AIM-3 or Amy is a robot sawbones surgeon living in the underground of Callous Row. She operates her surgery business in a train car in the abandoned railroad station. She lives a low class lifestyle hiding out as she technically shouldn’t exist. Her purpose is to survive and prove that she is not a failed episode. She is portrayed by Nekobot.

She was recruited into "The Shattered Legion", a resistance organization led by Rook that is gathering allies to battle the mega corporations.

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The first prototype of the AIM-3 product line, she was a radical redesign of the AIM-2 medical android. The AIM-3 project was terminated in favour of a more incremental enhancement of the AIM-2 design; Also known as the AIM-4. While in the process of being discarded, an engineer taking notice of her sentience, instead dumped her in Callous Row.





  • Medical Skillsofts - Designed as a medic, AIM-3 was loaded with medical software imparting knowledge of anatomy and pharmaceuticals to triage and treat wounds\medical conditions.
  • Adroit - AIM-3's chassis design provides high dexterity with her hands, a necessity of a surgeon.
  • Matrix Oriented - As a synthetic constantly interacting with computer systems, she has a slightly more advanced understanding of information systems and networks than the average denizen of Callous Row, Especially medical computer\information systems.


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  • AIM-3 may be killing denizens as GU1D3-B0T has stated he hears screaming coming from the train car she operates in at night.
  • Her friend Greasepalms always called her Alana which she adopted as a nickname.


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