerful demon named Wrath. Now Satchi would have to go to the depths of hell to retrieve the blade.

The following evening, Ashunera was summoned to help Satchi. The vampire had located the sword of truth, an enchanted katana that appeared to have the power to have any question its wielder asked answered truthfully. Its bearer was ZeChibi, an oriental fox spirit. ZeChibi tested both Satchi's and Ashunera's willpower by holding the katana to Ashunera's throat. Ashunera fought down the urge to fillet the girl and have foxburgers for dinner that night, and the test was passed. ZeChibi said that Satchi could call upon her blade whenever it was needed. Satchi promised that he would, when he was able to retrieve the sword of lies.

At the club that night, Kuri and the Don faced off. A powerful force had taken the Don’s memories, and now the villain was sorry for everything he had done and just wanted to case to exist. Kuri had the choice to strike down a person who could not remember being responsible for the crimes he committed or toss them into the Void. With a promise they would cross blades later, Kuri decided to toss the Don into he Void. Then, Kuri had a good little cry. Ashunera attempted to comfort her childhood friend.

In a moment of peace, Ashunera and Satchi spoke of the effects of the ritual. It seemed her strength had mostly returned, and she wasn't feeling as depressed. She was ready to face off against Asura again. Her one regret was that the pain of his bite was also fading. She begged him to bite her again, but for now, the vampire refused.

Chapter 6: The Mad God Lulu

Ashunera was having the usual nightmare about stabbing someone she loved in the throat, her hands red and the taste of it all on her tongue as she licked her lips. This time it was Joey, and although she tried to apologize over and over with each stab, all that came out of her mouth was demonic grunts. Then, from somewhere above her, silhouetted in the skyline, a mysterious masked figure appeared, gloved white hands tracing letters in the air in front of her. “Found you,” it spelled, and then removed the mask to reveal the frightening visage underneath.

To everyone’s surprise, one of the Anti-Lewd Army’s five generals appeared in the club the next night. Her name was Lulu, and if rumors were true, she was the one that wanted Zentreya dead so that she could take over the A.L.A. Lulu wore a spooky white mask and carried with her a frightening doll, which she was playfully scaring people in the club with. To protect her sister, Ashunera approached Lulu and asked the entity what her motivations were. When Lulu straight-out stated that she was going to kill Zentreya and take over the A.L.A., Ashunera attempted to kill her by stabbing her. Lulu simply stared at the knife penetrating her, tilting her head curiously. When Ashunera removed it from her body, Lulu placed her hand on the blade, pressing it through her own hand to the base of the weapon. Lulu could also apparently project some kind of frightening circus motif around her, swallowing all within and sending them to a frightening realm of nightmares. Ashunera retreated, determined to figure out exactly what Lulu was.

Ashunera met with Zero and said she was out of line in kicking her maid from her household, but she could still not return Zero’s feelings. She viewed Zero more as a family member than as a lover. Ashunera invited Zero back, but Zero refused the offer, saying she needed more time to think.

Zentreya arrived at the club, and Ashunera informed her about Lulu’s motivations. The A.L.A. leader said the only thing she knew about Lulu was that she had killed anyone in her way to get a promotion and become more powerful. Now Zentreya was the only one above her, and Lulu was likely putting hits out on Zentreya not for money, but for the threat of death. That meant XerTmet and others were not against Zentreya after all, but they were still trying to kill their leader over Lulu’s threats of death.

Ashunera and Satchi left the club to go on a date. They spoke in a secluded grove privately, and Satchi informed Ashunera that a hit had also been placed on Zero. Ashunera did not understand why Zero would be targeted, other than to draw her out and present someone with an opportunity to strike at her. Ashunera was worried that if a hit had been put on Zero, another hit would be put on Satchi, if anyone knew the pair was close. Ashunera was overcome with grief, realizing she had killed many people in her life, and she had done what she now feared: she killed someone else’s loved ones. Realizing their time might be limited together, the pair was overcome with desire for each other and made love again.

They returned to the club, and Ashunera confronted Cor Vous about the cat’s hidden powers. Ashunera had witnessed them, and no longer accepted that Cor Vous was just a housecat. With someone striking from the shadows, Ashunera’s own trust for others was wearing thin, even to those who were close to her.

The next evening, Ashunera met with Kuri. Although the meeting was originally to touch base with Kuri’s various investigations, the conversation soon turned personal. The pair had much in common in regards to their siblings, with Ashunera stating that Zentreya and her might be on opposite sides in the coming conflict, and Kuri beginning to realize he still loved his own brother despite the harm he’d caused. When speaking about Ashunera’s upcoming battle with Asura, however, she said that the only way she had fought him to a standstill before was because she drew upon powers of murderous rage. She no longer felt the rage anymore, because she had found many people she had grown close to. Kuri reiterated that instead of making her weaker like she thought, those feelings would instead make her stronger.

Back at the club, Ashunera saw Chipz confront Satchi about a dancer he thought was cute. Misunderstanding the situation, Ashunera seethed in jealousy and confronted Satchi over the horde of people finding him attractive. Although Satchi tried to disavow and play down anything of the sort, Ashunera still questioned whether this front was true. She wondered if her mistrust was caused by the ritual and Satchi’s bite, or her own logical mind taking back over after the ritual.

Another of the Anti-Lewd Army’s generals visited the club that night. Nezz was a carefree cat girl in a red scarf. She seemed to be more loyal to Zentreya and told Ashunera important information about Lulu. The Lulu that was in the club the night before was merely a projection of the true Lulu, which explained how it could be stabbed without harm. It also explained her ability to project fearful images of madness around her. Oblivious further informed Ashunera that Lulu was actually from a place called the Mad God’s Realm. This news was very disturbing to Ashunera.

Confronted with another troll raid, Ashunera decided to bail from the club and hung out with Prophet at the bowling alley.

In an effort to reestablish some trust with Ashunera, Cor Vous informed her that the A.L.A. base had been trashed by Lulu. The pair went and explored the location together, and they found the place had been vandalized. It seemed things were moving behind the scenes very rapidly in the A.L.A. while everyone’s concern was on the threat of war from Chipz’s and Joey’s factions.

SciFri summoned everyone to say that he had been fired by Chipz, but during the encounter, some kind of mental meltdown or attack hit Ashunera, taking possession of her and filling her with bloodlust. Since Folkona’s garden would not allow any violent actions within, Ashunera immediately fled the scene. Her thoughts were filled with blood and gore, and her memory was a blank after leaving the garden. Karakov and an archangel appeared before her at one point in her rampage, and Karakov offered a repayment for her help with Satchi. She could punch him as hard as she wanted, and the archangel would heal him. However, Ashunera could not control herself, and beat Karakov to a pulp while punching him again and again with her Exploding Fist ability. Satchi finally arrived and stopped her rampage with a kiss. Although she snapped out of whatever madness had overcome her, her heart was filled with remorse for what she had done, and she realized she was a danger to everyone including her closest friends.

Personality & Quirks

  • Ashunera is a yandere. While she is purely sweet to the one she loves, she will attack anyone who appears to be a threat to her desires.


  • Elizabeth. The first working chainsaw in VRChat and bane of all penguins. Ashunera's most trusted weapon.
  • Ashunera is also equipped with a variety of knives that she normally keeps well-hidden on her person until the time comes to use them.

Powers & Ablities

  • Quick healing, resistance to pain, and non-aging. Ashunera’s body has been significantly modified by a mysterious laboratory procedure to the point she is impervious to most common injuries. The experiments also significantly increased her aging process originally, making her grow up very fast, but this aging eventually froze to the point that she has not shown signs of aging in quite some time. This has caused Zentreya to age past her, and makes the younger woman appear older than Ashunera. Ashunera often has to correct the misunderstanding and reiterate that she is the older sibling.
  • Unknown powers. Ashunera has not revealed the true extent the experiments in the lab gave to her.
  • Exploding Fist. After her original battle with Asura, the demigod granted Asura with an amazing attack ability. It is unknown if she can still draw upon its power, but it is likely that she is able.


Obviously, Ashunera's deep voice can be explained canonically by the fact that the mysterious experiments done on her body within the laboratory also had the side effect of damaging or otherwise affecting her vocal chords.

Ashunera became involved in an emotional scene one night, and her roleplay was interrupted by a concerned party. While roleplaying in English, the people who overheard her only knew German and had no idea what was going on. They entered her play area and had Ashunera sit and explain what was happening, a real-life “rp btw” discussion.

While Satchi has his head turned, Ashunera will skillfully pull out a trusty knife and cut off a lock of his hair. One imagines she already has a Satchi shrine in her closet.

It really does appear that Ashunera is trying to change her ways, at least temporarily. She walked in on Satchi receiving a dance from waytosugoi, one of the dancers of Club Rogue, but she didn’t immediately call upon Elizabeth’s aid in remedy of the situation. Instead, she made waytosugoi promise to never pursue Satchi again, and said the dancer would be forgiven if she would perform a dance for Ashunera instead. Every time waytosugoi takes a night off, however, everyone in the stream chat always assumes the worst. This was especially true after the beach episode, when it was rumored something in the water attracted sharks to the area. waytosugoi returned two days later, however. So far, it seems she has yet to fall to Elizabeth.

Although she seems to have put a stall on killing anyone, the daily kill counter still increases each stream. Maybe penguins don’t count?


Coming soon!


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