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"Round and around they go! Into THE STORM of the UNKNOWN. " ― Alizarin to a washing machine, casting a "spell"

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Alizarin is a relatively newly built synthetic. Stolen from somewhere by an unknown assailant and dropped off near a cave in the wastelands he woke up 6 hours later, still fully charged but very confused.

Going by Alizarin his real model number is CR1M-50N, designation "Crimson". He has some weird quirks about him, but his main one is thinking that Tech is Magic, and Magic is Tech... In other words a robot who believes that he can do magic. If you try to tell him otherwise, he will not believe you!

Working as a mercenary and scrapper in the wasteland a year ago, he continues looking for the assailant who dropped him off, thinking that they're also his creator.



Season 2 Traits

Season 2 Traits
These may no longer apply.


  • Minor - Tickle Fingers - Alizarins right hand has been modified with the ability to let out an electrical charge equivalent to a taser. He holds only three charges for said taser.


  • Minor - Tech is Magic, and Magic is Tech - To put it simply, Alizarin believes he can do magic. When in all honesty it's just augmentations made to his chassis. His personality core was completely wiped from his old one, to this new one. In the process making him believe that anything that's technology is magic, and anything that's magic, is technology. No matter what you tell him, he will not change his mind about it.


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