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Artyom Fedorov is a human-machine construct working alongside the Valkyrie organization as their Lead field agent while he tries to recover lost memories of his past lives.


Early Life

Born: 11/10/2023

Birthplace: City of Buyan,"Azotnoye-More" Sov-Colony world

-File Corrupted-


After Artyom's injury, his mind and body were rebuilt into a machine designed for waging war. While the SPECTRE program required the host's nervous system to be fully intact, Artyom's circumstances made it impossible to fully complete a scan and overwrite his subconscious memory -thus leaving a critical vulnerability in the programming where some memories and emotions could persist. Once Artyom was rebuilt as a SPECTRE, he awoke, trapped inside a suit of armour and was forced to obey a will that wasn't his own.

For roughly 10 years, the newly named B-012 "Groza" fought alongside other SPECTRE units and travelled the warring nations-killing all in their path without emotion, remorse, or restraint. The SPECTRE units were terrifyingly tall at an average of 6'8" post-augmentation, and were clad in black armour capable of manipulating the light around to cloak their presence. The armour, although thin, was incredibly dense to provide the best protection and needed to be supported with a wide array of augmentations made to the human body, most notably a highly powerful implanted core reactor. It is unknown what energy type is used to generate such power. Cybernetic Arms and legs to support the weight of the armour, electrical discharge points along the body to provide power from the core to the armour and optical enhancements to aid in targeting.

When they weren't cloaked in shadow or hidden by bending the light, SPECTRE units were recognized by the eerie green glow from behind their masks while they were searching for their prey. The people of the planet came to call this glow the "Dead lights" as wherever they were spotted a trail of death was sure to follow.

B-012's unit had instilled such fear and dread as they stalked across the countrysides and cities, the people began to refer to B-012's seemingly invincible unit as the Mертвец, or "Dead Men", as no military or resistance was able to stop or even slow their campaign across the planet.

After witnessing the destruction left in the wake of the unit, the remaining nations signed a peace treaty and banded together to prevent further destruction to their planet. Outlawing the use of these “Dead men” to fight wars and combining forces to hunt down and destroy or deactivate the remaining SPECTRE units. The Corporation behind the creation of the SPECTRE units scrambled to recover what they could in preparation for the event of a future war....relaying a final order to the SPECTRE units to disband and enter into stasis. Effectively hiding the remaining units across the planet.

The world came under a quiet peace as weapons were destroyed and nations rebuilt, Though old feuds and the human nature to wage war can only lie dormant so long…

Upon his accidental discovery and reactivation by a passing child some 130 years into the future, B-012 would once again hunt the enemies he was programmed to, stalking the villages for an enemy that no longer existed, and terrorizing anyone who happened to witness his figure in the streets at night. This went on for a few years until he was captured and reprogrammed by a private security corporation whose owner had heard rumours of the SPECTRE program and knew how deadly and sought-after these units could be. Though after the extended stasis period and each new reprogramming, flashes of Artyom's memories began to occur more and more frequently, and he was able to remember his name and that he had a life prior to his forced service as a SPECTRE.

Prior to his re-programming and employment as an Agent with Valkyrie, Artyom has been re-awakened, re-programmed, and re-skinned over the past 10 years for a variety of uses. Most notably: A butler/bodyguard for a wealthy corporate family, an escort for hire in the red-light districts, and a personal companion for a scientist's small family and their dogs.

One of the few things Artyom has recovered after his various lives and programmings is his moral compass-although it isn't always reliable. Artyom does his best to avoid conflict and mediate any disputes calmly. He cares deeply for the wellbeing of others, especially machines and animals. He is very open to sharing information about his past or his experiences between deaths, with that said he doesn't mention his time as a SPECTRE to those outside his trusted circle. Due to overuse and re-programming, Artyom is no longer able to choose when gene edits occur, and they only seem to present themselves as changes in eye colour or hair colour based on emotional reactions, which can sometimes betray his intentions.


Military Grade Cybernetic Enhancements: Artyom’s physical strength surpasses normal humans. He is easily able to lift loads of up to 250lbs in addition to his own weight.

Artyom shows the most proficiency for short ranged weapons. During Artyom’s time as a SPECTRE unit, he was programmed to be adaptable and understand the use and operation of a variety of weapons, though his focus was on small arms and short bladed weapons.


Cold Environments or Ice magic can severely inhibit Artyom's Cybernetics, Such as slowing movement, blinding, or weakening his attacks.

Memory Corruption: Sometimes during periods of high-stress, Artyom can become incapacitated and suffer visions of his past. Depending on the severity of the memory, his ability to fight will be heavily impaired. Affecting accuracy, focus, or even fully incapacitating him and causing him to collapse on the floor in agony.

Invasive Software: Due to Artyom's corrupted brain implant, he is susceptible to hacking and uploading of programs.

PROTECTOR Protocol: Artyom must put himself in harm’s way to protect dogs and friendly mechanical constructs from danger, or abandon whatever task he is working on at that moment to focus on attending to their needs. This is a program left over by one of his prior employers that no one has been able to re-write.

Special Abilities

Electrical Discharge: Using the contact points on his hands, he can deliver a shock to his target. Damage depends on amount of charges used.

Optical Enhancements: Artyom's Optical Sensors allow him to see clearly in any lighting or weather conditions. Though the green glow from his eyes is so strong during use, it will give away his position while using them, regardless of if he is invisible or behind cover.

Fail-safe: Artyom can choose at any point to shut down his systems and reboot, clearing any memory or personality traits present in conscious memory. However, this state takes 2 days to recover from and doesn't impact subconscious memory or hard-coded Information.

Splicing:  Artyom is able to link into the central systems of machines/synthetics to learn information if the machine has base level security. If the machine/Synthetic has higher security he may attempt to breach it using charges, During this period both he and the target must be immobile. If the target moves or resists the splice, the charges are wasted and information lost. This can apply to dead machines / Synthetics as well.

Military Grade Cybernetic Enhancements: Artyom's strength surpasses normal humans. He is easily able to lift loads of up to 250lbs.

Gene Editing Software: Standard on all SPECTRE units, This software allows for the aesthetic change of eye colour and change of voice properties. (Entirely used for spy craft or imitation)

Character Equipment

  • 12.7 mm casing lighter that uses his core for power
  • Gas mask to hide identity and filter airborne particles


  • Large Combat knife capable of being thrown and recalled to the hand through a small teleportation tether
  • Heavy Pistol with Suppressor or Hi-power rounds
  • Heavy Assault rifle
  • Integrated electrical discharge points across both hands for physical combat. Discharge can be adjusted on the fly depending on circumstances, anywhere from a small static shock to frying nervous or computer systems.