Alfonsolona Nkosi or 'Alfons' for short used to be a reporter in Callous Row that would be seen running around looking for various scoops. He used to work for the ATLANTIS Corporation.

Many didn't trust him at first but he did really intend to help the people of Callous Row by telling their stories with the goal to help make it a better place.

He eventually became a wanted man from his former parent company and is was living in hiding using a secret identity, known as "Alexander".

Alfons' identity was eventually revealed again, causing him to work under the Mayor for safety and to fulfill the 500k credit amount that his father asked of him. However, in his quest to find information to sell Alfons ended up dying in the process.

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Alfonsolona or Alfons for short grew up in a very wealthy family. His father, employed in the upper echelon of the Atlantis Corporation has lots of wealth, influence and connections.

For most of his life, Alfonsolona enjoyed the carefree lifestyle of being a child in a rich family until he and his father started having issues agreeing about his prospective job and future. Alfonsolona's father wishes him to follow in his footsteps and become a powerful and respected businessman. However, after growing up and seeing his father's corruption and lack of morals first hand, he decided that lifestyle was not for him.

This act of defiance caused Alfonsolona to have a major falling out with his father. He was, for the most part, cast out of the family and now works as a freelance journalist selling information and stories to the highest bidder. Alfonsolona vowed that he will always try his best to do what is good, even when it is not in his favor. He lives by this rule.


Interrogated by Charles Rask and Rook

Investigating Rook

Being accused of stalking Rook, the half-orc owner of The Grindstone bar captured and interrogated him with the help of an orc named Charles Rask. In Rask's butcher shop they gave Alfons a beating and played on the racial stereotypes that they might eat him.[1]

Alfons eventually befriends people in the Row despite the fact that most people are suspicious of one of the few corporate workers. His main friends are the Dirty Diamond dancers, Kee'ra, Raleigh, and Cleo, Captain Angelina Greasepalms, and Capernicus Fawkes, along with getting friendly with plenty of the other locals. For a brief while, Alfons even dated Raleigh however she ended the relationship, admitting she was just using him for his money and didn't like that he was always abandoning her in stressful moments to go chase the story.


After one of the largest quarantine and corporate presences ever to set foot in Callous Row, resulting in a small war on the streets he visits "The Grindstone" bar and admits to Rooks that he had him figured out wrong. He told him he slipped his men some reconnaissance but that it was in the open and worried of getting into trouble because of it. Rook, being skeptical of his change of heart still tells him to share what he knows with Faye.[2]

Kee’ra Diamond comforts Alfons

Wanted and Disguise

Becoming a wanted man he at some point acquired a disguise dressing as one of the dancers in the Dirty Diamond brothel, working with Kee’ra and Raleigh. Alfons is actually not that bad at dancing on stage and is welcomed into the brothel warmly. However, this disguise was seen through by almost everyone instantly, usually because of his distinct voice, rendering it useless. And the sparkly nature of the outfit causes Alfons' to get teased with many nicknames such as "Twilight Sparkles" and "Lord Sparkle Bottom".

While in disguise a newcomer to Callous Row named Five turns out to be a hitman hired by Atlantis. After Five's first attempts fail Five claims that he's now on Alfons' side however he chases Alfons off one of Callous Row's many high ledges causing Alfons to break both his legs. Alfons gets a regenerative from Cap all he has to do to be able to walk again is to stay sitting in a wheelchair for 30 minutes, he does not do this. This doesn't work causing Alfons' legs to start rapidly growing tumors which have to be rapidly removed. This surgery causes Alfons to lose all feeling in his legs and become paralyzed. Luckily though Beth and Raleigh work together to make a healing potion that lets Alfons walk again.

A Better Disguise

The entire situation with Five and his legs makes Alfons realize he really needs to step up his disguise game, getting a fake ID from Rook and X with the name Alexander Hawkins Alfons completely reinvents himself. Taking his hair down from its typical style and dying in black along with putting away his more stylish clothes for something that blends in a lot better with most of Callous Row. He doesn't tell anyone but Cap and Doctor Universe his new identity because in Callous Row it's hard to trust people because you never know who might betray you. Doctor Universe is helping Alfons fake his own death by making him a very realistic fake head.

Alexander Hawkins

"Alexander Hawkins"

As Alexander Hawkins Alexander spends his first day in Callous Row meeting everyone and getting a voice changer from Beth without raising any suspicion. He also goes job hunting, eventually finding a job as the new office-manager of the Hellbats' office that's being made in Callous Row. Alexander's cover is not broken at any point other than a few people noticing he smells familiar.

The next few days more people start noticing Alexander and the fact that he might not be who he said he was as Raleigh and Eros were there when Alfons got the new ID and he showed the Mayor the new ID when he got it before going into disguise properly. Raleigh and Alexander even both heavily hint to each other about knowing the truth ending with Alexander making out with Raleigh before running off.

Speaking to Nirvana head of security, Commander Richard Rider

Saving Bo

After Bo got kidnapped by Nirvana, Rook put together a recuse team consisting of Mayor Eric, Captain Sharborough, Faye, Felix, and Alexander. Unlike past missions outside of the Row, this one is diplomatic. Alexander pretends to be Myles Bodhi and gets himself into places he shouldn't be, using his fake identity as a Sweepo worker to get away with it. After the team gets away with Bo Alexander is stuck behind, ending up captured and his true identity as Alfons revealed along with his 90k credit bounty. An Atlantis hitman comes down to the lab and starts dragging Alfons back to the Row for a public execution.

Although stabbed in the streets he is miraculously saved by the skilled Dr. Cell

Attempted Execution

The Atlantis hitman drags an injured Alfons back to the Row, slicing his legs after Alfons attempted to bribe the hitman. Once the two reach the Row Alfons crawls his way past the fountain and onto the first ramp down, right near the Clinic and the Bank. Once the hitman sees people in the row he plunges a sword into Alfons' stomach through his back. Desmond, a fellow Hellbat, quickly jumps to Alfons' defense along with the Captain. Alfons makes it into the Clinic where he is quickly attended to by Doctor Universe and Static. Sadly for Alfons, the situation gets worse as the sword left nanobots that released poison into Alfons and exploded when tampered with. Desmond, after getting hit with the sword too, also had some of the nanobots in him. Once Duncyn, Faye, and A.L.Ex., also arrive, things get a bit easier however Alfons ends up losing an eye, luckily the one he already wore an eyepatch over. This situation led to Alfons' identity being revealed to the entire Row, and his bounty increasing.

Last Stand

After Loch reveals to Alfons that Lange is one of the assassins after him the two, and Sharborough, come up with a plan to fake Alfons' death, again. The idea is that Loch will shoot Alfons in the middle of the row however the next morning Alfons has come up with his own plan to get at least Lange off his back. He attempts to gather up allies to help him peacefully confront Lange, and his first allies are the brothel girls, however, they think his plan is too unplanned and the leave, except for Eros who comes back with a knife. Alfons hides in the medbay for a while as it's one of the safest places in the Row, He stays there along with at least one other person at all times until Loche overhears the Mayor and RG talking about how it might be safer to just hand Alfons over to save the Row from suffering. They move to the Hellbats office where eventually they lure Lange in and just before Lange refuses to leave Alfons alone Loch steps in and convinces Lange to back off. But not back off enough as Lange then shoots Cap in the leg. This then only leaves the unknown bounty hunter uncounted for and a problem. Alfons along with some others struggle with how to solve this bigger, more dangerous issue. After a while, Alfons gets an idea, try to convince his father, Joseph Nkosi, that he is worth it, to remove the bounty. The Mayor manages to get a meeting set up in which Joe says he'll make a decision the next day.

Final Hope

After talking to his father Alfons has one final chance to stay on the Row. He has to make 500k credits and give it to Joe or go home to his father. But, if he doesn't do either the Row will suffer a blackout. Luckily for Alfons, the Mayor jumps in with a solution quickly. Alfons will have to make 60% of the 500k but Coach will pay the other 40% if Alfons works for him and learns some business lessons because Coach sees potential in Alfons.

Alfons accepts this deal, leaving the Hellbats' payroll but the Hellbats make sure Alfons knows that they'll always have his back, once a Hellbat, always a Hellbat. Alfons' plan to raise his part of the 500k is to sell information on the Grove as the other corps have proven to be very interested in it. Sadly this plan falls through because Lange returns to the Row with Quixote behind him, reigning chaos upon the Row and eventually one of his people set a bomb up within the Grove, blowing it to smithereens.

The next day Alfons is ready to start at the Bank but first, he has to get out of the quarantine within the Clinic which he was locked in the night before. Everyone within the quarantine sleeps for 4 hours before waking up. Well, not everyone was sleeping as Alfons got up to some "things" with Shinohara, his new co-worker and fellow newbie to the bank. The quarantine is broken quickly by Johnny the Taxi who rams himself into the helipad door breaking it open and everyone slowly getting down with the help of Johnny and Dash carrying them down safely.

Alfons finally gets to start his job with Coach, being told to find information about what the Row is up to Alfons quickly finds out that everyone is rallying together to start digging to the Grove. Coach is annoyed by this as it's public property and they don't have permission which isn't even touching on the fact that drilling the stone away might lead to structural damage to the Row.

Alfons is sent along with Giovanni, the Bank's guard, to go tell them to stop so that Coach can talk to them about doing this safely and legally. This plan falls apart as a barrier has formed that once an organic goes through they can't leave. Alfons doesn't get trapped behind the barrier but Giovanni does, leaving Alfons to report back to Coach on his own.

He ends up sitting with Coach and Dash where Coach gives Dash and Alfons tickets that will get the out of the Row before the ship crashes. Dash accepts, agreeing with Coach's statement that they can't help anyone if they're dead while Alfons has made too many friends and family down here to just leave, saying that he'll give the ticket to someone else once he has the chance.

Once everyone is freed from the barrier in the undercity Alfons ends up helping Norman get company files from Ikelos' workplace in the undercity, however, Ciara caught them and confronts Alfons about 'stealing from Ikelos' in the noodle shop. Alfons starts to get a little heated and ends up insult Kythus to his face, resulting in Alfons being thrown to the floor from the punch. Sharborough and Cap quickly jump to Alfons' defense but almost everyone else is staring at Alfons hostile, causing him to quickly exit and return to the Bank.

Another Problem

As Alfons is at the Bank there's a sudden commotion from across the road, there's some strange undead mushroom in the Clinic that's starting to attack people. It ends up being burned, turning to dust, however, more quickly follow it, eventually escaping into Callous Row's vents, causing most of the Row to hole up in the Dirty Diamond, blocking the door with a large heavy-duty shield that only the strongest in the row can move, and blocking all vents into the Brothel.

Slowly the shroombies start taking over the Row, attacking from almost everywhere and even causing spontaneous mushroom growth. After everyone ends up running around while the Brothel workers and Becky, who now have gained fire magic, and Alfons ends up getting into a few more arguments, he ends up grabbing a small gun from Warren's shop. Alfons justifies the break of his pacifism as these aren't living beings he's hurting and ends up going down with a large group of people to go help the group of magic people who went down to find the 'core' of the shroombies to destroy it.

Alfons ends up running away quickly after only getting in a few shots, however, within the mass of people who went down to help the others, Sharborough and Warren were taken by the enemy that later reveals himself to be the Necromancer whose existence had implied before.

A Terrible End

Alfons ends up heading down to end the Necromancer and save Sharborough and Warren along with Loch, Dash, the Brothel workers, Becky, Beth, Coach, Talus, Tax-1, RG, Bo, Leilani, and Kythus. He's very out of his element but he manages to help everyone save Sharborough and Warren, who quickly join their team.

After crossing a bridge and finding some sort of study within the Necromancer's Den the team is suddenly rushed by zombies, Alfons ending up taking cover behind some sort of small pillar with Becky and Leilani. Suddenly, an armored zombie comes up behind the three and uses the chainsaw part of it's lancer to rip into Alfons, tearing him in half horizontally, killing him almost instantly, his body left behind by the team as they quickly flee.

One Last Message

Before heading down into the Necromancer's Den Alfons recorded a message to be sent to Cap in case Alfons died down there. As Loch and Warren came into the Clinic to get Loch's broken armor removed and his wounds treated Cap was alerted to a message being left for him through the ATLANTIS network and to go to the nearest terminal.

Cap ended up going to the old computer in his home where the message started playing. Alfons thanked Cap and admitted that he'd never had a good father figure until he met Cap. Alfons also ended up leaving whatever was left in his bank account to Cap, expecting it to not be that much.

When Cap went to obtain whatever Alfons had left him, after opening an account Cap was shocked to find that he would be getting 490k credits from Alfons. However, soon a lawyer representing the Nkosi family showed up to bring back Alfons to his father. Coach and Cap both informed the lawyer, Mr. Richards, that Alfons was dead, but neither had proof, leaving Mr. Richards to dispute the will left behind by Alfons, causing the money to be taken away from Cap, making Alfons' final wish fall apart.



  • Coercive Diplomacy: Being a good journalist means you have a way with words. He is very good at getting what he wants from someone in a diplomatically persuasive way using only his words and knowledge.
  • Chameleon Seductress: He is visually androgynous and can use his looks, sex appeal and suave personality to influence any gender to get what he wants.
  • Drug Resistance: He has sampled and binged almost all recreational drugs available, this has allowed him to build up a resistance to their influences.


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