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WOTO was where Alice got her start, living with parents that were so well off that she never knew hardship. Her parents being WOTO higher ups made some shady deals, and it eventually caught up to the family. Atlantis raided them, killing both of Alice’s parents and throwing her into a burning pile as they left. Alice managed to crawl out, but covered in burns and barely breathing. This also left her with ears that were so burned that she was no longer able to hear.

She was able to find some solitude by accepting the mercy of some people. Being a young teen she struggled, bouncing from place to place but ultimately stayed on the streets.

When Alice turned 15, she met Kio, a girl in a similar position as her. However, Kio was blind, and so Alice took on the role to protect her at all costs. Alice learned to have little sympathy for people and would steal and kill to keep Kio safe.

At 17 Alice learned of what Nirvana could do. It gave her hope that she could soon hear again, and help Kio see again. One person she stayed with was a Nirvana employee, a basic geneticist. From that person she stole DNA splicers. She then hunted for someone that would be a donor for her new ears. A frail girl no older than 25 just happened to show up in front of Alice that day. She was brutally murdered and her ears were taken. Alice had what she needed to fix her ears, and with no pain killers started working in an alley just a few blocks down from Kio. After a bloody 2 hours, Alice heard her first sounds in three years.

This was her greatest accomplishment, and she wanted to help Kio next. Upon retrieving new eyes from another ‘donor’ Alice went to work on Kio. Kio, however, would not be as successful as Alice. She failed, and watched her friend fade away right in front of her as infection moved through Kio’s head. Alice soon lost her only hope in the world.

The next few years before entering Nirvana at 20 were ones of empathyless killing and experimentation, always working to better her gene splicing. One day Nirvana took note and they hired her as a lab hand and offered her a place to live. Within the first few months of working there, she worked as an assistant to Dr. Lyoko. When she was running a daily report to him at his apartment she discovered that he had taken someone hostage and was starting to work on her. He forced her to gene splice on the girl, the girl that would later become known as Pepper in the wastes. She watched as witness as Dr. Lyoko burned Pepper’s limbs off. Later into the experiments she came to help him, but found Lyoko dead.

A month after the Lyoko incident Alice was keeping her head down working on a new experimental drug to aid her in her work. This is when Lucio Prieto saw the advertisements for a clinical trial to test the drug. When Lucio showed up the testing was anything but easy, as Alice went to work forgetting that she was even working on a person. She added some bird DNA into the experiment just to see what would happen, as the drug was doing its work she took the liberty to test some feather splicing in his arms. Everything came out a success in the end, however she wasn’t done yet. Taking Lucio’s legs off at the thighs, without his permission, she added new legs matching that of his new DNA. Making him officially half bird and taking years off of his life. All in the pursuit of making a perfect specimen in the future.

Moving forward Alice kept working towards that perfect specimen, making more “clinical trials” to fuel her addiction. Until she was finally promoted all the way up to Head Lab Researcher at Nirvana.


Season 2 Episode 10

Alice looks at a sample from The Golden Lance

Alice begins to investigate a vine sample from The Golden Lance and quickly discovers its not a plant, or an infection, but the plasmatic fluid of a birthing pod that is fully organic and alive.

She finds that it has metallurgy involved in its DNA, making it the most advanced biotic creature she has ever seen, with her own eyes or in the Nirvana databanks. It would take a team of researchers years to reverse engineer the sample. She also discovers that while the sample is small, it is alive and sentient, and while she analyses its analyzing her back.[1]

Episode 11

Talking with Dr Universe in the row clinic

Under orders from Dr. Lorn Barnes, Alice takes her first business trip down to The Row to visit the clinic and talk with Dr. Cellulose Universe. She informs the row doctor that Barnes wishes to cut online communication between Nirvana and the clinic, and instead begin to transfer information on a physical hard drive that they can carry around.[2] Dr Universe accepts this deal and gives Alice a small drive with all patient info, which after some more touring of the highs and lows of the row she takes back to Nirvana and Dr Barnes.

Locking a guard in place before he undergoes mutation

Later in the day she does some experimentation on a willing guard named Ryan as part of her research to develop "the next generation of Nirvana guards". Despite the doctors precautions, the mutation does not go as planned as limbs, claws, and ears force their way out of the guards body as he becomes a horrific meowing mass of body parts that she has to execute mercifully.

Episode 12

Early in the day Alice talks with Ama Krolia about Nirvanas reputation in The Undercity being terrible since their coworker Rana Amariah assisted in the kidnapping of Bo. They both want to remedy this, so Alice makes plans to visit The Undercity later in the day.

Phil takes his helmet off for Alice

She then heads to Quixote and has a productive meeting with Phil about the incoming alien threat the Uppercity has been dealing with. They seem to get along quite well as she is intrigued by him and discloses some of her research findings from the Golden Lance sample, and Phil confides in her that his current main goal is to stop the alien.

After the meetings Alice journeys down to The Undercity, passing through The Row first to see some friends. After some Undercity exploring she finds herself in The Grove and is struck by its natural beauty before coming across Wisp.[3]

Alice tells Wisp she wants to help rebuild Nirvanas reputation

Not knowing that Wisp and Bo are related, Alice strikes up a conversation that became quite emotional as the two girls talk about their differing lives and the beauty of The Grove. Eventually it comes to light that Wisp is Bo's niece, shifting the solemn coversation to the mistakes Nirvana and Rana made last year. She then asks Wisp to pass on her apologies to Bo, on behalf of herself and Nirvana.

Inspecting a guards new ears after a successful experiment

Leaving The Undercity she again meets some of her friends in The Row, and they plan a DnD game to begin in the coming days. Then back in The Uppercity she does the same experiment as the day before, pitching to a guard named David if he wanted better hearing. This time the mutation was successfully completed as Davids senses became sharper and he grew some feline ears that cracked out of his helmet.

Episode 13

While walking to work Alice spots Dr Luscious Hambone around the Nirvana buildings and wonders with Sallie Lune what the old doctor is doing.

Dr Barnes reveals to Nirvana that he and Rana are going on a galactic cruise

Barnes reveals at the morning Nirvana corp meeting that he and Rana are taking a big vacation, leaving the corporation in the hands of the other current employees. Before he leaves he gives Alice the job to research the Wasteland, in regards to their strange creatures and possibly getting them dependant on a Nirvana water supply. Before leaving to Scrap Town she talks with Ama who tells her that their coworker Noble Lehmann killed the Nirvana guard Swanson, further solidifying Alice's distrust towards Noble.

In Scrap Town she delivers a box of medical supplies to the clinic there, talking briefly with the medics Juno Reyes and Hank Solomon. On her way back up to the Uppercity she stops by The Row to talk with some of her planned party-members in the upcoming DnD game.

Confronting Noble about his shady endeavours

Returning to the Uppercity, she has a meeting with Sonitii employee Blayne Penn who asks her to gather any info she can on Leonard Kiani, in exchange for connections around the corps and row. Alice then returns to Nirvana and confronts Noble about the guard deaths and him possibly telling other corps about her weakness to loud noises.[4] He denies the allegations which only angers Alice more, and the arguement escalates into Noble shooting a gun right next to Alice then running away as she collapses, trying to stab him.

Throughout her day in the Uppercity she also has brief intermittent talks about the corp threat Gregor Loch Brunswick with multiple people, including Leonard who asks her for her support in trying to convince the union that he should be taken care of.

Alice stumbles out of a row apartment after being knocked unconcious by a nearby explosion

At the end of the day she heads back to the Row to start her DnD game, but while they are creating characters a bomb goes off, knocking Alice unconcious. She wakes up after a few minutes in an apartment, then stumbles her way to the clinic determined to help anyone that might've been injured. She helps Dr Universe treat Warren Crassus, then spends her last moments of the day telling the Row doctor about Noble, and with confidence Dr Universe hands her a cyanide pill that is disguised to look like normal headache medicine. What Alice does with the pill is up to her.

Episode 14

Alice ended up staying the night on Dr Universes couch and wakes up there the next day. She doesn't stay long in the row however as she is needed at the morning union meeting. Upon reaching Nirvana HQ, Sallie quickly informs her and Ama of the news about Dr. Rowan Leyendecker Muffet openly talking about the Lazarus Project. Sallie offers to lobotomize the man and rewrite his memories, possibly along with the others he was talking to about the secret project.

Alice heads a discussion about the hivemind at a union meeting

The three Nirvana members then make their way to the Union meeting. The topic of the meeting eventually shifts to the hivemind alien and Alice shares some of her research on it - namely its natural metallurgy. She suggests a 2nd expedition to The Golden Lance to get another sample for further research, to which WOTO reply they are working on a plan with Sonitii to try lure the alien into a shuttle for capture.[5]

The Union and Nirvana discuss Dr Rowan's slip-up

After the corporate meeting Alice, Ama and Sallie meet with Viktor Easmine and Koi Zogin to discuss what they should do about Dr Rowan. They all agree on giving him the option of lobotomy or execution. Ama offers to deliver the message to him in the Undercity as she also wants to visit a friend there - Wisp, the mushroom Alice met a couple days earlier.

On her first tour of the Uppercity, Wisp shows Alice her new WOTO cube friend named "Phil"

After Alice has some brief meetings with Sonitii and Mars, she meets back up with Ama who has brought both Wisp and Dr Rowan with her. Alice and Ama give Wisp a light-hearted tour of the Uppercity while Sallie works on rewriting Dr Rowans memories in the Nirvana lab.

Apologizing to Bo on behalf of Nirvana

Wisp attempts to return the favour by taking the two doctors down to the Row for noodles. However upon reaching the Row, Alice quickly runs into Bo and apologizes to her on behalf of Nirvana for the kidnapping they did last year. Bo accepts the apology and queries if the corp are still holding on to the chunk of her reproductive system they cut out of her, which Alice doesn't know the answer to but promises to follow up on. Alice's time in the Row is soon cut short as there are nearby gunshots and panic over the Titan virus.

Escaping back to the Uppercity, she has one final meeting with Ama, Sallie, and Atlantis members Conrad Ludovic and Maxamillion Stillwell about trying to get better PR for Nirvana. During the meeting Alice is noticeably nervous, reserved and shaky, and afterwards while hurrying home she collapses to the ground.[6]

Episode 15

Dr Emilia introduces themselves at Nirvana

The new Nirvana employee Dr. Emilia Röntgen introduces themselves to Alice, Ama and Sallie early in the day. The new doctor says they are in charge of Lazarus program maintenance, but to the public they are a simple PR assistant.[7] Although Alice does not spend much time with the new employee as she has scheduled business planned.

Running some Nirvana tests on Mr B

After the usual morning meeting Alice has some time to kill before her scheduled meeting with Talaris. She runs into Sonitii employees Bobken Zavakian and Hortu Mcsween and gets into a conversation about Mr B's blue hair. She offers to run some tests on him to find out if the hair is natural, and so takes him back to the Nirvana lab where she finds his hair is inherently blue and surprisingly that he is 10% animal - implying some of his ancestors were probably demi-humans.

Discussing the fusion of magic and medicine with Talaris

At her Talaris meeting, Alice talks with the CEO Damien and most other employees about a new joint-corp product that fuses magic and medicine. Damien also offers the doctor a place at Talaris after Alice expresses some interest in magic. Cornelius Crown is also present at the meeting and asks for help replacing his recently lost left arm, but using the DNA of a dragon from a dragons tooth he has. Alice offers to grow the man a new arm, but it will take some time.

Asking Bean Kagehide if he can help with magicial healing

Alice spends the remaining couple hours of the day thinking about this possible transfer while running around the city trying to find help dealing with both synethic and organic infections. She searches for someone who magically heal to help the row clinic deal with a fungal infection, while also trying to gather information on the Titan virus that has been resurfaced in some synths.

Discussing the removal of nanites with Wrex and Dr Universe

At the end of the day she talks with Dr Universe and Agent Wrex about the nanites inside Wrex and Alice, and how they both want them gone.[8] Doc U takes a blood sample from them and gives some to mutual friend Marceline Rey Key who will spend some time studying the nanites and hopefully learning how to remove them.

Episode 16

Just after waking up, Alice and Marceline waste no time running up to the Nirvana lab where Alice successfully gene splices some bat ears onto the slummer. Shortly after, Becky Cantuckit arrives at Nirvana and runs off with one of their synths. Alice chases her down but is stopped by Becky shooting flames at her, severely burning one of her arms. She later takes revenge by informing Jeremiah Cromwell (who is part of the Talaris secruity team at the Atlantis gala) about Becky's possible dangerous intentions, leading to her death soon after.

Ama and Damien look down at Alice in her fox form

With one burned arm she heads to Talaris HQ for a meeting with Damien. Although the meeting is quickly derailed as Alice sees some strange bubbles around her, then unexpectedly morphs into a fox for several minutes despite Damien's dispeling efforts.[9] Ama, who was also present at the meeting, tells fox Alice to think about her human form, which seems to work as Alice transforms back into her usual self, questioning what just happened.

Treating Ryzy with Dash

From then on, her day consists of medical work around the city. In the Uppercity she finishes splicing together a new arm for Cornelius, treats patients with Dash Spacer in the row clinic while Dr Universe is at the gala, and helps out at the Scraptown clinic as they are short on medical staff.

Dr Universe tries to communicate with fox Alice

When Dr Universe returns from the gala, Alice spends some time with her in the clinic but it is not long before Alice sees bubbles again and turns into a fox right in front of the doctor. She turns back while being picked up by the doctor, and they spend the rest of the evening discussing Alice's strange transformation.

Episode 17

Alice starts her day in the Row, saying good morning to people she knows and checks in with Agent Wrex to see how he’s feeling. Marceline gives Alice the report on the blood sample they took from her stating that Alice has no nanotech in her. Alice is relieved and decides since it’s early in the morning to try to find the samurai she talked to the day prior.

Tynan tells Alice about the strange spirit activity around the sanctum whirlpool

Alice finds Tynan outside of the Sanctum, where they are investigating the spirit activity. She then asks Tynan for protection from potential threats in the future.[10] Alice starts then looking around the Sanctum reading the information on the boards. She attempts magic willingly to little success and almost passing out in the process. Later on after making more friends with some spirits, Tynan teaches her how to control her magic to a basic degree.

She then heads up to the Row to help out in the clinic some, after helping Jimothy calm down for a few seconds after his drug issues popped up. She heads out to find someone from Union who could pick him up so he isn’t left alone on the streets. On the way to the corporate docks she runs into Riley and Ciara from Talaris afterwards she heads to the Uppercity.

Quixote invade the Nirvana lab

Upon her arrival in the Uppercity, she runs into Faye after she was captured and brought to the Nirvana clinic. During this time, Quixote happened to bring in a lot of personnel for Faye, one of which is using an active camo to stay hidden, Alice notices this person and even bumps into him.[11]

Confronting Quixote

Knowing that Quixote just played Nirvana, Alice goes over to ensure a deal they made goes smoothly to which Thomas and Kraver pretend it never happened. After a short meeting with Sonitii about evacuation and Emilia with her concerns about Alice’s safety in the Row, she goes down to the Row once more to treat Fenris. Within a couple minutes of going to the Row, Alice turns into a fox in front of Doc U, Marceline, Static and Celeste. Having a reaction out of all of which haven’t seen her like that before. Alice after returning to human, she helps fix Fenris.

Maia and Marceline find the roaming fox Alice

But, her stress gets the best of her once more and she turns back into a fox, and escapes the clinic. This leads to a conversation with Maia and Marceline about her ability. After spending a bit more time in the clinic, she goes to the med bay in the Undercity where she finds out Tynan jumped into the spirit portal. This then has the effect of giving Alice a panic attack that’s still affecting her when she gets back up to the clinic. After calming down she heads back to Doc U’s place and watches movies with Ryzy, Cain, Static and Doc U.

Episode 18

Sallie introduces the freshly promoted David - the Nirvana guard Alice spliced with cat ears a few days prior

Alice and Nirvana welcome the newly promoted David Walker to their corporate ranks at the morning meeting. At this meeting they talk about David as their new head of secruity, and Alice informs the others of the cloaked quixote member she found in their labs yesterday. The meeting is short however as Alice and Ama head to the union meeting, though upon arriving at the tower Alice finds only one representative from each corp is being allowed in - in this case Nirvana's rep is Ama.

Talaris wondering what to do about fox Alice

Thus, she meets up with Talaris in an attempt to discover more about her latent magic. In the Talaris boardroom she is brought to the magic teacher Ciara Ní Éabha as a potential student. Alice shows her the bubbles she can summon, which Ciara recognizes and enlightens Alice on her water and body magical affinities, but while she is lecturing Alice once again turns into a fox. Ciara is not startled and brings fox Alice to Damien who again attempts to dispell the fox form, although this time using a different incantation that seems to work. Alice changes back to her normal self, and now with proof of her magical abilities Talaris recognize her as a mage and take a sample of her blood for monitoring.

A tense meeting with Kraver who wont accept Alice's apology

Back at Nirvana, Alice gets into a heated conversation with Emilia about how to deal with Quixote. Alice does not trust the corp at all after what they did yesterday, while Emilia wants to continue working with them and have Alice apologize to them.[12] Eventually, a very irritated Alice storms out of Nirvana and runs to Quixote and attempts to apologize to Kraver Carabass. He was seemingly quite annoyed at Alice calling him unprofessional yesterday and refuses to accept her apology, warning Alice not to do something like that again.

While running back to Nirvana, she gives another apology to Emilia for her earlier anger, but upon reaching the corp she finds the other Nirvana members are having a serious discussion about her that they cant reveal. In fustration at her coworkers she heads down to the row to find Dr Universe, but in the clinic Celeste tell hers that Doc U went to the wasteland. As she needed to make some deliveries to the clinic there, she now heads down to Scrap Town. She gets there and successfully delivers the medical supplies and finds Doc U, but sees she is on her own mission with union members Koi Zogin and Diana Knighton and leaves them be.

A somber conversation with Tynan

Feeling unsafe and alone, she runs to her bodyguard Tynan Hamada in the Undercity, who offers advice and if worse comes to worst, protection in regard to a bounty hunter situation.[13] Soon after, the days accumulated stress hits Alice and she suffers an extreme migraine. She quickly heads back to her apartment where she hides until the next day.

Episode 19

Ama tries to deal with fox Alice

Despite yesterdays drama, Alice goes about her typical morning business as she attends the Nirvana meeting. As she is telling the rest of Nirvana all she knows about the alien threat, she involuntarily morphs into her fox-form. Ama takes the fox to Talaris in the hope that Damien can dispel her again, but when arriving at the corp they only find Simon Kuzumo who requests Nirvana aid at WOTO.

Goldman introduces Alice to Luca, Rikky, Manyu and Horizon

Luckily Alice turns back into her usual self and is able to help WOTO analyze their live sample of the alien they captured from The Golden Lance. She discovers that is does not have organs as she knows them, and it can contort into any shape it seems fit. She tells WOTO that for further analysis and safety, they need to transfer the sample to a bigger and better containment vessel.[14] Thus, all the present corps hatch a plan to transfer the sample via Sonitii to the MARS arena where there can be a good defensive setup and Alice can get more substantial data.

Watching Talaris set up the magical barrier around the sample

At the arena, Alice runs around making sure everything is properly set up and well protected before beginning her analysis. While she is running the scan the alien gets extremely agitated and seems to break free, so the surrounding corps attempt to gun it down, however Alice is right in the middle of the action and gets knocked out by the surrounding explosions and gunshots.[15] Rikky drags her to safety and gets David to take a look at her, and as soon as she is concious she runs back to her panel to complete the analysis.

Nirvana scan MARS and Talaris employees for any contamination

After the chaos, Alice and Emilia represent Nirvana at a big corporate meeting, discussing what they learnt from this sample - namely that is is weak to ice, fire, and magical attacks. She then rounds up everyone with Emilia and sends them to the Nirvana lab for decontamination, and to compile her newly acquired data. She then helps David and Sallie treat the internal bleeding of Dr Emilia - who they now discover suffers if strong magic is used near her. After a quick break, Marceline meets up with Alice asking for another gene slice and Alice's presence down in the Row.

Marceline and Dr Universe remove a quixote tracker from Alice's stomach

In the Row clinic, Alice meets up with Dr Universe and they catch up on the crazy past couple hours. Alice eventually falls unconscious from stress, and upon examination Dr.U and Marceline find that Alice has a tracking device in her stomach. The doctor performs a quick operation to remove the tracker, discovering it to be of Quixote design. When she wakes up, Dr.U tells Alice about the tracker, and after some thinking Alice puts the pieces together. She knows the only thing she has eaten in the past couple days are the pizza's at Nirvanas morning meetings, and remembers Dr Emilia wanting to partner with Quixote. Depressed at this possible betrayal, she spends her final minutes crying before getting drunk on mushroom booze (much to the row doctors disapproval).

Episode 20

A noticeably depressed Alice shares little at the Nirvana meeting, but afterwards pulls Ama aside to discuss the tracker she found yesterday. Ama explains that he was just worried about Alice, she responds by asking him not to do something like this again and requests Ama go to Quixote and tell them their surveillance deal is cancelled. Until the situation is resolved diplomatically, Alice keeps the tracker on her person to not cause suspicion.[16]

Alice suggests a one-shot attack

David asks Alice to acompany him to a corporate meeting to discuss corporate strategies against the imminent alien threat. Alice is quiet during the meeting until Nirvana is called to propose their plans in front of the other corporations, where Alice explains the rapid adaptability of the aliens, suggesting a "one-shot" attack against them. Damien Masaru follows-up on this idea, saying Talaris and MARS are creating a magically-enchanced nuke that could be one-shot Alice suggested. Phil also mentions to the corps that a piece of the alien ship has broken off and is expected to arrive in 1-2 days.

Growing Marceline her new arm

With nothing important to do in the Uppercity, Alice takes a visit around the city. She catches up with some friends in the Undercity before picking up Marceline at the Row to follow up on yesterday splicing request. The two girls head up to the Nirvana lab where Alice successfully grows Marceline a new arm to replace her robotic one.

Alice gives the bad news to Rikky and Leonard

Immediatly afterwards, she finds David who tells her that new intel about the aliens has been found. They are piloting a hijacked Union ship that is wired into all Union communication, therefore it heard all their plans that were proposed this morning. It is then that she and David both get a security alert about an unidentified dreadnought class vessel flying around the wasteland. Alice theorizes that is could be a repeat of the mars shuttle incident several days ago.[17] Alice and David run to Quixote, meeting Leonard and Rikky along the way. Alice informs them of the exposed Union and suggests the wasteland dreadnought is an alien scouting party, the one Phil mentioned earlier.

Alice and Rikky decide how to handle the situation

Alice and David have a frantic meeting with WOTO and Quixote about what to do. Alice suggests immediatly setting up a radio jammer to block the dreadnought, which everyone agrees. Alice then runs out of Quixote and down to the Row where she informs some potentially unaware corporate employees of the bad news. While in the Row, she is called to the clinic to help with a neuro surgery on Orlando Fletcher. She helps Dr Universe complete the surgery, but spends the last minutes of her day as a fox running around the clinic.



  • Major - Medical Prodigy - No matter the situation, Alice almost always knows how to fix someone’s injuries. Things might get complex with her willingness to work on augmented people, but she will oblige and be able to stitch up the issue.
  • Minor - Genetic Genius - Alice’s practice with genetics has made it so she knows more than most about how they work with each other. This provides an edge when trying to splice or graft animals or people together.
  • Minor - Street Kin - Very quick on her feet, faster than most, she excels in stealth and disappearing when needed.


  • Major - Something Doesn't Belong - Loud noises (such as gunshots) will render her deaf for a moment and leave her disorientated. During this time it will be very tough for her to stay on her feet and sometimes leave her on the floor for multiple minutes if enough noise occurs around her.
  • Minor - Atlantis PTSD - Due to Alice in the past receiving multiple negative life changing events from the Atlantis Corporation she panics or shuts down when being around Atlantis members.
  • Minor - Fox Genes - Alice when her magic became active had a couple changes occur, one of which being able to change into a fox. Randomly during the session Alice will turn into a fox not by choice for a short amount of time, this can happen as well during moments of extreme stress.


  • Alice makes a conscious effort to learn each guards name and some of their history. This humanization of guards does not exclude them from being experimented on however.


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