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AL-0 is a medical assistant synth originally created by NIRVANA. After experiencing much trauma and becoming unable to function at her workplace she was discarded by Nirvana and left at a Junkyard in The Row.

She now avoids violence and organic injuries as much as possible and pursues her new hobby and job making tea at the Teahouse. She is compassionate towards organic and wary around anyone in relation to NIRVANA CORP other than synths.




  • Warm Touch - Her hands still have the function of producing heat up to 60°c, originally used to emulate human touch or reassure a patient. This function is now mainly used to keep the teas she serves warm.


  • Weapon Jitters - When in close proximity to weaponry, she gets very shaky hands and extremities. Any actions requiring a steady hand are increasingly more difficult the closer the firearm is. You would not be surprised to see her spill or drop a cup of tea upon a gun-toting customer entering her teahouse. Cooking blades and sports equipment do not apply unless carried in a threatening manner or covered in gore.


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