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Ama is a new blood who recently showed prowess in the field of Humanitarian Development and Public Relations . His charming looks and personality have given him a rise in the corporation that desperately needed a new modern image. Happily taking his place in Corvanis 3 as head of public relations, he’s ready to take on the challenge of making Nirvana as enticing and engaging as it should be.


Season 2

With the depature of Dr. Lorn Barnes and Rana Amariah in Episode 13, Ama was promoted to the active Nirvana head on Corvanis 3. His aim was to rehabilitate the evil reputation Nirvana had among other corporations and slummers, and greenlight new projects that would benefit a wide population.

He quickly began to ask other corporations for mutual alliances: Talaris for magical assistance, Atlantis for positive media stories and Quixote for a weapons deal. In the couple weeks that followed Dr Barnes retirement, the Ama-lead Nirvana seemed to slowly become more trustworthy, respectable and reliable amongst the Uppercity.



  • Major - Nirvana Kissed - Due to taking a massive amount of a specific substance, Ama has slight regenerative properties (i.e. Cuts, bruises, slow recovery from gunshots). He has this drug constantly on his person and takes it once an hour.
  • Minor - Spiritual Mess - He has a tie to the spiritual realm, however he thinks seeing and hearing them is just a side effect of his drug use.
  • Minor - Chemical Defense - He carries a can of Nirvana brand mace with him at all times.


  • Major - Dazed and Confused - Ama is addicted to Nirvana’s kiss and takes it once an hour.  For 15 minutes after taking it he experiences extreme loss of inhibition, self preservation, and common sense. In addition, other drugs/alcohol can have unexpected results due to his abusive drug use.
  • Minor - Hemophobia - Ama is terrified to the point of fainting of blood. Seeing someone else’s blood will cause him to pass out for a short period of time.
  • Minor - Light too bright - His eyes are very sensitive to bright light due to his race and drug abuse.


  • Ama has an alternate persona named Lu that he uses when travelling outside the Uppercity. This is for protection against corporate and/or Nirvana hunters.
  • He cares deeply for his coworkers, often pulling them aside or calling them to make sure they are happy and healthy.


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