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"Together, we stand united as one." ― School Motto

Ascension Academy

The Ascension Academy is the world/map where the Ascension Academy RP group spends much of their time roleplaying. This article describes the location.


History and Lore


The Academy was founded 256 years ago in 1865 by the Cross-Allied Forces, shortly following the end of the Dark War. The makeshift military that formed during the Dark War was comprised of members of all races that survived the battle against The Darkness, regardless of cast, creed, race, species, or religion.

With that thought and experience in mind a decision was made that the creators would form an educational institution for the supernatural as a way to develop a proper countermeasure force against future supernatural disasters. Domestic as well as on the global scale.

Humans, Elves, Drow (Dark Elves), demons and many more sentient life forms, when you set foot on the grounds of this academy you are all equal. The relations of your kind are irrelevant when facing the enemy. This unites us as one.

History as described by Headmaster Kareeda during the initiation day of the students.

Ascension Academy Overhead View. (Year 2)

Main Building

Academy Main Building

The Main Building houses all of the classrooms, a meeting hall, bathrooms, a briefing room, and a roof. At the entrance of the building, there's a statue of a phoenix and stairs behind it that leads to the meeting hall. Right next to the stairs are the bathrooms and doors that lead to the back of the building. At the sides of the phoenix are halls that hold the classrooms/lecture halls where students learn about magic, plants. alchemy, and a multitude of other knowledge.

Meeting Hall


The meeting hall holds tables for each squad to meet and listen to the announcements of Headmaster Kareeda Akiyama when the bell rings using a special carpet that make his voice reach all the place. It also has doors at the sides that lead to a balcony at the back of the building as well as bridges connecting the hall to the teachers' offices and the museum. The meeting hall also has two bulletin boards where people can see the merits that each squad holds and the rules of the academy near it's front. The entrance to the briefing room and the dungeon also lie near the entrance of the meeting hall. Since Year 2 the meeting hall has been used to host dinner where all the students gather to eat.

The Dungeon

The dungeon lies underneath the main building where many things or people can be held in the cells that are provided. Candles light up the corridors, cobwebs can be found littered around the rooms, and a spiral staircase leads the way to even more cells. At the end of the dungeon are vents that connect to the docks underwater. A hypnotic crab, komodo dragon, and even students such as Zackary Fang and Chipz were previously held in the dungeon before. Rats and spiders were also found wandering around the corners. A lot of this cell have Chromatic Glass nearby so they can bound somebody with it to prevent any magic mishap.

Briefing Room

Before and after many missions, students are briefed on what tasks must be accomplished in the briefing room. Wide steps lead the students down the briefing room towards a large table where students gather to read up on the papers which inform them of their missions. A large blackboard is also provided which has the same information.


View of the roof

Stairs leading up to the roof are located right in front of the doors of the meeting hall. The roof holds a large, blue attunement crystal that creates a giant protection sphere for the students, and a bulletin board listing the squad members of the school. The roof has also been used to hold a party for the students when they have been placed into their respected squads.

The Dormitories

Island with the student dormitories, one building for each squad

The Dormitories is a small island where buildings that house the students reside. Each squad has their own dorm where each student can sleep or relax in. Each dorm is outfitted with at least 6 rooms for the students, a boy and girl bathroom, and a lounging area to meet or relax in. The lounging area holds a fireplace, map of the world, chairs, and couches in every dorm. In the middle of the island, their lies a pond with lily pads and a wooden bridge going across it. At the side facing the main building is a small park with a fountain, benches, and a board showing which electives each student is taking. The dormitories is a popular spot where students hang out often during the mornings.

Ignis Dorm


The Ignis dorm houses the students Vevina Ciseris, Victor Heinrich, Esmae, Chipz, Rook, Speca, and even Hoshi. What separates the Ignis dorm from the rest would be the tower specifically made for Vevina, their kitchen full of different kinds of food, and the bar at the lounging area that holds a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Vev Tower

After Spending all of her Blossoms for Year 1 Vevina asks the Headmaster to create a space that would fit her necessities; a room and a special tower. The room is mostly covered with moss and greeneries using them like furniture, it also serves as residence for her spider brethren so they have a habitat to survive. The Tower is 2 stories tall and is full of Spider Webs, it serves as Vevina main dormitory.

Ignis Bar

One of the first building additions, this bar has all of the drinks available to the Academy with the addiition of some fruits and desserts.


The only Kitchen available, this Kitchen has the necessary tools to cook, from ovens to moss cooled refrigerators.

Vanguard Dorm

Vanguard Dorm

Ryder, Melanie McDaniel, Jixie, Augusta Anders, and Zackary Fang all reside in the Vanguard dorm. Vanguard's dorm appears relatively simple at first glance with the only noticeable difference being the armor statues in the lounging area, but more lies underneath. A certain statue located near a corner can be pushed to reveal a trap door. The trap door leads to Vanguard's hidden and expansive basement.

Vanguard Tower

After a squad meeting it was decided to exchange their Blossoms to build a tower larger that the tower in Ignis and altough its height is larger its width is thinner. This tower has a special magic that amplify the voice of the people on top of it reaching the entirety of the Dorm island and even reaching to the middle of the bridge Connecting the island to the main area.

Vanguard basement

Used to convey confidential meetings after the privacy problems faced in year 1. This Den is accessed in a secret compartment near the armor in the living room of Vanguard, it spans a large area and as its constructed underground it has a water section that separates the meeting table and the den entrance.

Crystal Thorn Dorm

Cristal thorn Dorm

Crystal Thorn is home to Lila Fang, Barthall McDaniel, Irinarya Sungrove, Picwik, Stark Zephyr, and Shizuko Nanteko. In the lounge area there a place where Crystal thorn flower can be picked and in the ceiling of the lounging area shows the beautiful, starry night sky, and a board on the wall tells the students of the unique constellations.


Crystal Thorn's cafe can be seen from afar right next to the beach. The cafe is on top of a balcony, which is connected to the main dorm, and has a canopy above it for shade. In the mornings, students can enjoy different kinds of sweets, snacks, coffee, and tea while sitting down on one of their tables.

Water Cave

Created in the shores behind the * Dorm, this water cave holds water bathing area, a eating section and a little room with a bed for its members to rest. A visual effect is created with the combination of the water and the rocks where the blue light adquires a pattern that fill the whole cave.

Ardent Veil Dorm

Arbor, Hannah Hart, Gavin Lattimere, Jay Kali, and Mason Morris are the students who live in the Ardent Veil Dorm. The floor of Ardent Veil's dorm is entirely made up of grass, stone, and vegetation for the students to walk on. Moss covers the walls, and butterflies can be seen fluttering inside the entire building. The lounging area is full of bookshelves, bean bag chairs, and aquarium, and a table with the game of chess to play on.

Gallant Squad

Previously the General Squad Dorm the Gallant squad dorm currently holds the most members with Reximus Evershine, Misty Flame, Liang Gray Raven, and Narali Lagomora. After being landed to Gallant squad the aesthetic colors of the building changed in accordance to the squad colors. Also, aside from the relaxation room on the second floor the first floor now has a dancing room with signing and dancing stages and some jukeboxes to provide the music.

Relaxation Room

Covered in blue this room host a relaxing theme where is there mini waterfalls in the walls, the ceiling has spiral patterns to help with the relaxation. This room holds a game squad placement cards, a bong and the bodypillows of its members.

The Beach

View of the beach

The Beach is a large, flat area of sand right next to the dormitories. The beach is often used for private meetings/talks since people can see others approaching from far away. Trees and rocks are scattered around the beach, and there is also a canopy with crates full of evershine wine in the middle of it all.

Jumping platforms

Sand path created to connect the dorm island and the docks but originally used to train the students into an activity of parkour with small islands parallel to the sand path where teams should cross form one end to the other on time.

The Library

Speca overjoyed at the opening of the library

The Library had been overgrown with plants and had to be somewhat cleaned up before the newly initiated students were able to visit. The library used to be led by the twin brothers Alekai Northstar and Alex Northstar but is now under the care of Chantara Crescent. At the entrance of the library are the bathrooms for the students, a small area to hang out, and the office of Ms. Crescent. Once inside, there are large trees and foliage scattered around the bottom floor along with bookshelves full of books of varying information.
StealthRG April 14-Books.png
Small areas of water also lie at the bottom floor. Throughout the library are tables and chairs where students can sit and study whatever book they want to. at the very top of the library lies the bell where many private talks were held at. All of this is under the effects of the anti gravity crystal which looms over a balcony.

The Stadium

The Academy buildings including the stadium viewed from rooftop

The Stadium is a large field located behind of the Main Building. The Stadium has a track field in the middle of it that has been used for multiple events such as duels, placement exams, running drills, building bridges, and much more. Weapons lie to the side of the Stadium for the students to use as well as balance beams at the side of the field. If someone wishes to spar or duel, then a button can activate a barrier at the center of the field which can help avoid the fighting students from harming those who aren't participating.

The Arenas

Combat practice in The Arenas

Two small weapon arenas used to lie behind the Library. The arenas held tables with wooden weapons for the students to practice with. There were also large dummies on each side of the arenas to attack. (The combat arenas were scrapped in between year 1 and 2. They no longer exist).

Range Arena

The range arena was located behind the infirmary but is now at the left side of the stadium near the library. It is large and has tables with elemental crystals that students can use to practice their magic and see what magical affinities they have. At the end of the arena is a row of test dummies for students to practice. Weapons racks full of training rifles, wands and bows are supplied for the students to use.

The Infirmary

Headmaster Kareeda Akyama in the Infirmary

The Infirmary is a large, white and red building that is used to treat wounded people in the academy. Professor Luna Silver uses the infirmary to take care of any students who have been greatly injured along side with all of medical squad. Inside of the infirmary also holds a morgue where the staff can keep corpses in a cold and regulated area and a balcony right above it.

Productive Areas

The Greenhouse

Academy Greenhouse

The Greenhouse resides left of the main building. In the greenhouse, students can plant and take care of the various plants that they learn about throughout their time at the academy. Each student can use any of the dirt plots to plant anything they would like to take care of as long as they have the seeds. They can grow the plants with a various of tools such as hoes, watering cans, and the seeds themselves. If a student wishes to grow any plants, it is up to them to water it every day, take care of it, and make sure they do not wither out.

The Docks

Docks with different ships

On the far right side of the academy, there is the docks. The docks is home to Bargus, a dwarf who teaches the students blacksmithing. The students learn from Bargus from inside a building where there is a forge as well as other tools used for creating armor/weapons. Out in the water is where the ships of visitors can be docked. Usually Bargus' ship is constantly docked at the harbor as well as a personal ship for the academy, which is on top of Seymour, a giant turtle.

Ashvar Mine

Before the founding of Ascension Academy, the area had a rich source of attunement crystals that formed underground over centuries. Some of the benefactors of the Cross-Allied Forces decided to mine the area and use the profits from the mine to help aid in the construction of the school. A few months into the mining operation an extremely rich attunement stone was found, which would have the power needed to form a protective barrier around the school. Over time, the mine was exhausted of the rich attunement crystals. Some were shipped to nearby cities to protect important buildings such as Cathedrals or Government buildings. However, the crystals that were shipped lacked in comparison to the pure attunement stone that powered the academy. Minor attunement crystals were sold to companies that mass produced staves and weaponry that would be able to enhance their combat capabilities.

2019-07-13 (2).png

These crystals are able to connect with an element and eventually become a conduit for the desired source of energy or element. The stones used to test one's affinity were used in the Ascension Academy placement tests. This was possible by fully attuning the stones with a single element. By doing this, the stone cannot revert back to an empty vessel.

The Graveyard


Many students have died throughout the history of Ascension Academy. The graveyard is a place to lay them to rest if they have no where else to go. Overlooking the rest of Ascension Academy, the graveyard is perched on the mountainside to the left of the academy with it's own barrier to protect the souls of the dead students.

A misty fog is spread throughout the graveyard, and the graves themselves are sectioned off by hedges. Flags are flown above the graves to indicate which squad the students were apart of, and flowers are planted onto the graves as a sign of respect. At the end of the graveyard lies a plateau that not only overlooks the rest of the academy but also has a stone memoriam with the names of the past students who have fallen. Any student can come up and lay flowers in front of the memoriam to honor the dead students.

Recreational Areas

The Hot springs

On the mountainside near the docks lies the entrance to a cave. The damp cave holds a pool of water at one spot and leads the students to the hot springs outside of the barrier. There are two hot springs on the top of a mountain, one for the girls and another one for the boys. Giant walls and gates separate the boys side from the girls. Each hot spring holds a building with a balcony where people can change. The springs are surrounded by trees, bushes, flowers, and rocks to make for a natural and soothing environment.

The Waterfall

Chipz and Lila in the waterfalls

A two step waterfall hugs the same mountainside near the hot springs. Up the same pathway to the hot springs, the waterfall oversees the stadium with giant rocks acting as a platform. A large, hollow log allows people to traverse to the other side of the waterfall, and at the waterfall empties into a river which circles around to the park.

The Park


The park is a large area right in front of the greenhouse. It is chalk full of plants, trees, and vegetation, with a river cutting it in half. Stairs bring students down towards the small bridge over the river, and benches are placed where they can sit down and look at all of the different types of colorful flowers in the park.

Central Area

The Museum

The museum is the building connected to the right of the main building. It holds any special weapons or artifacts that the students stumble across during their missions from within the glass display cases that are provided.

Teacher Building

Host of the teachers offices and the Headmaster office, administrative work like interviewing new students or private meeting is done in this building. Each teachers has their office with personalized accommodations chosen by the teachers themselves.

The Grove

Using a portal on the headmaster office you can go to a separate space on the feywild carved by Akiyama himself. This sub-space serves as a home and shelter for his daughter, to monitor the students through the Academy plants, and most recently as home for the members of General squad after their dorm got taken by Gallant Squad.

Outer Area

The Lighthouse

Overlooking the Academy, the lighthouse lies on the cliffs of the hot springs right next to the boys side. In order to travel to the lighthouse, one must exit the barrier and onto a pathway leading to it. At the base, there is a platform with a table and chairs, where one can look over to a magnificent view of the rest of the Academy. Currently, the lighthouse is occupied by Professor Lorelei Bliss due to her not having an official place to sleep before. The lighthouse acts as a warning as to when to end any serious RP for the role players by illuminating the night sky. Later on Professor Lorn Barnes creates his residence there where he mostly uses form his magical studies.

Tirol's Cave

Entrance to Tirol's cave

On a pathway leading outside of the barrier, there exists a cave right under the ligthhouse where Tirol resides in. The entrance greets any unwelcomed guests with bones and skulls overlooking them at the ceiling. The cavern is massive, with the majority of it delving underwater with multiple pathways. The elevation of the floor is different around certain areas of the cave, with it plummeting at some points. Most of the cave is made out of rock, but vegetation and the bones of unfortunate creatures are strewn around.

Darkness Sealing Space

The Hidden Door

Unseen from the naked eye is a dark secret of which Ascension Academy was founded upon. Unbeknownst to outsiders, there lies a hidden door. Although the entrance to the door has changed on multiple occasions, the students were able to uncover it. Once the first door is found, they entered an expansive plane of existence that is corrupted. In this room, there is a giant, red portal that is larger than any other structure there currently is, and it is protected by a red barrier. If you are able to pass through the portal, it leads to black and red cave, corrupted by the Darkness. Corrupted monsters are littered throughout the cave as well as an illusion that can transfer you to the past of Moontide Pass. Finally, a giant door is located at the end of the cave, locking the Darkness away from the rest of the world.

Members and associates

Academy Squads

Students at the Ascension Academy are divided into different squads with their own banners and colors. Additionally the Teachers act as a squad in combat. Name - Color - Specification - Headteacher

  • Vanguard - Purple - Combat
  • Crystal Thorn - Blue - Magic
  • Ardent Veil - Green - Support
  • Ignis - Red - Strategy
  • Gallant - White - Reinforce
  • General - Black - Fill

A seventh mixed-squad group exists referred to as Medical Squad, the members of which act as full time medics for the school. This squad is a new addition to the Academy as of this current Class, where previously each individual squad simply had a member assigned as medic. Medical Squad's Head Teacher is Professor Luna Silver.

Further information: Ascension Academy Squads


  • It's sometimes referred to as "Pogwarts" by the community. A play on Hogwarts.
  • At the side of the academy lies a giant floating rock called the "Rock God." It quickly became a meme and stayed floating for some time, but was eventually grounded, if percariously.
    • oN0do once tried to fix Rock God by putting it on the ground, but Kareeda kept Rock God in the air as a joke.
  • The entire academy is only a very small portion of the full map. Beyond the mountains lie more land for them to create and add buildings, places, and much more in the future.
  • The old background music for the Academy map is Calcifer by Jon Björk. It was removed because despite owning the rights to use the song, Twitch's bad DMCA practices meant streamers might get flagged for it.


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