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Alexander Dorro is an Elf Runesmith who runs a Runesmith shop in the Undercity. He is focused on improving his knowledge of Runesmithing and is working with whoever he can to help make his family name known. He also seeks to start a family and rebuild his lineage after the rest of his family was destroyed in a sudden magic-related incident.

During his time as an active member of the Savior City Covenant, he was studying barrier magic and looking for different ways he could improve it. He would like to continue his studies and use his knowledge to help protect those around him from harm. He has no problem getting his hands dirty or hurting anyone who seeks to bring harm to others as long as it helps him reach his ultimate goal.




  • Major - Rune Proficiency - Years of studying have allowed Alex to help push runes past their normal limits, allowing the rune to have either more uses, increased strength, or longer-lasting effects.
  • Minor - Mother's Grace - Alex carries with him a .50-Cal. Magnum revolver handed down to him by his mother.
  • Minor - Iron Stomach - Alex is able to consume almost anything without getting sick and thus is immune to most common consumable poisons.


  • Major - Nyctophobia - Alex has an extreme fear of darkness. Being left alone in the dark causes him to become extremely anxious, and he'll barely be able to function until he is back in the light.
  • Minor - Low Blood Sugar - Alex needs to consume a sugar substance after strenuous exercises or risk being fatigued, possibly even passing out.
  • Minor - Weakness for men - Alex has a weakness for men and allows them to cloud his judgment when it comes to doing favors, telling secrets, and giving special deals if he's properly encouraged.


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