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Not to be confused with: Mari

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Amara "Mari" Mauler is a half dragon blacksmith from the Under City. Originally growing up in the harder part of the Under City, after a tragic event that left her orphaned and without a home she was whisked off planet to live with her Uncle for the past 13 years.

She has since returned to the Under City to put her education to work as a blacksmith and do her best to make the lives of the residents there a bit better. In secret, she hopes to find an anti-corporation group to join and enact some revenge on the devastation they caused in her life all those years ago.




  • Major - BORN THIS WAY - Because of her race, her natural strength is much higher than expected of someone her size making her punches harder, and her job easier.
  • Minor - MAGICAL AFFINITY - A strong pull to metal magic has given her a hunger for more. She can learn magic slightly faster.
  • Minor - HIGH METABOLISM - She can burn through poison and heal very slightly faster.


  • Major - HERO COMPLEX - If Mari sees someone weaker than herself in danger she must help them get out of harm’s way regardless of potential danger to self.
  • Minor - BROAD SIDE OF A BARN - Trauma of her past has Mari apprehensive to touch guns, even if she did, she can’t shoot straight.
  • Minor - HIGH METABOLISM - A double edged sword, her metabolism means she needs an extra meal per session, taking up precious time.



  • Prestidigitation - can alter the color of her hair and eyes as well as conceal her horn and tail.


  • Metal Skin - for 30 seconds her skin turns as hard as steel. Damage reduced to non-lethal but heavily bruises


  • Magnesis - manipulate metal objects (floating, holding, moving)


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