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S.E.R.A. Key started life as a human, living with her father Finnie Key. She grew up around his work and learned to help him with whatever was requested for him by the VALKYRIE Corporation. She continued to work and grow alongside her father, building a very close bond with him and the work they achieved together. Unfortunately there was an accident during one of their experiments which left S.E.R.A. near death and quickly approaching that lifeless fate. Finnie, knowing there was little that could be done to save her did what he thought necessary in order to save his daughter.

The next time S.E.R.A. woke, she would have her new body, only her brain and part of her nervous system were recovered stuffed into a new synthetic body. This however came with a rather painful sacrifice to Finnie. All of the memories she had before the accident remain dormant. kept disconnected from the systems keeping her alive. Her new memories now being stored on internal data systems. She was continually modified by Finnie to help him machine parts he couldn't get himself and would help him with his own research while they continued their Corp works. Eventually S.E.R.A. was placed into a low power state and placed in a part of Finnie's workshop he used for storage. She remained there for many years as eventually Marceline Rey Key was born and became the new child to which he would mentor. During the years Marceline was growing up, she found S.E.R.A. sitting dormant collecting dust. In her incessant need to tinker with things, she began to inspect and play with S.E.R.A.'s systems which eventually led to Marceline losing her arm.

In the time between Season 2 and the start of Season 3, Finnie Key passed away and his personal belongings were sent to his next of kin, being Marceline. This included S.E.R.A. who needed to be refurbished and partially reassembled before being powered on.


Season 3: Neon Divide


Finger mounted welding torch.

Internal chassis contains machining tools.

Scanning lasers located in her eyes



S.E.R.A. was always an inquisitive and intelligent young woman before the accident. In her current state, not much has changed, although she is far more subdued than before now that she believes she is a synthetic. She is the type to question issues and think on them logically rather than sit there and take a single side at face value.


Major - Sera was purpose built to machine any parts (within reason, no weapons) she has seen/scanned first hand from scratch. However the more intricate and expensive the part, the longer it will take for Sera to complete the crafting process. (difficult parts taking at minimum 1-2 episodes to complete, if not longer)

Minor 1 - Sera is unresponsive to orders given to her by anyone other than Marceline. Sera's operational coding is is unique and requires either the manual Finnie wrote and gave to Marceline in Sera's box, or a high enough Decking skill to access and understand her subroutines to change her permissions to allow orders from anyone. This design also means she has a greater protection against viruses.

Minor 2 - Because Sera was built to repair and maintain parts and systems of both people and machines, she can scan the subject/object and see weaknesses in manufacturing or parts worn too far that might need repair or replacement. (scanning a synth or machine and noting that the machine might be functioning sub optimally or the synth's knee has contaminants inside of its assembly and needs to be cleaned out.)


Major - Sera having a biological brain and nervous system means any hits to the head are more than likely fatal wounds and non recoverable. She has a physical storage media located in the main torso of her chassis but this only has archived memories from the time of her first power up and could not be used to recover her consciousness.

Minor 1 - Because Sera has a functioning nervous system, this means she is capable of feeling things like heat/cold, but also means she can feel pain and potentially go into shock if suffering enough damage to her synthetic body.

Minor 2 - Sera has an immense fear of being powered down for anything. Having been left in a dormant/low power state for so long by Marceline’s father meant she was essentially alone in her own thoughts for years. This makes her very paranoid of anyone going near her power systems. She is powered by a Radioisotope Battery, which can be tracked by it's isotope signature. Additionally due to it's radioactive nature, once every 3 episodes SERA must get anti-radiation treatment or her nervous system will begin to deteriorate slowing her reaction times.

Racial Traits

S.E.R.A. has a reinforced chassis made of lightweight but heavily strengthened materials, allowing her to take much more wear and tear or abuse before needing repairs/refurbishments.

Due to the Skeletal nature of her Chassis, electrical shocks will arc throughout her chassis causing more damage than would normally occur.


S.E.R.A. Key has a Mountain Dew Baja Blast easter egg hidden somewhere on her. good luck!


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