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The A.L.A was an organization that was founded by Zentreya to eradicate all things lewd in the Metaverse. It was mainly a roleplaying and hangout group consisting of Zen and her friends.

The A.L.A. as an RP-group after being largely inactive for a time was officially disbanded by Zentreya in Sept 2020.[1]

Fight for the Pure Fight

Zentreya began this crusade when she noticed that so many lewd things were happening in VRChat, and even found herself doing some lewd things herself. She decided to put a stop to it, and since then, the A.L.A has been formed. They have found an enemy in the Lewd 4 Lifers, and will fight them at every turn. Two members have infiltrated the fabled Sexy Sunday and have recorded everything that was lewd.

Notable Members

Unofficial Members of the A.L.A.

  • KimplE: On May 18th 2018, Kimple confronted Zentreya and spoke to her about destroying the absolutely barbaric/lewd people in VRChat.
  • Kirbynite: Is associated with the A.L.A due to his status as the brother of the leader, that being Zentreya herself.
  • Sora Ichi: A close ally with the A.L.A's leader, but is more dedicated to the Demon Dogs.

The Biggest Targets (No Longer Targeted)

The A.L.A had pursued many lewd individuals in its missions, including Joey Bagels.

  • Joey Bagels: Wanted for starting a harem, which is very lewd.
  • Oathmeal: Cat girls are lewd, but they seem to have given Lanfear a pass.
  • Ikrium: He's just lewd.
  • Chipz: though he has recently been labeled as no longer an enemy of the A.L.A by Zentreya herself.
  • Lanfear: The good friend of Zentreya has been labeled as a possible target by Zentreya herself, and the Red Devil even drew her gun on her multiple times. 


Due to Medusa, Abysma, and Carmella, the A.L.A has been disbanded for an unknown amount of time. With the deaths of three of it's generals, Zentreya has went into hiding, suspected to have abandoned her army in favor of companionship from VII. Even the base has fallen into disrepair due to the trio of like minded women.

However due to the Cycle resetting some of these events were negated and the base is no longer in disrepair and it continues to be run dutifully by many dedicated operators.


  • Despite being the leader and founder of the A.L.A., Zentreya has dated a few lewd people, and has even thought of joining Joey's harem.
    • Due to the Cycle reset, Zentreya has lost her memories of the time spent dating Joey Bagels therefore undoing the notion of joining the harem.
  • The A.L.A has a Base of Operations, the Base was made by the lovely Foxe.