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Ari is a cat human hybrid who, after abandoning his home planet due to committing a scandal that would've gotten him killed, finds his pay by planet hopping and looking for mercenary work.

He sticks to a nickname to not make it too easy for the people who might be searching for him. His full name is only known to himself and possibly a select few he could become close to.

Recently after a few years of odd jobs under an alias known as “Ari”, a one night stop to Corvanis 3 made him end up in Callous Row, following rumors of mercenaries known as "HellBats" overheard at a bar in Savior City.




  • Feline Grace - If he falls less than 30 feet, or three stories, he will always safely land on his feet.
  • Night Eyes - Thanks to his genetics, he's able to see in very dark places, comparable to night vision.


  • Impulsive Drunk - He has a nasty habit of being talked into just about anything when he is plastered from booze.




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