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"A2" is the prestigious leader of the gang "Cell". Not many know how she came to the position she is in now, but the glove fits as if it was sewn for her.

Allegedly a 25 year old human who is plagued to wear the mask she is never seen without, A2 doesn't seem to have much of a goal other than power and control over the Row. Though her reach is not limited to just that one place.


Season 2 Episode 8

A2 does business in The Row, inspecting the new Cell graffiti and meeting with various slummers, including her close friend Duncyn Kuiper, who is grieving after the "death" of his old friend GU1D3-B0T as he got his personality core stolen and repurposed by Atlantis.

A2 takes her mask off for Duncyn

Later on in the night A2 has a close talk with Duncyn in his apartment, and perhaps feeling some guilt after hearing his anger towards the corps she reveals to him her double identity: Ikaruga Mitsuyami of Quixote.



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