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Arch comes from off world where her home planet was invaded and ravaged by some wild magic. Despite her attempts to flee the unstoppable magic, she could not leave before she was consumed and transformed by this magic.

Her planet, now decimated, she chose to leave with the Galactic Union which had arrived for humanitarian relief. Over the following years she buried herself in writings and research on magic. She found teachers and learned all she could, finding herself focusing on runic magic. After amassing her knowledge, she became a magical consultant to the Galactic Union. Moving from planet to planet where she saw she was needed. Ultimately finding herself now on planet Hellion.[1]


Season 3: Neon Divide

Episode 1: The Beginning

The new governor arrived to town and did their introductions. Arch didn't think anything out of the normal other than the fact that Rhapsodia is of the race of alien that attempted an invasion a year ago. She then went with the other GU members and attempted to make their haphazard introductions to the Corps. Arch was not very impressed, or pleased, with the way this was done. But her concern was not in how the GU wanted to run their local operations.

Episode 2: The Introducing

A day of more introductions and a brief walk over to Valkyrie. Otake wanted to procure a new gun. Arch obtained a fancier looking weapon since it seemed convenient.

Arch and Sinon headed to the Undercity to wrangle members of the GU in order to hold an all staff meeting. They were quickly identified as GU by Dr. Ila Sato, and beckoned to her clinic. Dr. Sato briefly explained that she believes she is being hunted, and that they were running low on supplies and equipment. The GU agree to talk to Avalon, not mentioning Sato, and see if more supplies could be directed to the Undercity. Towards the beginning of the talk, Sato also revealed that she is a magic user.

Back in the Uppercity at the all staff meeting, Arch learns of Masaru's intentions to sell off portions of the Undercity. This deeply bothers Arch as the last time she saw Masaru dig too deep into naturally magical areas, her planet was destroyed. Masaru's intent to own all magic will surely lead to another disaster here.

Arch returned to the Undercity, this time in disguise, to make contact with the Sanctum and make herself known. She found no one but Sato there.

Returning to the Uppercity she discussed with other GU members her concern's of Masaru's intentions and actions in the Undercity. At the mention of a possible deal with Traverse, she highly suggested purchasing the area between the Sanctum and Grove for the GU.

Episode 3: The Concerning

Early in the episode Flint Cross came up to the Union to reveal to them that Calliope had used blood magic to melt Garry, a council member and GU employee, for spreading anti-corp propaganda. When inquired by Arch, Flint had done no investigating of his own, so he was unable to back the innocence of Garry. This did not cause much concern for Arch as this was a political move, and a statement to reinforce what Masaru had already done in the Undercity.

Arch pulled Sinon aside and brought up her observation that Rhapsodia did not have the skills needed to interact with corporations on a level that the Union needed to. This discussion was interrupted and could not be completed.

The remainder of the episode was a series of disappointments as Marceline never showed up for her meeting, Masaru was absent and not available for a meeting, and the Row was more or less closed for business when she went there looking for new appendages.

Episode 4: The Informing

In the morning on her way to the office, Arch came across a small child named Remmy. They expressed their need for Arch to get them a job at Geb. Arch reluctantly agreed to the endearing child and escorted them to Geb. Along the way, color theory became frustrating point of conversation. Arch concluded that the Union was in fact mostly yellow, and that Remmy's point of view on colors made her Special Individual. Geb was unsurprisingly absent from their office. Arch escorted Remmy from Traverse where an interesting exchange happened. Remmy did not have a working ID to return home. Upon asking to see her ID, Remmy produced an obviously faked Geb ID. Arch being done with this and just wanting this person to leave the Uppercity, scanned her badge so that Remmy could be along their way and not her problem.

In the Row, Arch told the other GU members that she was going to go look for Marceline. A random slummer at the tea shop informed them that Marceline was not in the Undercity and was in fact staying at the GU. Marceline had sent message down the previous evening that she was staying there. Interesting, this was obviously not the case.

Back in the Uppercity, Rhapsodia solidified Arch's lack of trust in their ability to negotiate with Corporations. Alec from Traverse, completely changed the conditions around their deal with the Union in regards to obtaining a portion of the Undercity.

Around this time, Marceline finally contacted the Union and said she would meet with them later as "a lot had happened." At this news, Arch decided to go attempt introductions at Masaru again.

This time, the executive team for Masaru was present in their tower, and Arch was able to meet with Calliope and her entourage. To Arch's surprise, Marceline, who has been affiliated with the Union, was now employed by Masaru. Arch made her introduction and was introduced to Masaru. She discussed the Union's banning from the Undercity and found out that they were not banned, just not allowed to govern there. Arch also discussed the ownership of the Undercity. Specifically asking if the land, assets, and people were the property of Masaru. Calliope confirmed the statement.

Back at Union tower, Arch found out that Marceline owns a synth and that that synth is being re-registered as a living person. About this time, Trident came around for a meeting. Arch was not too concerned about this, only with wanting to not say too much out of her place for them to spin into propaganda. At this point she reached the status of despised by the Trident Galactic CEO.

After the Trident meeting, Arch confronted Rhapsodia with her observation that Rhapsodia was not negotiating with Corporation in any way near effective. She went on to discuss what they could do leveraging laws and other tools they had to put pressure on Masaru. She put emphasis on Masaru saying they owned the people. An emphasis that may not have been given by Masaru, but an emphasis she could use to garner a more proactive response from the Union.

At the end of the day, Fishbowl came up from the Undercity to deliver news that there were weaponized runes or magic weapons being stockpiled in the Undercity.

Episode 5: The Concerning

Overnight, Dr. Ila Sato sent an email to Arch: youtube.com/watch?v=tHFwrrdc5cM&

Arch went to the Undercity early on to get more familiar and to meet with Sato. The rune store was open and Arch took great interest in this, having a focus on runic research, and met Sonata. A wonderful individual and someone who seems knowledgeable in runes.

Arch then went to the clinic to meet with Sato. Sato ushered her to Sato's apartment where she took no time in revealing that she was Remmy from the previous day. Arch was taken aback as there was no signs of Sato using a magical illusion. This talent was indeed unique, and powerful. Sato explained that she was there to establish a persona working for Geb. This was for a "back up plan" and to be able to get information and possibly do espionage. Arch settled on getting Sato a job at the Union in exchange for Sato giving Arch all information she finds in the Uppercity.

When Arch had gone to the clinic to meet with Sato, she overheard Flint talking about an episode he had. This concerned Arch, especially with the news of magical weaponry. After her meeting with Sato, she sought Flint out and found him. Talking with Flint she found out that he had been in a state where he was shooting at things no one could see, and was pulled to the ground by these things. This was corroborated by Sato earlier when she said it look like he was forcibly pulled to the ground and did not just fall. Arch got her old gun back that she had loaned to Flint. She inquired to the bullets in Flint's new gun. When he looked, there was one missing that he did not remember firing. Arch asked for the bullets to take with her and gave the bullets from her old gun so that Flint would not be unprotected.

Flint also explained to Arch that Trident was working with Masaru and was installing a full surveillance system in the Undercity to keep an eye on everyone al all times.

Episode 6: The Confusing

In the morning, Arch found out that Marceline was hired by Masaru due to familial connections to Masaru and that she herself was a mage. Arch then informed the other Union members of Trident installing video surveillance.

Arch sent to the Row looking for Marceline. Did not find her, but found out that she is the leader of the Wyverines, a mercenary gang.

Arch returned to the Undercity to observer, get more information, and possibly meet with Esperince at the Sanctuary finally. While there she heard Calliope's announcement that Masaru would provide compensation in rent and other needs if the people of the Undercity would give up magical items, ingredients, more or less anything magical. Arch thought that she could spin this as Masaru making the people of the Undercity indentured servants.

In Arch's wandering, she came across some people selling "magical" items. She passed on the cup that turns any liquid green, but did spend 25k credits on a crystal that reforms itself when broken.

Arch ran into Fishbowl. Fishbowl gave her an update of bodies being on the other side of a magical door and people coughing up sand. Fishbowl was also worried about nightmares, demons, and things happening in her head. Arch tried to comfort Fishbowl, told her that Sinon might be able to help, and told her to try to be safe.

Returning to the Uppercity, Arch was not able to meet with Masaru (nobody home), learned of the Puppet Master, and found out that Masaru had skipped a process in getting votes from the other Corps in order to take possession of the Undercity and form a government.

Arch also found out that Mr. Reynolds (Galactic CEO of Trident) does not like her. Arch does not find this an issue, maybe amusing.

Episode 7: The Havocking

In the morning Arch met Morgan La'Fay. Arch immediately took special interest to her. La'Fay identified herself as a part of Damian Masaru's personal Cabal. La'Fay is not of great interest to Arch. This might be a person she can find out from what happened to her planet.

Arch got wind that Marceline may be in the Undercity. Arch left for the Undercity to see what is going on with Marceline.

Arch went to the Undercity and... chaos.

Arch heard from Sinon when arriving that there was a hostage situation. While she was on her way to meet with Sinon, Calliope came over the PA system and set an ultimatum that the heat will keep being turned up until her Masaru employees were returned to her. Arch now knew who the hostages were. The rest of the day in the Undercity was a blur to Arch. While running around trying to get a grasp on what was happening, she saw and heard La'Fay. She was using some form of wind or ice shield to walk from the Water District down to the clinic. What was going on here? Arch went on searching for where this chaos was. She came across Pebbles and some spirit walker(?), got up to date on some things, and revealed who she was. Arch heard over the Coven radio, that the GU was going to release a statement to Masaru. Arch was taken aback by this as Sinon has not wanted to have any contact with Masaru. Before leaving to find them, Sinon and Otake came walking down the road. Sinon told Arch that she would be delivering the address. This gave some comfort back to Arch.

Arch switched back into her Union attire and grabbed Otake and set off to find Masaru. At the Masaru office in the Undercity, she came across two Masaru guards tossing Whisper into the water. Arch had a guard fish her out, and when Whisper came back up Conch had showed up and immediately absconded with Whisper. The guards were not very useful in giving up information on what happened to Whisper. Around this time, another Masaru guard came by and provided a description of the assailants that attacked Masaru.

Arch and Otake set off for the Coven to give them an update and to get caught up. Upon arriving at the Coven, Arch saw that there was a massacre in front of the Sanctuary. She found out that Masaru guards attacked the Sanctuary. Arch pulled Esperine aside and talked to her about what was going on. Arch finally got that introduction, but not in the circumstances she wanted. Arch then set off again to find the Masaru team and get the full story of what was going on. She was unsuccessful so she returned to the Uppercity.

Back in the Uppercity, she finally found the Masaru team as they were returning to their tower. Arch, completely out of sorts and in a near rage, confronted Masaru on their steps. She addressed Calliope and this Galactic Mage, La'Fay. In her emotion fueled exchange, no progress was made. Arch spoke with Cornelius who described the smell and their confidence in who tried to associate them. Arch returned to the Union office.

Back at the Office, she found out that Rhapsodia and Sinon had retired for the evening. In her office, Arch started to come down from her emotional state. People in the Undercity were dying. Masaru employees where being killed. Things appeared to be becoming out of control. The last time she witnessed something like this, her planet was ravaged, and everyone she knew killed in front of her by an uncontrollable unseen force. She fell asleep on her office couch trying to figure out what she could do to stop anything like her past happening again.

Episode 8: The Betraying and End

Deep breath. Arch awoke in her office. Still fretting from the previous night, but her cool had returned to her. She was back in the Uppercity and needed to regain her iron exterior.

The Union members set out first set out to Masaru to finally meet and get everything straight. Their meeting was very brief, but Masaru laid out the names of the individual they saw as responsible and wanted them dead. This was unsurprising, except for the fact that Flint Cross' name was on the list. This was unexpected, and did not think Flint would be part of some kind of madness like this.

Next, the Union went to meet with Trident, whom had called out the Union in the morning news. Arriving at the Trident office, Arch ran into Cornelius. From them, Arch got more backing information that Flint had tried to kill Cornelius. The feelings of concern have started to morph into betrayal. Arch thought Flint was on her side, the smart side in trying to make change.

Masaru arrived just as the meeting was starting, so the meeting continued with Trident, Masaru, and the Union. During this meeting, more evidence of Flint's involvement was brought up. In addition to that, Calliope mentioned that she had a vote made for Masaru to take ownership and control of the Undercity in an official and on paper manner. This meant either there was a mole in the Union that informed Masaru of their angle, or Alec did a poor job in speaking with the other corps to get them on their side.

Trident and Masaru presented two options. The first was to seek out the individuals involved in this assassination attempt and political uprising and quell it. The second option was to put pressure on the innocent, for them to weed out the bad actors and have them given up. Rhapsodia picked the latter. This statement from Rhapsodia was the final moment before a nail was set and the actions for the rest of the day would not be changed.

As an aside: Arch had found a way into the Corporate world through the Union. This was self serving. A higher lifestyle is always appealing, but from a higher vantage point, she could find out what happened to Zetter 4, her home planet, and help protect innocent people that have no idea they are involved. She came to Helion and Sanctuary City because it is a back waters planer where should could do her snooping and not garner the ire of the greater Masaru organization. At this moment in time, there were people being murdered in the streets of the Undercity. This goes against her desire for there to be less death in the world that was exacerbated by Masaru. In addition to that, there was a Galactic level made present on world. La'Fay would be far more likely to have the information about Zetter 4, or at least access to it.

Between the two options, she saw Rhapsodia's choice as sealing the order that will result in complete genocide of the Undercity's people. Putting pressure on innocent people will cause them to move to the opposing side, crack under the pressure, or to leave from where the pressure is being applied. The former option... If Arch were to act on Flint's perceived betrayal, and on what he had attempted to do, Arch could deliver the head, or proof of, Flint's demise gaining reputation of the Union with Masaru, but more importantly Arch would gain reputation with Calliope, La'Fay, and Masaru. This would bring her closer to finding out what happened to her home. And also... One for the many.

After the meeting, Arch stated her intentions to Rhapsodia and Sinon and left. Sinon was heading down also to speak with Flint themselves. Arch asked that Sinon not leave Flint until she was there if Sinon was the first to find Flint.

Arch went to Masaru to meet with Calliope to tell her what was going to happen in no uncertain terms. Arriving at Masaru, Arch spoke with Cornelius, only solidifying more what she felt. Calliope arrived, and Arch dictated to her what was going to happen.

Arch then left for the Undercity with her singular goal. She had a goal to give Flint a single chance to deliver the impossible proof or persuasion that he had not done what he did, or that his actions were warranted.

In the Undercity, Arch began her search. She came across Sinon. Sinon had found Flint. Flint provided no proof he was not involved, but did give additional proof that he was heavily involved in the uprising. More nails. Sinon, though, had left Flint without informing Arch. Betrayal again.

Arch came upon Esperine and wanted to inform her of what was going on. They returned to the Sancturary to discuss this. Arriving at the Sanctuary, Sinon and Rhapsodia were already there inside. Arch was surprised to see Rhapsodia there, but she had larger concerns on her mind. She explained to Esperine the new information she had and what he intentions were. Mid conversation, Esperine was being to the Uppercity to speak with Masaru. Arch offered to escort her up there. As much as her goal to find Flint was, this was more important to save lives. When they began to leave, Sinon addressed Arch in a way that revealed her disguise to Rhapsodia. More betrayal. No more nails to add to a coffin. We are only incasing it in cement now.

Arch escorted Esperine up to the Masaru office. Arch was not welcomed to the meeting, but Morgan La'Fay did stay with Arch out of some formality.

Arch sat outside with La'Fay and spoke. Morgan inquired into what Arch was doing being with the Union and not Masaru. Arch explained that the Union was simply a stepping stone. Morgan dug deeper to see what Arch was after. Arch explained that she was in search of knowledge and stated that she was also concerned about people and community. She explained that she has seen an uncontrollable force rip through one. Morgan then attempted to exit the conversation, but Arch called her out in that Arch provided an answer to her questions, but Morgan had not answered any of hers. Morgan gave her a chance and Arch asked where Morgan came from. Morgan began to explain, but Marceline's arrival interrupted her answer. Morgan took full opportunity of this interruption to vacate the conversation. On the way out Morgan pointedly said that Arch was prying. Arch responded say, "If I was prying, I would have asked why you are here. I simply wanted to know more about your rise to greatness." Arch concluded that with some it is luck. For other's, it is the result of a series of choice. "Some choose not to come back."

Aside: This comment was Arch's snark back because Masaru exited her planet when the destruction began, and they never came back. Which was intriguing. Why would Masaru not want to research what happened. Arch was left there alone. To die. But the statement "Some choose to come back" was serendipitous foreshadowing. As Arch would soon not have the choice if she were to come back to the Uppercity.

Arch and Marceline exchanged pleasantries. Arch explained what she wanted for appendage upgrades, and Marceline explained what she could do. In the middle of this conversation, Calliope exited the Masaru labs holding a dagger and proceeded back up to her offices. As Calliope walked through the security checkpoint Arch said, "Lovely athame". Calliope stopped in her tracks, but did not acknowledge the comment. Arch was satisficed with this reaction.

Esperine finally returned from her meeting. Arch was concerned as Esperine appeared to be holding her forearm. Esperine insisted there was nothing wrong with her arm and showed it. There were no cuts. But Arch did then notice that Esperine was in possession of the athame. She had not come up to the Uppercity with any blades. This was the blade Calliope had returned with.

Arch and Esperine returned to the Undercity. Arch left the Uppercity for her last time.

Arriving in the Undercity, Arch was able to make immediate contact with Flint. She told him to meet her at the broken fan.

Flint finally arrived. Arch asked about his made up alibi. Flint's reaction to the question did not comfort her. She then asked about the declaration of independence, and Flint showed it to her. He was holding it blatantly in his hand. Her decision was final. She reached out to grasp his weapons magnetically and disarm him. She was able to grasp one, and removed his knife as she foresaw this being a hand to hand fight. Arch ran up to grab Flint and through him into the crevasse. Flint casted a stun spell which knocked Arch to the ground near the edge. Before Arch could get up, Flint kicked her off the edge. She was hanging by her fingers, but magnetically adhered herself to the side of a pipe next to her and climbed up. Flint unloaded heavy rifle fire into Arch as she tried to return fire from her pistol. She was able to disarm one more weapon from Flint, but it was too late. Enough shots hit her in the torso that she succumbed to her wounds. Flint dealt a final cut to her throat to make sure she was dead. He then attempted to behead her, but was unsuccessful. He ended up pushing all her parts and torso off the ledge into the crevasse. At some point during this, Flint said, "I'm sorry", but Arch was already gone and unable to hear what she would think was an empty apology.


  • 1x Kinetic weapon.
  • 1x Prosthetic leg.
  • 1x Prosthetic arm.



  • Arrogant and sometimes a know-it-all
  • Voracious pursuer of information and knowledge
  • Despises a lack of common sense
  • Skeptical of high dependencies on technology


Major - Magical Gauss

  • Can pickup metal items within 5m
  • Metal items can be used as limbs
  • Metal items can be thrown

Nature Magic holds their body together via magnetic fields. This also allows them to attract and utilize metal in the environment up to 5 meters away. If they looses one of their metal prosthetics, they can magnetically grasp a scrap iron pipe, for example, to use in it's stead. They can use their magnetic fields to pick up metallic objects and hurl them in the same manner of a Gauss Rifle or Linear Induction Motor.

Eidetic Memory

Advanced Researcher: On the surface it may appear they learn more slowly, their meticulous approach to reading and researching aids them in an eidetic memory for things they can focus on. This results in a vast collection of knowledge and provides quicker progression at skills at times as deemed by DM. (Otherwise she progresses normally)

Gauss-ful Agility

With their magnetic field, they are relatively lighter. Combined with the high level of Gauss holding their parts together, they can compress and expand the space allowing prosthetics to allow them to move more quickly and with precision.


Major - Non-ferrite

  • Cannot be healed by technology
  • Shock Vulnerability

Direct contact with advanced technology or indirect contact with high voltage will paralyze them for 5 minutes (Rendered unconscious) making them entirely vulnerable

Try to Stay Ahead

  • Limbs are removed with enough force (Pulled off, knocked off by blunt force, possibly flying away after a high fall or the impact from being forced into a wall)

(Joke aside) Their limbs are held together by magnetic forces (Earth (metal) Magic). This means that parts that are not affixed can be separated from their body with enough force.

Cold Attraction

  • In hot environments they are more susceptible to dismemberment

Magnetics are weaker in hotter situations. The erratic movement of particles weakens the magnetic properties.

Racial Traits

Edge - Boing!

  • Jumps higher

Using the Gauss connecting their legs together, they can compress the joints and jump much higher. This takes extra effort so would need a cool down.

Flaw - Squeaky Hinge

  • Without daily upkeep, they are slowed for an episode

The Undercity is a damp place. Honestly everywhere is a damp place when your body parts are magical metal. Once per session they have to polish a limb, or the next session they will wake up with a rusty part and be slowed for the duration.


Metallic Bark

Metal from their surroundings will be attracted to the skin and provide a protective barrier. The attraction is magnetic in nature and has the ability to deflect kinetic attacks from metallic weapons and projectiles (ie. bullets but not energy based projectiles)

You're so Smart

Charm: visually denoted by a hand held heart icon, target will regard caster and companions as friendly for 10 minutes, or target is attacked or injured by caster or caster's companion



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