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Ahi lived on the streets, the spirits being her only friends and protectors. One terrible winter she decided to seek shelter in an old abandoned brewery, and the spirits there taught her everything she now knows about brewing alcohol. They still help and follow her even today. She worked in various taverns and breweries learning, scrimping, and saving to start her own little store-front with her friends to help them and other spirits reach out to the physical world.




  • Spiritual Affinity - Can see, talk to, and interact with spirits. She is able to calm them down, help them move on, or even banish them if needed.
  • Fire Spirit Friend - Fire spirits love her and will help her out with minor magic, for example lighting up a room or creating small flames.
  • Iron Gut - Can drink insurmountable amounts of alcohol and not get drunk.


  • Incapable of Lying - Cannot lie and gets visibly nervous and frantic if someone is trying to get her to tell a secret.
  • Accidental Pyromaniac - Never been classically trained in magic, so fires just kinda happen sometimes.
  • Short Attention - Loses focus a lot and is often easily distracted.


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