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Angela Pulse, Tabaxi, Medic. A young bright cheery eyed medic who thinks she can still make the world a better place. Day after day she's going to have deal with the people constantly trying to kill each other, corporations constantly breathing down the back of her neck, discovering and dealing with magic, and the case of her missing mother. How long will that optimism last, before it crumbles to the weight of reality.[1]

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She was raised solely by her mother. Her family was only ever just able to scrape by so the part of the city she lived in didn't get a lot of direct sunlight. During her young schooling she tore a pectoral muscle on her left side ruff housing with her friend. The doctor who was supposed to be reattaching the muscle botched the surgery and caused damage her vasovagal nerve. This caused her complications in life but also inspired a want to learn to be a doctor herself so she can help others possible avoid the same fate she has suffered. She did well in her schooling and managed to get into a Avalon funded institute. Her mother tried to pay for her schooling the best she could but ended up doing odd job and signing up for various experimental medication trials.

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To this day she still has no idea what happened to her mother. Angela began to fall deep into debt as there was no longer any income going towards her fees. School wasn't easy for her as her condition popped up often, causing her to pass out during several test, and practical exams, she still managed to pass but only just barely at the bottom of her class. After she finished school, she signed up for an internship at an Avalon facility. Where she witnessed many things that she considered highly unethical being done. She decided then, that she would treat her patients for long term health rather than pushing pills constantly to make more credits. Even if it did take her long to get out of debt. Her supervisor told her that Sanctuary City was looking for someone to fill a medical position that was now vacant. Egar to distance herself from the from the facility she worked in, she jumped at the chance. What is in store for our bright eyed Tabaxi medic. Only time will tell.



  • Doesn't take failure well - panics, gets depressed when she makes a big mistake or fails to properly treat a patient
  • Hyper - Cats are hyperactive chaos beans
  • Protective of people close to her. (Almost motherly like)
  • Socially awkward - Sorta introverted - has a hard time connecting with others.
  • Unorganized - tends to leave her equipment and personal space a little scattered around, takes her longer to get ready having to search for things


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