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An annoyingly loud and obnoxious synthetic that can barely keep her bar 'The Stray Dog' running and her sanity safe from the stressors and dangers that lurk in every corner in the world of Neon Divide.[1]

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Anna used to be a homeless synthetic wishing to live peacefully among humans in the Wasteland. She is an extremely human like synth, who lived as a human and was told that she was one since her creation.

In her daily life Anna seeks out to help any injured or troubled individual as per her 'instincts' tell her to, and she hopes to one day create a safe haven for troubled or injured people to rest and relax in safety.

A year ago she took over running The Stray Dog bar after its previous owner Pepper Alex Ly died.


  • Primary designation FFB6C1 4N-N4
  • She was created to be a replace the place of a gentle and kind young woman.
  • Anna was a defect synthetic made by the Union, her body was salvaged by a grieving couple
  • The couple had recently lost their young daughter and planned to recreated their daughter through Anna
  • They programmed Anna to be as gentle and kind as their daughter, and worked as a nurse at a rural clinic
  • The couple were former Shometsu and TraVerse engineers who then moved to working under Nirvana after the tragedy with their daughter
  • Anna had lived as their daughter until the couple died of old age
  • She was late abducted and sold to a wealthy family from the Upper City and forced to be their servant and was then continuously physically abused for years
  • After a malfunction with her circuitry she took a life of a child in the family, going against her primary functions and realizing she had killed someone- her system began short-circuiting causing internal damage that led her to indefinitely cease all functions.
  • She was later thrown down to the wastelands.


  • Anna can hover above ground and move at a fast speed, can produce a healing salve that sanitizes and increases recovery speed of an injury, and has an all or nothing ability where she outputs 99% of her energy into a specific action.
  • Being a synthetic that can greatly emulate human emotion, it becomes detrimental to her as she "feels" fear in dangerous situations and causes her to run away, panic, or freeze.
  • Due to her upgrade to become more aerodynamic for hovering she has become slightly less durable than the average synthetic, and making her less water proof- any droplet of liquid that slips into the cracks of her chassis will cause her to be stunned or cause a malfunction.

Season 2 traits

These may no longer apply.


  • Major - Durable - She has a durable build that can sustain a great amount of damage, and as long as her core is intact she will be able to function with her body even in shambles. Her body is built tot withstand harsh conditions and would be able to fall off a building with little to minor damage.
  • Minor - Sweaty Palms - She produces tiny droplets of liquids from her hands that serves as a antiseptic hemostatic liquid which can cleanse wounds, numb pain, and stop bleeding.
  • Minor - Burst of Energy - When a situation calls for it, Anna will use a large portion of her energy into uncapping her chassis' limits and can perform beyond the extent of what she normally cannot do (ex. running extremely fast or carrying very heavy objects).


  • Major - Slight Inconvenience - she has a missing eye, and her remaining eye has terrible eyesight. She does not have feet, so she is unable to run and cannot balance very well, and she often will be seen crawling around.
  • Minor - Phantom Pain - Anna was programmed to emulate emotions as closely to a human as possible, she fears things synths would not usually fear, injury, pain, sickness, starvation etc. which hinders her functions as a synth
  • Minor - Gentle - When not using her major edge Burst of Energy, she typically cannot carry anything over 2Kg(5lbs) and its programmed to be incapable of injuring organics.


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