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Anthony is a half-elf, because of this he was born with a weak human heart in his elven-like body.

Over the years his parents were able to get him and his mother their meds, as she fell ill after his birth. During a quick trip to the city for their meds, his father ran into trouble in the wastes and was killed for the credits in his pocket. Thereafter they were helped out by a neighbor who knew of his and his mother's condition. His father's death and mother's condition meant that Anthony needed to learn his parents' trade of rune crafting.

He started the craft at a young age, far earlier than his mother and years before his father, as his mother taught his father. This helped them for a number of years to first pay back their neighbor and later get the meds on their own. After his mother's illness got worse, Anthony had to make the trips to the city for the meds on his own.

One day he was robbed before getting anywhere near the city, but, unlike his father, he was able to keep his life. After getting home that night, his mother made their favorite food after and they watched the stars, or at least what they could see of them, till she passed away in his arms.




  • Major - Rune seeker - Able to see better and more refined runes from the book his mother left him after studying it for a number of years.
  • Minor - Survivalist - Years scavenging the wastes trained his body and mind to move through the harshest of places in the waste with little to no food or water. His body requires less nourishment.
  • Minor - Collector - Gathers the best materials he finds for his trade. Scavenges the wastes for whatever he can find a use for in his craft.


  • Major - Mutated heart - Using magic causes breathing issues. If more magic is used, he is knocked out.
  • Minor - Hate of synthetics - Synths are the reason for his father's death.
  • Minor - Med dependent - Living in the wastes is cheap, but the meds are not. Getting his heart meds is about as hard as finding a customer for his craft in the wastes.


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